Finally, the book had a lot of incorrect facts (especially in the chapter about Hiroshima) which for. I was surprised (in a good way) at which dates were chosen, some of which I was not even familiar with at all. 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America Extra Credit – Ongoing This is an ongoing project worth one bonus MAJOR grade each 9-weeks. This book gives significance to historical events, making the history easier to connect with and remember. by Three Rivers Press, 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (History Channel Presents). Before each chapter I challenged myself to figure out why that date was chosen. They then commissioned 10 directors to create hour-long TV documentaries about each of the events, and asked historian Steven Gillon to independently write a book about the 10 days. I feel like it bounces around way to much an it's so over details it makes my brain hurt. November's Most Anticipated Young Adult Reads. %��������� So check it out! As part of a 10 hour series on The History Channel, this book introduces us to 10 days that impacted this country. This book was very informative, extremely detailed and impressively researched. We’d love your help. This book is one of the very best history books I have read. This book was assigned summer reading for AJ's APUSH class. It also seemed to not use source material adequately or frequently enough for me, though I usually read a lot more "hardcore" history books. Watch Now. This book is like the spice that flavors the soup pot of history. Second, the format and the text itself was often misleading and somewhat difficult to follow, which took away from the good parts of the book. Very well done book about 10 significant events in American history. April 4th 2006 Any history buff should read this book. This interesting, fact-filled book is basically THE HISTORY CHANNEL’s special series of ten one-hour documentaries in book form. 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America pinpoints pivotal days that transformed our nation. Overall, this book helps a lot to understand important events that not many people aren't aware of. Because of this beginning, I wondered throughout the book if the views shown were slanted. The days chosen weren't necessarily the most famous days of our nation - no signing of the declaration of independence, no Gettysburg address, no walking on the moon - but days that were major turning points for the United States. anyone interested in learning more about American history, I enjoy learning different perspectives from my own and learning in general. It was a decent overview of several important events, but it had very little support for the thesis that these events in particular changed America, and in fact I found in some cases it argued that the event did NOT change America, but merely was evidence of the conditions at the time. 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America: Viewing Guides for Every Episode "This docuseries explores the depths of some of the world's lesser-known moments in history. I would have found this book very interesting and it would have received a much higher rating for it didn't posses as many flaws as I encountered. It also seemed to not use source material adequately or frequently enough for me, though I usually read a lot more "hardcore" history books.