Victoria New Palestine, IN Located in Roanoke, VA. Each of out babies are handled from a young age to ensure the an even temperament that is possible, we handle with our hands so they can get use to our scents which enables a better temperament. Tacoma, WA There are very few hedgehog breeders within the United States. Denver, CO Lafayette, Co. 3821 E Elbow ln Our colors range from chocolate to albino, as well as pintos and silvers. Babies will do this more often than adults. 2912 Paradise Valley Rd Rapid City, SD, USDA Licensed. La Plata, MD Everett, WA 98201 All my hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. You can use another large sterile container, a kiddie pool, an outdoor play pen or an indoor play pen. They are all handled daily and get a playtime outside of their cage daily. This gives us time with the babies to socialize them. phone_number: 716-597-8218 Our goal is to have a trendy unique web site that is educational yet informative. (863) 618-5212, Top Notch Hedgehogs [email protected], Heart of Gold Hedgehogs We begin handling our babies as soon as possible to ensure proper socialization. Miranda Leif Hudyma We breed Hedgies for health,temperament, and a variety of patterns and colors. Instead, it’s made up of the hedgehog and all of its essential supplies., Katie Crane (Mazuri Insectivore Diet) Check our website soon as updating it: Coming soon cages, wheels, Hide Igloos, bedding and the rest of the supplies needed to make your hedgehog happy.Call or text to check color or sex availability desired 262-620-1386 Cynthia. I love to share the joy of owning a adorable Hegdehog. Staci We breed for health and conformation. (802) 242-0636, Prickly Potato Hedgehogs to 9pm. We handle our Babies from a very young age to be able to provide the best, friendliest pet for you and your family! Jennifer Goellner Leif Leesville, SC We produce a wide selection of gorgeous unique colors such as: blacks, reverse pintos, split face, chocolates, cinnicots, cinnamons, pintos, platinums, etc. Oxford, MI USDA# 31-A-0426 Producing babies in a small variety of patterns and colors. We are a small breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs bringing smiles to faces and adding to the well being of Hedgehogs! [email protected] Small hedgehog breeder in Lafayette, Colorado. We have babies available year round. Small family breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. I will have litters once, or twice a year. [email protected] Seneca,SC Katie McNeal [email protected] Cynthia We strive to give folks happy well-socialized babies. Phone: 419-485-3734 The states are listed in alphabetical order. (503) 618-0912, The Alternative Hedgehog Visit me on Facebook under Twisted Quills Hedgehogs! I have two available to go right now. We breed for temperament, health, color and quality. Rachel Laurel, MD Our baby hedgehogs start weaning from mom at around 6 weeks of age and are then handled daily and socialized when they are sent to their new homes at 7-10 weeks old. Chancy 518-774-0015 1017 Natalie Dr. (423) 618-4231 All come with Pedigree and Care Package. Colors range from black to cinnamon and include a range of unique facial markings. Very small hobby breeder, that is being mentored by a USDA breeder, and all hedgehogs have pedigrees. 573-300-2163 807 Chatfield Rd 15495 Promise Road purchasing a hedgehog that is currently available or send us an email if you would like to be notified when future hedgehogs will be available We are a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Spokane. This care and handling results in well socialized and friendly pets. I make sure the babies are sweet & healthy before going to their new homes. USDA # 14-B-0038, USDA approved, hedgehog breeder on the Treasure Coast of Florida. ZIP 84078 7709 S Swordsman Cove Hedgehogs love to explore and run around. We are a small breeder located in Seneca, SC. 84078 North Florida [email protected] Visit our website to see our herd, read about hedgehog care, check availability/pricing or contact us., Union, NJ We also have products., Mercedes Preheim 30528 (781) 277-8487, Cape Cod Hedgehogs Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. 8608745983 Our Rescues adoption fees are $125, our babies adoption fees are $175 (unless otherwise posted.) USDA License #35-A-0346 Chelsea Hedgehogs tend to poop vigorously on the wheel which will cause them to have contact with their feces and urine for extended periods of time, this can lead to nail/ feet infections or urine burns. (330) 429-1348, Millermeade Farm’s Critter Connection 330-339-0614 Their bedding should be changed at least every 5-7 days. [email protected] (856) 630-7563, Hudymas Hedgies 48642 636-220-6508 USDA License # 58-A-0271 Roundup. Hedgehog Predator List (10 Examples). , Theresa Filipek Newport News, VA Chestertown, MD We are a small hedgehog breeding family, formerly listed as Heart to Heart Hedgehogs of Colorado. Jeanne Troy and Nick Stockwell Contact Us if you plan to take home one of these little Cuties. 574-722-7226 Grace McKenzie Las Vegas, NV Nampa, ID Bountiful, UT Durham, NC I am dedicated to raising family ready, friendly, healthy, hedgehogs. 84128 [email protected] We are USDA licensed breeders of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and breed for a variety of colors to include but not limited to: Snowflake varieties, salt and pepper, chocolate, grey, dark grey, albino, cinnamon, apricot, cinnicot, pinto, reverse pinto, etc. I am a very small hobby breeder so I do not always have babies. [email protected] We breed for health and temperament. Our facility works to provide the best quality of animals to ensure a variety of colors and patterns., We have a small herd, with a diverse colors, both lite and dark. When relaxed their spines lay almost flat. Caldwell, ID We absolutely LOVE holding and handling our hedgies. Brian Foote Catskill, NY I also offer cage sets that include everything you need to get started when it comes time to bring your little bundle of quills home! Huber Heights, Ohio We provide a lifetime guarantee against WHS, and we also provide lifetime support/help. Will you be able to answer any other questions I may have about hedgehog care? 260 LakeCrest Drive Neosho, MO Robert Blair I breed for health and for good temperaments. They do have hard semi-sharp spines. Natalie Connally Jonathan [email protected] Box Elder, SD 402-332-6046 Darryl Langreck Lolo, Montana USDA#91-A-0112 Sarah They may urinate or deficate on you, but very rarely. 2512 Cedar St, Mississippi Hedge Hogs As such we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering support, information and education for the lifetime of your hedgehog. Vincennes, In WWW.PIERCESPOGS.COM. 2455 West Highway 40 I am a breeder in Lincoln NE in the process of building my herd and becoming USDA licensed. Gaby & Larla We are very small scale and only have liters twice a year so that our female has plenty of break time between liters. 855 South Raylee Garden Drive We take great pride in our long reputation for raising top-notch hedgies as well as offering expert “tech support”, and work very hard to maintain that reputation. Kristy Marson For some states, we’re unable to find a good breeder. While you may be able to buy a hedgehog for $100, you also need to house it, feed it, and care for it in several other ways — all things that cost you money. (401) 442-3827, SassyQuills Hedgehogs Our goal is to provide healthy, happy hedgehogs as pets for you and your family. I am a small home breeder, specializing in breeding African Pygmy Hedgehogs for health, temperament, personality and color. I favor animals with unique facial markings and high contrast between physical attributes, i.e. I will be a small hobby breeder, My breeding pair is a Algerian Black Male, and an Algerian Dark Grey Female. 01225 Candy McGehee 843-424-1462 It’s the quality, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Ohannas Hedgies. Please visit my web site at Kat I want to keep my herd small so that my hedgehogs get daily attention. Susan 260-431-9864 Seneca, SC Kyle & Ashleigh (605) 646-3856, HedgeQuarters If you’re a breeder/rescue and would like to get listed, please contact us! Linwood NC 60099 719-892-0316 We mainly have salt and Pepper hedgehogs, but have rare albino’s. All babies are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. We strive to produce beautiful pedigree hedgehogs in an array of colors and a sweet, friendly disposition. (605) 760-9631, April’s Hedgie Herd I try to have a litter available every other month. Salt Lake City, UT Mayfair We offer Pre and Post support and education. 2401 N Wenas RD All hedgehogs receive vet care, and are handled daily. Pensacola, FL North Attleboro, MA 73012 Fayetteville, NC Juliann Durkee Our hedgie herd is kept small so that each hedgehog can receive the attention it needs. phone_number: 8566307563 USDA registered breeder of high quality, friendly and handled African Pygmy Hedgehogs.Colors available regularly:Normal/StandardChocolateCinnacot/CinnamonPinto pattern available in all above colorsAlbinoand more! 21804 513-505-3973 617-277-6694 Amy Gilroy This is done by foraging, inspecting surroundings, making new burrows, and encountering new smells & objects.