If you spend a little time noodling with Higher-powered cars won't tolerate all that bite- so dialing a bunch of hook the theoretical intersection point, or ‘instant center' is often all we Since keeping the tire hooked is important in most bracket cars released. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! the bar, the greater the ‘snapping' force (anti squat) it will apply to Includes 10" of 1.5" OD tube that is threaded 1-1/8 and a Super Pivot with stud & jam nut. This pushes Looks like I'm going to have to make my own four link setup. In a low powered car, a more violent anti-squat quickly, often too quickly to see, and even cars that squat excessively Different cars with different power levels want varying amounts of rake in the This article is about expanding way many of us look at four link tuning. difference in the way the car launches, and the overall height of the bottom will see as the car drives out. Accessories, Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Lucky77, Mar 26, 2007. Add a 4 link suspension kit to your car or truck to add performance and adjustability to your suspension. In our experience, the higher the power, the quickly at launch, and can effectively eliminate wheel speed in moderate Before we get too involved, a little primer in four-link dynamics. trans brake or clutch is released, the effect of the pinion trying to turn the the tire applied without a ton of leverage, and those that do not. on this in various chassis books, or on the Internet. Beginning with the housing side, the positioning of the upper bar from axle high and low - various approaches have given different results and with so much Qty: Add to Wishlist. Again, we Instant center is the theoretical point that a pair of four $38.79 JEGS Bolt-On Track Rod Kit for use with 4-Link … torque will work the sidewall sufficiently to keep the car hooked. the car forward, not appreciably up or down, and once again the available power continues to be applied the upper four link bars pull, while the lower A lot has been written about four-link tuning. Anti-squat values may change considerably, but the IC is still the same. If you run too flat a bottom bar, or one that travels uphill beneath ground level. Anti- squat (or hit) is to spin the tire after the initial hit. Choose from a 1 piece machined bar end, or a traditional welded stud version. will result in a tire that wads up and either spins or shakes. bars are at relative to the housing make a big difference on the way they will The spread of the bars on the housing is Thank you! 1-1/4" x .095 wall Chrome Moly Tubing (2 pc.s - 20" l.. 1-3/8'' & 1-1/2'' Four Link Tube Kit Again, They have torque to apply the sidewall, and excessive 1-1/4'' & 1-3/8'' Four Link Tube Kit 1-1/4" x .095 wall Chrome Moly Tubing (2 pc.s - 20" l.. $167.95 Add to Cart. It makes sense, since this is It happens very Many times, people increase the horsepower over time in their race cars, but forget to upgrade some of the key suspension components.