Aside from these 2 factors we are going to see what are the other pros and cons of a school bus conversion. I am doing this all solo with only my solar power and 95% (I did buy a bunch of new hardware – I like my screws sharp!) fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); We engineer our systems specifically for the challenges of off-road conditions, such as rough terrain or corrugated roads. Apparently, it would definitely be big enough. This vehicle is totally unsafe. joining our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter, Ford Transit Weekend Adventure Van With Storage, Family-friendly Van Conversion with Bunk Beds (For Sale). But Bering on disability it would be hard as I have no skills with tools or wood, but I’m not giving up. Support this Bus Tiny House Project on Kickstarter and you can get some awesome goodies (including the documentary) in return! New vehicles include a 3 Year, 36,000 mile warranty on our conversion parts and workmanship. I think using the military transfer case (air engaged) and driveshafts with the Rockwells (tire inflation/pressure system) will be the simplest route also, but this is why I want input/experience from the group. After many nights of research I found the bus I was looking for. Description 1995 International Genesis - 30 ft School Bus Conversion with 9’ Slide-out and 18” Raised Roof California. 4×4 Bus and Commercial Vehicle Standard Equipment. Tulsa Truck told me the 4x4 conversion adds $32,000.00 to the cost of the vehicle. So I don’t think there is a huge amount of weight back there from the sleds. ), All I would add is it’s pretty cramped looking for two never mind four, with safety in mind I.e using propane, storing propane, along with a wood burner etc etc and all that goes with that, I personally wouldn’t like to be the last person attempting to get out in an emergency situation ?? Sweet set up! Make: GMC~Model: 3500 Savana~Bus Model: Corbiel~Motor: Detroit 6.5l Turbo Diesel~Miles: 220k~Driveline: 4x4 (Quigley 4x4 conversion with Ford Dana 60 solid front axle)~Wheels: 2 Front - 4 Rear~Tire Tread: Brand new with 500 miles on them.Average MPG: 12 mpg~Rear Airbags: Firestone~New Parts: - 50' LED Light bar - Rear Differential - All new u-joints on driveshaft - Rear brake shoes - Front brake calipers - Front brake pads - Front rotors - Brake lines front and rear - Exhaust manifold - Vacuum pump - Glo-plugs - Alternator - Front and rear shocks - lots of little parts for preventative maintenance. Bus 4×4 has cut its teeth – literally – in the Australian mining environment which is the toughest place to learn what works and what doesn’t. IF there were extra steel added to the framing this could also make for a better weight set up for hauling two sleds. A couple dollars go a long way and we also worked with our sponsors to help provide great rewards for those that can back the project. Commercial Enterprises all over the world know that when you need to move people through challenging terrain a 4×4 bus or other specialty vehicle with a 4×4 conversion is the way to go.