Prov. Let us thank God for His love for Nigeria, John 3:16. 12. 11.Father, please give us a leader that will deliver us from all forms of external oppression in Jesus Name. 14. Father, deliver our leaders from the way of evil and from evil men who pose as sheep in wolves’ clothes in Jesus name. 2 Peter 3:9, Father, as we begin to humble ourselves, praying, and turning from our wicked ways, we acknowledge that then you will hear us, O Lord, and forgive our sins and heal our land in Jesus name. Father, bring forth the David you have prepared for Nigeria in Jesus Name. 54:14, Father, please sustain those who live right and blameless before you and keep them firm and strong for the sake of our nation in Jesus name. 1John 1:9 5. 17. 1 Corinth. and the family Zech 2:5. Deut 5:1 Let us thank God for His protection over Nigeria, Prov. 12. 49:22 19.Father, please bring the rains of your Spirit to flood this land and awaken us once again in Jesus name. All evil altars be wasted in Jesus name. Father, please, continue to strengthen and empower them for the task ahead and for greater works in Jesus name. As of 2018, Osteen’s televised sermons were seen by approximately 10 million viewers in the US and several million more in over 100 countries weekly. At the heart of this modern prayer movement is '30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.' Rom 12:1. Psalms 136:1. 45:4 16.Father Let the enemy of your Church in Nigeria be subdued Ps. 1. INTRODUCTION 5:18, INTRODUCTION Giving thanks to God is obeying the commandment of God which says in everything we must give thanks. Truly; it has been of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions* has not failed us. Truly; it has been of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions* has not failed us. Let us thank God for His peace that is taking over Nigeria This is how we can make a difference, and not by copying the wisdom of this world. Prayer of Thanksgiving – Read Psalm 34:6-7 & 40:1-3 – Offer your expressions of thanksgiving to God. Ps. 16.Father in the name of Jesus, disappoint every device of the wicked against Daddy, Mummy G.O. 14.Father every evil counsel over Daddy, Mummy G.O and family will not stand. 4. Good morning, Father, help all parents to provide adequately for their children educational needs to enable the children to study without distraction. 7. 12. Father: We thank you for been our help in ages past and our hope for the years to come. Nigeria is a blessed country ordained to be a leader amongst the advanced countries. 16. Let us thank God for a new Nigeria. Isaiah 53:5 6. INTRODUCTION: It was sin that led man into captivity of the devil, 1. Every Inherited strange behaviour and habits in our lives working against our spiritual revival be destroyed in Jesus name. Jer 29:10. Bless the lord o my soul and all that is within me. that focuses in some way on the Muslim world, and you want to advertise in the booklet, click here; your potential audience could not be more focused! Let us thank God for His light that is shining over Nigeria, Gen. 1:3. MFM Daily Devotional 2nd November 2020 Monday – The Open Prison, Faith To Faith 5th November 2020 Devotional – Fight The Right Foe, Faith To Faith 4th November 2020 Devotional – It Only Takes A Few, Catholic Daily Mass Readings 5th November 2020 Online, Catholic Online Daily Mass Reading 4th November 2020 Today Wednesday, Catholic Daily Mass Reading 3rd November 2020 Today Tuesday, RCCG NOVEMBER 2020 FASTING PRAYER POINTS FOR 30 DAYS – Download PDF, RCCG 2020 November Annual Fasting And Prayer Points, MFM November 2020 New Month Prayer Points, RHAPSODY OF REALITIES 1ST NOVEMBER 2020 – COURAGE FOR THE GOSPEL, Day 2 RCCG November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points 30 Days (Download PDF), Catholic Online Mass Today Thursday 5th November 2020 – Livestream, Catholic Online Mass Wednesday 4th November 2020 – Livestream, MFM Manna Water Service 4th November 2020 Today – Livestream, Catholic Live Daily Mass 3rd November 2020 Online Today – Livestream, Catholic Live Mass 3rd November 2020 – St Peter & Paul’s Church, Ireland, Deeper Life Bible Study 2nd November 2020 by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, Catholic Today Online Daily Mass Monday 2nd November 2020 – Livestream, Deeper Life Sunday Service 1st November 2020 with Pastor W. F. Kumuyi – Livestream, MFM Sunday Service 1st November 2020 by Dr D.K Olukoya – LIVESTREAM, Joel Osteen Devotional 5th November 2020 Today – Be Slow to Speak, Joel Osteen Daily Inspirational Message 5th October 2020, Joel Osteen Today 4th November 2020 Daily Devotional – All Is Well, Joel Osteen 4th November 2020 Today Daily Inspirational Message. 13. 45:5 11:3; Jn.6:2 2:8 THIRTY (30) DAYS PRAYER GUIDE publishes a new full-color illustrated prayer guide booklet each year--in adult and kids versions. Pro.21:31, Father, please heal all the nations in the world that are wounded in Jesus name. Day 2 RCCG November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points 30 Days (Download PDF), THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD DIRECTORATE OF PRAYER THIRTY (30) DAYS PRAYER GUIDE TOWARDS THE REALISATION OF A NEW NIGERIA. Father, we give thanks for our government and its leaders in Jesus name. Father we repent of all sins of adultery, idolatry, ritual, looting, kidnaping, killing etc. On Hand: 0 16. DCLM Daily Manna 6th November 2020 Devotional – Death For Disobedience, Open Heaven 6th November 2020 Devotional – God Thinks About You, Our Daily Bread Devotional 6th November 2020 – The Sweetest Harvest, Winners’ Chapel Fasting And Prayer Points, Our Daily Bread 5th November 2020 Devotional – Destroy This House, Our Daily Bread 4th November 2020 Devotional – Relaxing With Purpose, Our Daily Bread 3rd November 2020 Devotional – The Tree Whisperer, Our Daily Bread 2nd November 2020 Devotional – God Hears Everything, Our Daily Bread 1st November 2020 Devotional – Even A Taco, RCCG 2020 November Fasting Prayer Points Day 5, Open Heaven 5th November 2020 Devotional – Freedom From Depression 2, RCCG 2020 November Fasting Prayer Points Day 4, RCCG 2020 November Fasting Prayer Points Day 3, DCLM Daily Manna 5th November 2020 Devotional – Show Kindness, DCLM Daily Manna 4th November 2020 Devotional – Murder Forbidden, Seeds of Destiny Devotional for 5th November 2020 – Irrelevance – The Result of Idleness, Today Seeds of Destiny 4th November 2020: Idleness-A Doorway To Unrighteousness. Join together with thousands of others to pray for Muslims around the world! 20. Father arrest, cut to piece that serpent in the wilderness that has been released all over the nation to swallow progress and a new beginning. This daily note is a copyright of Our Daily Bread Ministries which mission is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. Father, help all parents to provide adequately for their children educational needs to enable the children to study without distraction. 9. Every evil covenant working against Nigeria is broken by the blood of Jesus. 6. The nation Israel, just like Nigeria, was highly favoured by God but saddled with both internal and external problems that hindered the purpose of God. Nigeria; you will arise and shine again, for thy light is come. Father, guide our leaders in making wise and godly choices, guard over them, keep them out of danger in Jesus name. Father, give us a leader that will silence all that are singing the song of division in Nigeria. Don’t begin your day without reading any of these messages from great authors and God’s servants. 14. Let us plead the blood of Jesus for the cleansing of the land of Nigeria. Jumpstart your day by celebrating the very best that God has for you! Father, give our leaders the wisdom to trust you, not to lean on their own understanding in their business pursuits in Jesus name Prov. Father, contend with any power contending with the fulfilment of your purpose in Nigeria in Jesus name. Tagged Fasting and Prayer for Nigeria, the RCCG November 2020 programme, will run for thirty days. Let us look up to God as the early Christians did. 16. 1. Psa 92:1-2. Isa. We are encouraged to always pray for our leaders. 20. Then God found David, who bridged the internal gaps and subdued external oppositions. Ask God to be merciful unto us and our leaders in any area that we have fallen short of his glory Proverb 28:13. Rev. Thank you, Lord, for answering their prayers and may you continue to always answer their prayers in Jesus name kings 8:28, Psa 55:1-2. Father please makes Daddy and Mummy G.O and family untouchable by the wicked one Psa 105:15. Father; in the face of threat from terrorists, kidnappers, and ritualists, let your Church begin to wax stronger and progress in Jesus name, 10. Father; as many that are behind the shedding of innocent blood in anyway, bring them to judgment in Jesus name. Father, please raise up a standard of godliness and righteousness in our nation in Jesus name. Judikay – Capable God (Official Video and Lyrics), Download MP3: Belive by IniMiller JP (Audio + Lyrics), Watch: GUC – Knowing You (Official Video), Watch Live Performance: Judikay – Alanu (Video + Lyrics), Joyce Meyer Devotional Thursday 5th November 2020 – The Son Has Set You Free, Joyce Meyer Today 4th November 2020 Devotional – Believe And Receive From God, Joyce Meyer 3rd November 2020 Daily Devotional – Be Led by the Spirit, Joyce Meyer 2nd November 2020 Daily Devotional – Get Your Foundation Right, Rhapsody of Realities 6th November 2020 Today Reading – Take The Gospel To The World, RHAPSODY OF REALITIES 5TH NOVEMBER 2020 – YOU CAME FOR A PURPOSE, RHAPSODY OF REALITIES 4TH NOVEMBER 2020 DEVOTION – HE NEVER LEAVES YOU, Rhapsody Of Realities 3rd November 2020 Devotional – Don’t Fret About The Future, RHAPSODY OF REALITIES 2ND NOVEMBER 2020 MONDAY – WALK IN WISDOM, Scripture Union Daily Discovery 5th November 2020 – Called To Be Faithful, Scripture Union Daily Discovery 4th November 2020 – The Prodigal God, Scripture Union Daily Discovery 3rd November 2020 Devotional – Lost And Found, Scripture Union Daily Discovery 2nd November 2020 – Free But Not Cheap, Scripture Union Encounter With God 5th November 2020 – The Integrity Test, Scripture Union Encounter With God 4th November 2020 – Lavishing Loving Father, Scripture Union Encounter With God 3rd November 2020 – The Partying God. 12:11. 2. 8. Lord arise and turn the enemies of Nigeria against themselves, in Jesus name. More significantly is her position in the fulfillment of the end time prophesy and the great Commission. 21:4, Psalm 30:5 13:21-22. 4:5 13.Father, cause our nation to remember, where we have fallen, repent, and return to righteous and godly works in Jesus name.