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Bodies of victims of Air France flight 447 finally found in the wreckage at bottom of the Atlantic after two-year mystery. By Peter Allen for MailOnline Updated: 12:52 EST, 4 April 2011 jf�. It's not true! ���vǓ��p�˃�cz���� �Gf��r�ᯏ�� �ѡ��M�Y'U�9'=�� ?C�#ZB���v��__%Yd��|�������(ɇh�PM��� Air France plane crash victims found after two-year search This article is more than 9 years old Robot submarines reveal wreckage with bodies of passengers who died when Flight … The Airbus chief executive, Tom Enders, said: "We strongly hope the discovery of the wreckage will allow us to find the two records, because they are essential to understanding this terrible drama.". 'I didn't sleep enough last night. Photograph: AP. This has been corrected. "Before leaving the cockpit, the flight captain attended the briefing with the other 2 pilots and no comment about a specific risk was mentioned, as the cloud of ice crystals could not be detected by radar.". "We want to know what happened in that plane," said Michel Gaignard, who lost his sister in the accident. "The reading of the various data did not enable them to apply the appropriate action. Both Air France and Airbus are facing manslaughter charges, with a judicial investigation led by Paris judges under way. Still, it is surprising. After verifying the photos, investigators aboard the Alucia confirmed it was the missing Airbus A330. In the days after the crash about 50 bodies and parts of the plane – notably the tailfin – were pulled from the sea by the Brazilian navy. Here are all the best deals so far, Premier League's controversial £14.95 PPV scheme scrapped - but could return in 2021, Fans had been asked to pay £14.95 for some Premier League matches - but the controversial scheme has been scrapped as England enters a second national lockdown, EXCLUSIVE: Shamed nurse caught performing sex act on train by off-duty police officer, EXCLUSIVE Stanley Sibandze, 43, was seen exposing himself on a train from East Croydon to London Bridge station in August last year. The only definitive report published to date by the BEA, officially closing the technical inquiry into this accident, demonstrated in its analysis and findings that a sequence and combination of several factors - technical and human - led to the loss of the aircraft. It took two years to retrieve bodies from the bottom of the sea, along with essential records such as the flight's voice recorder. We don't know what state they are in. It was, as one expert said, "like looking for a needle in a field of haystacks". Robert Soulas, vice-president of a support group for the victims' families, said raising the bodies was a thorny question. "The Company wishes to restate the following facts: The cloud of ice crystals resulting in the loss of speed data could not be detected by the aircraft's radar. Five Britons among 228 passengers and crew killed in Air France crash Next. And it risks causing a dispute between families who want to leave the bodies at the bottom of the Atlantic and those who want them brought to the surface," Soulas said. The search boat Alucia, operated by a dozen specialists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, had left the port of Suape in Brazil on 22 March and arrived two days later in the zone where it hoped to find the aircraft wreckage. The BEA report describes a crew who acted in line with the information provided by the cockpit instruments and systems, and the aircraft behaviour as it was perceptible in the cockpit: instrument indications, triggering and stoppage of the alarms, aerodynamic noise, aircraft vibrations, etc. Published in the October edition of Vanity Fair magazine, it raises terrifying questions about safety aboard civilian passenger jets, and the 'culture' of the Air France pilots on board. The reading of the various data did not enable them to apply the appropriate action. Air France has denied that its pilots were incompetent, but has since improved training, concentrating on how to fly a plane manually when there is a stall. Several incidents involving the sensors had been reported to the air authorities before the crash. Referring to Bonin, a 'Company Baby' on the Rio de Janeiro-Paris flight, the piece reads: 'With most of the weather still lying ahead and an anxious junior pilot at the controls, Dubois decided it was time to get some sleep.'. The aircraft hit 35 foot high trees at the end of the short grass runway and crashed. Chief investigator Alain Bouillard is quoted as saying: 'If the captain had stayed in position through the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone, it would have delayed his sleep by no more than 15 minutes, and because of his experience, maybe the story would have ended differently.