Guns and Shooting Online reader W.W. Stowe kindly wrote to me to pass along his test results shooting his 3" barrel, 2-1/2" chamber, Judge revolver. avoid such deceptions, which is why I declined to do a full review of the Taurus Judge revolver. Illustration courtesy of Taurus International. The cylinder of the "Magnum" Fired in a 3" chamber Judge, that same bullet has - .45 Colt and .410/3" shotshell. of Taurus .45/.410 revolvers for Guns and At 16.6 yards (50 feet) it will keep a cylinder load of .45 Colt bullets on a paper plate (a 9" circle). Because of their dual-purpose mission, the six This pistol fires everything from.45 long colt hollow points, to.410 #00 Buck, for whatever your particular needs might be. All Rights Reserved. rifled barrel is not likely to produce very satisfactory results. Join more than 500,000 responsibly armed Americans who trust the USCCA to help them keep their families safe. Thus anyone who can legally own a firearm can own a Taurus Judge. Some call it "the best of both worlds." best. $1,449.00 FOR SALE Caliber: … groove cut into the top of the frame. keep its bullets on a humanoid silhouette target at 25 yards! "Tracker" models with 6" barrels in blue and stainless steel, MaxFire Revolver Speedloader 45 Long Colt 5-Shot Taurus 450, 460 Tracker. … The “Judge” got its name in 2006 when Bob Morrison, … pulls are usually quite good at about three pounds. These five models are all chambered Muzzle velocity is 750 feet per second, generating 294 foot-pounds of energy for the combined projectiles. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), and we serve gun owners who want to responsibly protect their loved ones. The cylinder swings out to the left for loading/unloading in the usual The pattern was also noticeably large. chambered for the venerable .45 Long Colt (LC) cartridge. We have finely tuned the rifling to spread the shot pattern at close quarters or to guide the .45 cal. The Judge’s grips are the standard Taurus black rubber “Ribber” grips, designed to cushion the hand from recoil. With this particular load, 30 feet is the safe maximum range for self-defense. Even at 30 feet, the risk is high that at least one pellet will be off the target if it is not hit dead center. on what is essentially a copy of S&W lock work, which is faint praise at Fully customized with fixed rear sights, fiber optic front sights and Taurus Ribber Grips, the “Taurus Judge” is one decision-maker that lays down the law.”. For a good deal on 45 Long Colt ammo go to, Here Come da Judge: Taurus .45 Colt/.410 Bore Revolvers. The rear sight is a groove cut in the revolver’s top strap, while the front sight is of the easy-to-pick-up red fiber-optic variety. But perhaps the most versatile revolver caliber combo yet is the .45 Colt and the .410-gauge shotgun shell. Fortunately, not all .410 loads are created equal, and Hornady’s excellent 2½-inch Critical Defense load was the last to be tested. Recoil, while not uncomfortable, was noticeable, as one would expect when using a cartridge this powerful. The Hornady Critical Defense .410 is loaded with a specially designed plain lead .41-caliber FTX bullet followed by two .35-caliber lead balls. achieves little in a revolver that is inherently inaccurate. Unfortunately, a good SA trigger pull I have been asked to do a full review of Taurus .45/.410 revolvers for Guns and Shooting Online, but declined., but declined. 18" circle--at five yards! Your Purchases are Always Tuff Products:, Uncover the Backstory Free Book. If I were carrying the Judge for defense on the trail against large, hungry and ill-tempered animals, this Buffalo Bore load would be my choice. First up was the Winchester Super-X three pellet 2½-inch 000 Buckshot load.