Episode 1 56m. See more. With the passing of the no birthing law, Crista smiles because her fears of these heinous things happening again (mentioned when talking to Beat) will disappear now that minors will essentially cease to exist. I'm so glad I didn't. Also, it poses a whole lot of problems which this series deals with in some truly awesome ways. Instead they are seen as an extra burden. The show looks at aspects other tv shows usually don't explore, like forgetting what bereavement is. Season 1 of Ad Vitam is just 6 episodes that each have a runtime around an hour. Darius is portrayed wonderfully by Yvan Attal. And yes, it does happen that I find myself screaming, when watching a good horror movie. The extension of life also extends the age cap to minors. Yo don't see that often in a work of fiction. Read our The Day of the Lord... His House – Netflix Review (4/5) Oct 29, 2020. Immortality made technology irrelevant so they stopped innovating. Yeah a bummer they didn’t have the budget to future up the place. The terrifying kind that you cannot escape. Reluctant at first, Azuelo finally agrees to help him by putting Odessa and Charles under surveillance. budget in low end of the scale and it show in some of the sets(futuristic empty grey). It’s a sci-fi drama from France with one hell of a plot. It was an extremely odd film. Instead, the world looks very familiar but that good-looking man or woman in their 30s is probably closer to being 100 years old. I didn’t understand the reason or purpose. Arte Series—Ad Vitam, transhumanism, immortality: what if it were possible? If you like Sci-Fi and find these alternative universes as fascinating as I do, then please don’t miss out on Ad Vitam on Netflix. He comes to the conclusion that Odessa and her company are using Avenir as a way of finding troubled minors. A world where immortality is possible: that is the transhumanist setting of the series Ad Vitam, on Arte TV. Maybe she did it to evoke emotions. Sure some tech things aren't as advanced as others (they still drive cars but can live indefinitely) but it's a show, it can't have every sci-fi element in it. And each technological advancement delves into one’s perception of the meaning to life and freedom. If so, they would have been born halfway the 20th century, and as we know, there was no regeneration at that time. 1. Something I found fascinating about Ad Vitam was the fact that it appears to take place in an alternate reality. Picked up on what the reviewer missed. Click the link below to see what others say about Ad Vitam: Season 1! Also, most episodes end with something that makes you want to keep going. – Netflix Review. There is a profound lack of continuity to the story line to the point where the viewer loses interest. A good idea left unexplored, lazy world building when it should have been the main focus, average plot that we already have seen - the usual French TV series. With Yvan Attal, Garance Marillier, Niels Schneider, Victor Assié. It was on my list forever as it's sf but Netflix's info on it was so misleading that I kept ignoring the show. Odessa was too defensive of herself and too emotional at the experiments for it to a simple reason like “passing the time,” and/or just thinning the population. Interesting concept, but it just drags on and on without too much happening in the process. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. I thought the show was well produced. Of course they obviously had no money and few ressources and it shows, but they could have exploited it. It's a grim story, set in a grim realistic futur, and it becomes grimmer, more intricate, as episodes go on. I don’t think rapidly aging the minors was just a “work of art” to watch.