Our ECU Remap gives to your isuzu d-max an extra 19HP of power and 18% of extra torque (68NM), so a much more responsive and safer car. Just got my car tuned... feels like a whole different car. ITEM: #1 PERFORMANCE CHIP DODGE DURANGO 2006 GAS SAVER. fortnightly with No tools are required to install the loom and it takes second to install. Also check out Hitech Automotive for his great vehicle servicing! I’m writing this review after a week testing my toyota prado, the car got much more power and torque and was all what i need for my job. This makes my Ford Model T sound like the newest Chevy truck, some would mistake it to be my 2021 Dodge(R) Ram(TM) (330 ft-lbs. FEEDBACK: fast shipping, but what I paid for was a product that just simply did not work ITEM: REAL PERFORMANCE CHIP LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998-2009 2005 Garry, Great bunch of guys there fantastic job my truck is 100% more powerful now everything they said they done and on time thanks guys. Our kits come with all the parts required for DIY installation. That’s why a. a lot of experience with Common Rail diesel engines. Highly recommend, really big provement nice job . You might agree with us. No smoke. Car is so much more responsive. Performance gains (including better fuel consumption, smoother boost/power delivery). Completely changed the way my hilux drives. Once the engine becomes warm, the idle RPM returns to normal. I highly recommend it. The current lineup boasts a wide range of models in which the company's technological edge has been crystallized. Also can increase the boost in the later models without effecting the AFR'S. If you are what engine you have in your car, go to http://www.carpoint.com.au/ and enter your car model to find out. Very happy with the result, the power increase is amazing should have it sooner. After the tune I gained a fait bit of extra torque and horsepower which has made the Amarok a great tow vehicle. WE CUSTOM TUNE ECUs ON EVERY CAR DEPENDING ON NEEDS AND VEHICLE CONDITIONS. Global Business - Overseas Subsidiaries Offices -, Isuzu As An Innovative Truck Manufacturer, Isuzu N Series, the Best Selling Light-Duty Trucks in Japan, Isuzu-World's Leading Diesel Engine Manufacturer, Repair and Maintenance Information / Periodic Roadworthiness Tests Information. DTA operations are carried exclusively in our state-of-the-art Dyno room where our tuning team is constantly testing and tuning cars. After the tune I gained a fait bit of extra torque and horsepower which has made the Amarok a great tow vehicle. HiTech is a major repairer for most of Insurance companies in Australia for any car brand or car model. ITEM: #1 PERFORMANCE CHIP DODGE DAKOTA 1990-2009 FUEL SAVER. Wouldn’t go to anyone else. As such, whilst it is good for the environment, it is bad for your engine. Isuzu Dmax (2008-2018) DMAX & MUX Front Elocker. With these vehicles, the ambient air reading is only used for the EGR operations and therefore does not impact the air fuel ratios. My 10 years’-old car runs smoother and stronger than when it was new. Isuzu DMAX (2008-2012) 4JJ1 - 3.0 Response Plus Performance Chip - Gain 31KW/75NM. Got my amarok tuned by the guys and it runs so much better than before . Put simply, it recycles your exhaust gases back into your engine in order to reduce the amount of gases and pollution put into the atmosphere by your car. We are currently assisting customers with ECU tuned somewhere else, we strongly recommend to be able to get your original ECU file anytime you will need it. Returned to Ford multiple times, they claimed was within spec. Mod name Highly Recommended!!! We have a truly passion for cars. 15-20 more hp in the 90-110 kph range and stronger torque. Navara D40 2011 Steve Taylor. A modern isuzu is a result of a very complex technology and when it comes to modify the ECU (Engine Control Unit) a little error could easily lead to serious engine damages. This product comes with a 12 month replacement warranty. This kit is a professionally made product and designed by specialists and it comes with a full year replacement warranty (from the date of purchase). Important - Please read if purchasing for the 2017 / 2018 / 2020 DPF Model, Please read this blog post in relation to running an EGR delete module in a Euro 5 engine - https://munji.com.au/blogs/news/egr-delete-modules-for-euro-5-engines. PLEASE READ BELOW CAREFULLY AS IT INVOLVE SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT! Big thanks Gary. Highly recommend. I highly recommend Diesel Tuning Australia. N.B. On client side it affects ssp performance and on serverside smp performance. This modification loom deletes your EGR system. There are hundreds of sensors, timers, quantities, variables and map files in a CAR ECU. This will incur in unsafe driving conditions and much more fuel consumption. The modification loom does not set off any engine codes. It is a simple plug and play design. We only stock performance parts from leading manufacturers and never compromise on quality, while still offering affordable products. by brendan pace | Apr 9, 2019 | 4JJ1, 4X4, Camping, Car Tuning, caravan, DYNO TUNING, ECU Remapping, ISUZU, nps300, towing, Utes, by brendan pace | Jan 20, 2019 | 4JJ1, Car Tuning, Colorado, DMAX, DYNO TUNING, ECU Remapping, Holden, ISUZU, towing, Utes, VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS, by brendan pace | Jan 20, 2019 | 4JJ1, 4X4, Camping, Car Tuning, caravan, Colorado, DMAX, DYNO TUNING, ECU Remapping, ECU=SHOP, Holden, ISUZU, towing, Utes, by brendan pace | Dec 15, 2018 | 4JJ1, 4X4, Camping, Car Tuning, DMAX, DYNO TUNING, ECU Remapping, ISUZU, Results, Utes, by brendan pace | Jun 21, 2018 | 4JJ1, 4X4, Camping, Car Tuning, DMAX, ECU Remapping, ECU=SHOP, ISUZU, Utes, by brendan pace | Jun 3, 2018 | 4JJ1, 4X4, Camping, Car Tuning, Colorado, ECU Remapping, ECU=SHOP, Holden, Utes, 2020 East Coast Performance & Tuning. Extra power, performance and improved fuel economy. Here at DTA we custom tune any single ECU, we run a Dyno tests before and after our tuning. Hopefully much better towing as soon as I can get my van hooked up. Important Notice regarding 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 D-Max/Mux. Remember this post when you see an SQ5 leaving you for dead at the lights…these guys can hook you up with a fantastic turbo diesel tune – highly recommend! Feel free to use it in any modpack . Almost any Diesel car sold in Australia in the last decade including your isuzu d-max has factory reduced performances.Reasons behind this fact are multiple and we have explained them in a dedicated article. FACTS. The car is 2010 Citroen C3 A510 1.6L Diesel 5-speed manual. We can also refer you to an expert installer from our network around the country. We also designed our Isuzu 4x4 exhausts with bolt-on installation. HiTech Auto Electrical & Mechanical Service Centre, Torque is a crucial asset for a diesel engine as it can generates a huge amount of “, An engine burns more fuel at higher RPM. Highly recommend these guys ... Had my 2016 MU-X remap done last Friday. | Website design by Pickle Digital Services, On-Car Induction and Fuel System Cleaning, ISUZU NPS300 5.2L TURBO DIESEL 4X4 TRUCK CUSTOM ECU REMAP DYNO TUNE , 4JJ1 HOLDEN COLORADO BOOST ISSUE AND ECU REMAP, ECU SHOP TOUCH COMBO 4JJ1 HOLDEN COLORADO.