We don't know the performance yet so there's little point in comparing the two other than the 8 cores vs 12 cores part. Get the Ryzen. This advantage was made possible by the small increase in clock speed and we see that advantage is also shared by the 10700K. Look at my attached pic for what DDR4 2666 means for a 9900K lol. The 10700K will edge out any Ryzen chip right now, but at higher resolutions the differences are a wash without a 2080Ti to exaggerate the differences. it does perform an average of ~8-20fps higher in most current titles (per basically all benchmarks available on youtube) than the 3900x at stock settings, not to mention the 10700k being able to achieve much higher single core speeds (better fps in most games) with its higher overclocking potential. is your cooling space a little limited? In Shadow of the Tomb Raider the 10700K was just a few frames off the pace of the 10900K and about 6% faster than the 3900X. So again performance is as expected, but when it comes to serious productivity work Intel appears outgunned by the competing Ryzen processors. If you enjoy our content, please consider subscribing... You need to be a member to leave a comment. There are a lot of tasks in e.g. In general you won't notice the difference between a 3700X/3800X and a 10700k. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. But stock? Alt This is the place to ask! Well the proper comparison would be to compare intel to the yet released 4900x. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. There haven't been that many benches of a combo like that, especially since it is so hard to hit those clocks with anything but the 3800x/3800XT. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The 9700K is also very close in the average, but the 1% low performance was not up to par. We compare the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X with the Intel Core i7-8700K with a wide selection of benchmark tools and data to help you choose the right processor, for your computing needs. do you want to game at the highest fps possible for your rig? Another route is that you could also prepare for the Nvidia 3000 series and the Intel Rocket Lake or AMD 4000 series that's just around the corner. 8c+ Matisse @ 4.5 GHz + DDR4-3800 14-14-14-28 is not something to dismiss out-of-hand. That margin is slightly reduced to 6% at 1440p, though the 1% low result is now identical, which means the gaming experience using either CPU will be indistinguishable. This depends on what you want to do with the PC. PC Build questions whether to choose AMD APU or AMD CPU, Intel Core i3 vs. Zen 3 is probably going to tilt AMD further and the 7+ nm node is going to improve density by 20% and power consumption reduction of about 10%. Thank you. However I’m not sure when pcie 4 will even be useful, likely only on 1k+ gpus in the next 5-10 years. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Change Ad Consent Advertise. You didn't mention what GPU you have or will get but if you're deciding between these CPUs, I can imagine you are looking at something around a 2080. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The 3700X is a $320 USD 8-core, 16-thread mid-range Ryzen 3000 series CPU. The margins remain much the same at 1440p, with the 10700K … Anyway, the 3900X was 60% faster than the 10700K in Blender, so that’s a significant advantage in terms of performance per watt. The 10700K performed as expected in Corona, edging out the 9900K by a slim margin. Again, the 10700K was faster than the 3900X, but this time we’re talking about just a 5% performance advantage at 1080p. For all intents and purposes, this build is strictly a gaming/enthusiast build. Still this is a strong gaming result for Intel and it’s great to see 9900K-like performance at a more affordable price. What gamers will experience is GPU bottlenecks before they ever experience a CPU bottleneck. Essentially what we have here is a Core i9-9900K at a 25% discount, as Intel has set the MSRP at $375. This is an interesting situation. I was about to get the 9900k, even bought a mobo, returned it and bought an X570 Aorus Master and 3900x. The 10700k is a rebranded 9900k. All about small form factor PCs–decreasing size and maximizing space efficiency! It is not price compelling. If you play at 1440p, and I like to think this is the minimum resolution people rocking an RTX 2080 Ti would target, then the difference between the 10700K and the 3900X, for example, is basically indistinguishable. 10900k only really makes sense if you play CPU bottlenecked games like squad or star citizen. At 1440p, these CPUs have nearly identical performance except on some rare cases (Far Cry New Dawn) where the difference can get to about 15% more fps in Intel's favor. What is this? A guy who praises Intel for something that doesn't get downvoted to hell & back? L3 cache goes unchanged with both models sporting a 16 MB capacity. I don't need more than 8 cores for gaming right now, so I see no point in a 3900X or 3950X (even though I can afford those) for just gaming right now or any time soon, especially since the upcoming PS5 and XBox Series X are going to have 8-core/16-thread CPUs. That still saw it come in 9% slower than the 3900X, but that’s not a huge difference, despite not being a great result. Building a machine for work and play? And yes, I know you were comparing against the 3900x but the 3700x is more apples to apples with 8 core/16 thread. The key difference, of course, is the price. What this means for the 10700K is that under load the all-core clock speed is 4.7 GHz and that frequency will be maintained for the duration of the test. I think 3700x is the much better value than 3800xt if you are not planning to go higher than 8 cores atm. So basically I should go with amd when I'm doing a lot of multithread operations, and when it's more for gaming and rendering I should go with Intel? The margins were reduced at 1440p and now we see basically no difference in performance between the majority of the CPUs tested. The last game we tested, Red Dead Redemption 2 shows us a strong GPU bottleneck at 1080p, despite using dialed down quality settings. The 10700K was also slower than the 9900K in Blender’s Open Data benchmark, though we’re talking a few seconds here, so performance was basically identical. If you don't mind the increased cost of the 10700k ($425) + ITX Z490 mobo ($250+) vs 3700x ($275) + b450/b550 ITX mobo ($200+), you can get a few more frames vs the 3700x. That advantage disappears at 1440p, here the 10700K is just a few frames faster than the 3900X and again that will see both processors deliver the same gaming experience.