Related: Best Xbox Live Games 2015. I decided to quickly get a short practice building clip, I'll say it doesn't represent my skills at the game as nobody really builds like that in proper in game fights and I didn't want to spend much time trying to get a perfect sweaty build clip. When it comes to games like FPS titles at a competitive level, the speed of your triggers for aiming and getting that kill in really matter. That’s because when you don’t want to use it, you can simply prise it off and reveal a regular glossy plastic D-pad underneath. I play in quite a lot of scrims, customs, and in game tournaments (I've won a fair amount and my highest pop up score is 37). The Razer might be different, but I have never used it. I can say that after more of a week of heavy use, I have improved playing. After using both for fast paced twitch shooters I would go with the Scuf. Over time though, the L2 trigger broke again (not unusable though) and the dead zones become increasingly off. Now I’ve just managed to snag a steal on eBay for a Scuf Impact only £70! Can anyone tell me roughly how long it took for theirs to arrive after they ordered it? When you build your SCUF pad (or choose a pre-built option) you’ll only get one set of sticks. Be the guy other people see on the board and look up to, not the guy everyone laughs at because he died as soon as he forgot to hit that turbo button. The Elite has a choice of Elite Paddles or Scuf Paddles. My aim has improved but that is just because of the sticks, I suppose you can get the same result for that on any controller. And by definitive, I mean pros and cons for every single one. Some SCUF designs, like the Infinity 4PS Pro, have the same shape and size as the standard PlayStation 4 controller, which almost makes it feel like a heavily modified default controller. Ist das echt oder ist das nur eine Fake Seite die einem Geld abziehen? It’s a bit sticky with a sweaty palm, though, but still miles better than the standard Xbox One controller. Hallo Zockercommunity, mein Freund und ich wollen uns einen neuen PS4 Controller gönnen. However, you’ll need to do this for every single game if you want to go for the full personalisation option. Hi, I've had quite a lot of experience with various different 'pro' controllers. Plus those metal details and the monochrome colour scheme make it feel far more premium. When the controller came, I was nervous, I expected to be disappointed. Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Magma Pre-Configured Controller … Bis jetzt wollte ich bei Scuf Gaming oder bei King Controller einen kaufen. That means if you want to upgrade both of your sticks you’re going to have to buy two packs to get matching. I no longer feel at a disadvantage against PC players, I barely get out built in the cross-platform modes and if I die it's usually from my own fault or I die in hectic late games. The Xbox One Elite Controller paddles on the other hand are all removable. Warum funktioniert convert2mp3net nicht mehr. Thanks a lot man! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There is the option to purchase additional options from the SCUF store. XBOX has the "elite" controller because people who suck need that. The biggest hurdle for upgrading to an enhanced gamepad will be the price. Xbox One tips, tricks and secret features, Xbox One Elite Controller vs SCUF Infinity 1. It took me no time at all to get used with them. The base price for the SCUF Infinity 1 is £95.99. The Elite has better paddle placement for me personally. Customisation options aside, there are some basic differences in the overall design. For your £129.99 investment you get the three sets of analogue sticks, two D-Pads and four paddles. The Impact is very very different to the Aim. i'd use the scuf. Everything attaches using magnets and it’s just a case of flicking the paddles out of their rear sockets – which you’ll be tempted to fiddle with at first like a child with a loose tooth. It seems counter intuitive, but going unlicensed is likely the way to go. And Face buttons are also remappable on the Elite. I suggest ordering one to anyone on the bench however just don't order at busy times or year (Christmas). Tell us what you think – email the Editor, Xbox One backwards compatibility explained. Cheers everyone! I’ve had a similar history of trying a few controllers out, had the strike pack - was great but needed 4 buttons, used Nacon for a good 6-8 months and loved it but felt the mushy triggers and the non-main extra buttons were awkward to use, moved to Elite with Scuf Paddle system - near perfect but I feel like the sticks are slightly too loose (tension wise) and the size with the Scuf paddle system didn’t allow for me to grip it super tight which felt uncomfortable, tried the Razer Wolverine Ultimate for a little bit and this would’ve been perfect but the main paddles were a bit of an awkward placement. As with the analogue sticks, the Elite Controller comes with both options included in the box. RMAing the thing is a difficult process and Razer is very reluctant for anyone to return it, they now ship out these controllers with suspected different hardware and a software unobtainable to people that bought the original batch meaning to me, my controller will never be usable. In case you check this, I'll use my free time here to answer this honestly. I enjoy knowing I outplayed someone, that I earned my win. As for the Razer, I've seen stuff all over the map for that one, too. Your one source for all things Xbox on Reddit! I'm constantly asked whether or not to buy a Scuf or what my favorite controller is and why. If you’re still classing yourself as a “casual gamer”, a controller that’s over the £100 mark might seem like a massive waste of money. However, that means you’ll need to adjust the paddle configurations for each game manually, as there’s no way to store profiles on the controller or your Xbox One itself. The build quality is solid, it's almost as if Sony made this thing and it's not a modded DS4. The SCUF Infinity 1 is also finished with a soft-touch matte plastic, which comes in a variety of colours. Thanks man, yeah late game is like a slide show, playing customs was an actual joke with 60 people moving zones :/. Never heard of that other brand so I can't say anything about it. Da mir bei King Controller zu wenig Auswahl Möglichkeiten gibt bin ich auf diese 3 weiteren Seiten gestoßen. I know about the XBox's problems with reliability, yet I've also read the SCUF suffers from the same issues. This is an unofficial place to discuss both PS4 and Xbox One AIM controllers. Then came the Xbox one, I hated using a standard controller again. I was considering getting the Nacon however I wouldn't have been able to use d-pad down for editing because of the asymmetric stick layout.