The tray bed was imported from Australia (I believe), the cloth seats are custom, and this vehicle was a test bed for their 35" tire conversion. A leveling kit is installed to take care of the rake, but AEV managed to get 35s under the truck with minimal upgrades. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Spendy for sure, but in line with AEV's boutique pricing. Could this Patent from Toyota Suggest a... Top 8 New Trucks for 2020-2021. 50 comments. At all, ever. Get your updates from our daily 10-second email newsletter, Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Saw for sale for a cool 45k. Anyone able to help understand the price tag on this one..? Now we have to wait and see if the ZR2 Bison Tray Bed becomes a reality. That’s on top of the mandatory 2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison ordered from Chevrolet. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now we have to wait and see if the ZR2 Bison Tray Bed becomes a reality. (Sponsored) Aftermarket part retailer American Trucks is offering five $1,000 prizes in its holiday giveaway sweepstakes until November 19. You'd also get the one off status of having the only one in the world that has more pictures taken of it then a coked out model. Your email address will not be published. 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss 6-Month Review: The Good, the... Trading Down Or Up? Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), FORD BRONCO MORE ANTICIPATED THAN THE C8 CORVETTE, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET A SPEEDKORE DODGE DEMON. Posted by 2 years ago. MC&T was the first to report on this upcoming feature. The aluminum tray bed also takes weight off the rear end of the truck, helping it carry more weight. If you like what you see, leave a comment below and let AEV know! This comes in handy in case anybody wants to build a 2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison Tray Bed pickup truck, for instance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Full details are not listed on the AEV website just yet, but the company tells us that it’s priced at $1,350, Buyers an also break it down between rear and/or front fender upgrades, each priced at $675. Subscribe NOW and never miss out on the latest news on American muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs. save hide report. but if a fully loaded Bison Diesel Extended Cab is around 53K it then looks like approximately 30K in AEV customization, which when looking at that isn't that ridiculous when you see what they charge for their fully kitted out vehicles. My guess is they took a standard ZR2 and did all the AEV upgrades themselves rather than getting a Bison built in the factory. Spotted in Sedona, AZ. $85k, yikes! The AEV Marketing Manager Says That The Upfitter Is Readying For A Slight Increase In ZR2 Bison Volume, The Kit Would Make The Chevy Truck Even More Capable, This High Clearance Fender Flare Package Allows For More Tire, But No Lift, The Concept Was On Display At The 2019 AEV Open House, From The Dozens Of Entries, This Project Stands Out From The Rest, Controversy Surrounding The Original Run Means It Won’t Be Counted, by Manoli Katakis October 31, 2020, 6:10 pm, by Lucas Allen October 15, 2020, 4:36 pm, by Lucas Allen October 5, 2020, 4:17 pm, by Sam George October 5, 2020, 3:57 pm, We live in a great time for vehicle performance, and Muscle Cars and Trucks is your source for performance car and truck news brought to you by three automotive media industry veterans. Owner Review: This Ram 1500 Truck Costs $26,000 New and Works... 1999 Ford F-250 Power Stroke Review: Dude, I Love My Ride! [Reader Question], Which Silverado Engine to Get: 5.3L or 6.2L V8? ALSO SEE: Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison vs The Jeep Gladiator Rubicon – Watch These Trucks Face Off. Not all modern trucks are expensive, here's what the owner of this hard working Ram 1500 has to say. To see the AEV Colorado ZR2 Bison Package in its entirely, peer through our exclusive gallery below. The new Colorado ZR2 Bison Tray Bed tells you exactly what to expect; the standard pickup box has been replaced with a large flat deck tray, allowing for easier access to your gear and for a rear winch to be fitted to a custom bumper. This truck is a fully-capable off-roader, but AEV is … This comes in handy in case anybody wants to build a 2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison Tray Bed pickup truck, for instance. but if a fully loaded Bison Diesel Extended Cab is around 53K it then looks like approximately 30K in AEV customization, which when looking at that isn't that ridiculous when you see what they charge for their fully kitted out vehicles. by Manoli Katakis February 19, 2020, 5:07 pm. Having this bed also allows for those massive 35-inch tires in the rear end. It comes with a unique lettered grille, an AEV front bumper with winch provisions, a unique rear bumper with recovery points, and super tough, hot-stamped boron steel skid plates (for the front differential, engine oil pan, transfer case, fuel tank and rear differential), AEV-designed fender flares, AEV-designed 17-inch wheels (also applies to spare), fog lamps, and contoured front and rear floor liners with AEV logo. AEV Vehicles For Sale in Durango, CO Morehart Murphy Auto Center CDJR is the premier retailer for American Expedition Vehicles for Colorado and the Four Corners Area, serving Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, Ignacio, Mancos and Cortez, CO. Our dealership stocks both turnkey A.E.V. 27 comments. It starts with AEV adding a more extreme lower front bumper design with a Warn Zeon 10-S winch, as well as larger 35-inch BFGoodrich tires made possible by the included HighMark fender flare package. Based on the Ram 2500 Regular Cab/Long Bed platform, the Prospector XL Tray Bed shares many of the same components as the original AEV concept as well as some unique upgrades making this truly a one-of-a-kind off-road adventure vehicle. We are an official AEV authorized shop to build Jeep Wrangler Brute Conversions. Officially called the AEV ZR2 Bison Package, it takes the standard Bison, and goes to the next level. On the top end you have the mighty Prospector XL, which turns the already formidable 2020 Ram HD into an off-roading oxcart that will carry literally all of the gear into the great big nowhere. Comtruk offers hassle-free loading and hauling of gear, freight, merchandise, tools, or whatever else your work demands. 603. OneControl RV Tech Revolution: Run Your Entire Camper With Your Phone, Gen-Y Executive Torsion Hitch Means Stress-Free Heavy-Duty RV Towing (Video). Posted by 2 days ago. Options for the AEV ZR2 Bison Package are as follows: AEV Snorkel: $859.00 AEV Splash Guards: $140.00 AEV Black Badging Upgrade: $100.00 AEV Front Bumper Low Tube – Gunmetal: no-cost option AEV Front Low Tube – Anthracite: no-cost option GM Performance Parts Tonneau Cover: $525.00 AEV Winch Package (designed for a Warn 10-S winch): $2,313.00 AEV Recovery Gear Kit – Weekender Edition (includes AEV 3/4″ shackle, AEV Tree Saver Strap, AEV Tire Deflator, 1 Pair of AEV Gloves, AEV Recovery Strap, AEV Recovery Kit Bag): $435.00 AEV Recovery Gear Kit – Expedition Edition (Includes two AEV ¾-inch Anchor Shackles, AEV Tree Saver Strap, two AEV Soft Shackles, AEV Utility Rope, AEV Winch Extension Rope, AEV Gloves, AEV Tire Deflator, AEV Snatch Block, AEV Recovery Gear Kit Bag): $1,046.99 AEV Transmission Skid Plate: $399.00 AEV Light Package: $1,625.00 AEV Premium Leather: $2,400.00 AEV CORDURA & Leather Interior Upgrade: $2,200.00 35-inch BFG All Terrain or Mud Tires: no-cost option Paint Appearance Package: $1,771.00. American Expedition Vehicles helped to build the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison in partnership with the bowtie brand, and now the aftermarket builder is testing out another swath of parts for the midsize off-roader. [Ask TFLTruck]. Just as importantly, AEV added even more protection underneath. Chevrolet Performance Parts Suspension Leveling Kit, AEV PREPARING FOR INCREASE IN CHEVROLET COLORADO ZR2 BISON PRODUCTION FOR 2020, AEV PLANNING SPECIAL PACKAGE ABOVE CHEVROLET COLORADO ZR2 BISON, CHEVROLET COLORADO ZR2 BISON SHOWN WITH AEV350 PACKAGE: SEMA 2019, CHEVROLET COLORADO ZR2 BISON TRAY BED CONCEPT: THE DETAILS, SEMA BUILDER REIMAGINES CHEVROLET K5 BLAZER AS A MODERN SUV, EARLY HUMMER EV DESIGNS EXPLORED CHEVROLET AVALANCHE-STYLE MIDGATE, JEEP GLADIATOR TOP DOG CONCEPT: A BIKER’S BEST FRIEND, SSC TUATARA HIGH SPEED RECORD WILL BE ATTEMPTED AGAIN, S650 FORD MUSTANG TO GET 6.8L V8 ENGINE, SAYS UNION LEADER, 2022 CHEVROLET SILVERADO INTERIOR SPY PHOTO CONFIRMS SUPER CRUISE, LARGER SCREENS, NIKOLA BADGER REMOVED FROM COMPANY’S NEW BUSINESS PLAN, GM SEEKS MORE EQUITY, CRASHED C8 CORVETTE STINGRAYS ARE PILING UP ON COPART, SUPERFORMANCE TEASES NEW ELECTRIC SHELBY COBRA REPLICA, FORD BRONCO DONUT DOORS WILL REMAIN A CONCEPT, SPEEDKORE PUT A HELLEPHANT V8 INTO A 1970 DODGE CHARGER, FIFTH-GENERATION CHEVROLET CAMARO GETS NEW MAGNUSON BLOWER KIT, FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 SUPERCHARGER UPGRADE ANNOUNCED FROM MAGNUSON, 2021 CHEVROLET COLORADO ZR2 SHOWCASES CALLAWAY SC410 PACKAGE, FORD RANGER RAPTOR CONVERTED TO GO ROAD RACING, UPDATED TESLA CYBERTRUCK DESIGN REVEAL COULD BE JUST WEEKS OUT, FORD SUPER DUTY WON’T GO ELECTRIC ANY TIME SOON: REPORT, 2021 FORD EXPEDITION GETS MORE PACKAGES TO FEND OFF 2021 CHEVROLET TAHOE, GMC HUMMER EV3X: FUTURE RANGE-TOPPER AFTER EDITION 1. Up front, a customer bumper and fenders were created to accommodate the big rubber, and a lift beyond stock was not necessary. Learn more…. #6 of 10 AEV Prospector XL Tray Bed edition. The AEV Colorado ZR2 package is offered the following options. Some of which are standard on the Bison: Rear Bumper LED Auxiliary Lights: $690.00 AEV Snorkel: $859.00 AEV Black Badging Upgrade: $100.00 AEV Vertical Spare Tire Mounting Kit: $599.00 AEV Vertical Spare Tire Mounting Kit: $599.00 AEV Skid Plate Package 1 (includes trans cover): $1,267.00 AEV Skid Plate Package 2 (includes diff cover): $1,035.00 AEV Splash Guards: $140.00 AEV Recovery Gear Kit – Weekender Edition: $435.00 AEV Recovery Gear Kit – Expedition Edition: $1,046.99 GM Performance Parts Tonneau Cover: $525.00 AEV Premium Leather: $2,400.00 AEV CORDURA® & Leather Interior Upgrade: $2,200.00 AEV Standard Leather: $1,900.00 35″ BFG All Terrain Tires: no-cost option 35″ BFG Mud Terrain Tires: no-cost option Paint Appearance Package: $1,771.00. Which is More Reliable: 3.5L EcoBoost or 5.0L V8? vehicles at no additional charge. I'm not saying I fully understand the 85K price tag, but this is the most custom ZR2 you can by painted in a factory color that wasn't offered to the public. Close. Thoughts? As you can see, the packages are largely the same, but American Expedition Vehicles tells MC&T that the non-Bison ZR2 is more expensive due to the added cost of Bison parts such as the rear bumper, where the Bison already has that cost baked in. Never miss out on American muscle cars, trucks, and SUV news! It’s a 1998 Jeep Wrangler converted into an AEV Brute truck but instead of using the Brute bed this Brute runs a UTE Aluminum tray back bed instead. Reaping in all the glorious praise, AEV brought this concept to life giving a lucky few the chance to own this wicked off-road beast. 375. Underbody armoring aside, the package offered from Chevrolet is, essentially, a body kit. Despite the similar name to the 2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison offered from the factory, it’s significantly different. For those that want to do things a la carte, American Expedition Vehicles is offering the HighMark Fender Flare package for the Colorado ZR2. Pricing excludes the purchase of a necessary 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.