Qui plus est, il est plutôt mince et élancé. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. During the match aganist Mujinazaka High, we see that Akaashi can also suffer from overthinking, and feeling overwhelmed from the pressue he has placed on himself as the setter. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?“ you said as your grin widens. As the game progresses, Bokuto starts making mistakes. // Akaashi was pretty content with his life. He was able to use the current Nekoma rotation to his advantage by tricking Lev into blocking early by acting like he would do a setter dump. Feeling better, Akaashi starts to point out how Bokuto should fix his problem of letting things affect his mood so much and the two begin discussing their plays and Bokuto displaying rarely seen wisdom. He groaned audibly as he turned to face you. writing this made me so soft :( should i write a one shot based on this? His shirt is neatly tucked into the waistband, and his blue tie is knotted neatly. Manga (Timeskip) Having noticed that Bokuto is in the best condition he's been throughout the tournament, Akaashi wishes to set the ball to the ace first in hopes that it would give Fukurōdani the momentum from the start. Akaashi is unable to keep himself together and unintentionally gives Mujinazaka another point when he makes longer contact with the ball than is allowed. Keiji Akaashi (Japanese: 赤葦 (あかあし) 京治 (けいじ) , Akaashi Keiji) was a second year at Fukurōdani Academy, and he was the volleyball team's vice-captain and setter. Akaashi so dearly wants to turn around and walk out the door because he deserves none of whatever monstrosity that is about to befall him. Akaashi has become an editor for a shonen manga magazine for a major publisher but originally wanted to be in the literature department. Akaashi seems calm and composed most of the time, and doesn't show a wide range of emotions. Although he did not choose to enter Fukurodani with great ambition, he is glad to be part of the school. Oct 10, 2020 - Explore Jess Bond's board "Haikyuu akaashi" on Pinterest. Haikyuu!! His team had matches with Nekoma high school volleyball club, Itachiyama, Eiwa High, Morikawa High school volleyball clubs. Keiji (京治) - Keiji is a popular boys' name in Japan, out of which 京治 is a rare writing of the name in kanji - more common versions include 慶次, 啓治, etc. - you’d known each other ever since you were in diapers because your parents were friends, - you’d somehow ended being in the same class with him throughout your schooling life, from elementary school til high school, - he dated a few people in middle school and the start of high school, but he always broke up with them after a few months, - there was just.. something not right about the dynamics, - everytime he goes on a date with them he’d find himself thinking about how much you’ll like the cafe they were in, or how this cake they were sharing was your favourite, - he assumed this was because the two of you were best friends, - he never thought it was something a little less platonic and more romantic, - after all, you’d known each other your whole life, - one day during spring break the two of you on a road trip together, - no parents or anything, just the two of you, - you really needed that healing trip after a stressful term, - like how sunflowers are your favourite colour, - and how tiny and adorable you looked wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito, - and how your absolute most favourite disney movie is tangled, - but the favourite things he learnt were how your eyes light up when you talk about the things you love, - the way your dimples sits perfectly on the corners of your mouth when you smile and laugh, - the way your nose crinkle when you’re concentrating on a task, - the way you feel like home when you wrap your hands around his torso, your head sitting right on top of his pumping heart, - the way the sun made you glow a little, making you seem like the sun itself, - the way his heart beats a little faster, the way his cheeks turn a little hotter and the way his head feels a little lighter when he looks at you, everytime i write about terushima it turns nsfw also!! There are only two ways for the pain to stop. - sure, there were some days where you and wakatoshi would spend apart from each other, both of you not having time to send a text or call each other. Seiyu Information 17 Well that was the case—until he met a mysterious man who saved him and his team from a gang. Manga In the match against Wakutani South, Hinata successfully did a rebound thanks to Bokuto's teaching. Icons edits collage. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. However, Akaashi changed his form and was able to set to Bokuto, thus allowing the ace to come out of his slump and score. 70.7 kg (155.9 lbs) Akaashi est direct dans ce qu'il dit, sans toutefois blesser les autres. - 100% wouldn’t have expected you to have a tongue piercing, - you only had a pair of lobe piercings, and he assumed that was all the piercings you had, - you were really shy and soft spoken so he hadn’t really noticed it, even though you were dating, - the two of you had only been giving quick pecks on each other’s cheeks on lips, - you were to shy to start making out with him. click on the links to get a rough idea on how the tattoos look like, - you had a red dragon tattoo covering your back, - you never told him because he just never asked if you had a tattoo, - not that he’d ever think you had a tattoo though, - you were pretty conservative so the thought of you having a tattoo never crossed his mind, - you’d hurt your back working out at the gym, - it wasn’t anything too serious, so you decided to ask him to stick some pain relief patches on your back, - you took off your shirt to so it’d be more convenient for him to place the pain relief patches, - after a couple of minutes of silence and stillness you were confused. Bokuto has round, golden-colored eyes and spiky white-grey hair with black streaks; certain sections of it are done up as if to vaguely conform to that of an animal, strongly amplifying the uncanny resemblance he bears to a horned owl. Akaashi, Shirabu, Semi and Goshiki when their s/o wears their team sweater. Fukurōdani eventually wins the game. Bokuto Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji, Tatsuki Washio, Yamato Sarukui, Akinori Konoha and Haruki Komi #anime #haikyuu #haikyuuedit #hq funny moment #fukurodani #bokuto #bokutokoutaro #akaashi #akaashikeiji #konoha ace. Akaashi is a member of Fukurodani team attending the training camp[1]. One: when the beloved returns their feelings and two: when the victim dies. Akaashi joins in a triple block in an attempt to stop Sakusa. ”Don’t you think you’re a little too old to be using cheesy pick up lines?“. When Tsukishima tries to reject, Akaashi appears behind Bokuto, stating that no one else from Fukurōdani will practice with the ace because Bokuto's spiking practices are endless. Tokyo As Kuroo is practicing with Bokuto, they spot Tsukishima and invite him to block for them[2]. Occupation holi:3 les dejo aquí mi galería de haikyuu ya que tengo demasiadas fotos(*-*) (advertencia, contenido yaoi, y muchos shippeos en especial con hinata, te gustara si eres una fujoshi ;) weno pues ya me cayo y no olvides apoyarme con comentarios y votos★♥, Aquí podes encontrar una selección de las mejores imágenes de todas las versiones de Haikyuu!!!. However, Akaashi changes his mind at the last moment from thinking that the Mujinazaka team would be expecting Bokuto to get the set right away and sets to Onaga instead. i really enjoyed writing this, thanks for requesting! here’s a part 2 to this post! High School Student (2nd Year, Class 6) - 2012. Sakusa instead hits the ball against Akaashi's hand and scores the winning point for Itachiyama. Keiji Akaashi Akaashi seems to be Bokuto's closest on-screen friend. - all of you dressed in casual summer beach day attire and walked to the beach near your chalet after having breakfast, - you wanted to play in the water so you took off your (you stole it from him, so technically it isn’t yours but still) oversized button up so you wouldn’t have to walk back with a wet shirt, - you swear you’ve never seen a more turned on Terushima, - at first you were confused as to why he was staring so intensely at your boobs, - 100% the hottest thing he has ever seen, - sure you looked good with tongue piercings and all, but this, - “Yuuji! Akaashi est considéré comme un joueur de taille moyenne pour son âge. He gives Bokuto a perfect set and the ace scores. Akaashi goes over the choices he can make that will have the least trouble with Bokuto within 0.5 seconds. At the end of the game, Akaashi watches apprehensively as Bokuto announces that he will teach Hinata a special skill. - why was there something on your tongue? - you couldn’t answer his questions without laughing — he looked so innocent asking them!! - he stuck the patches on you quickly and asked that you laid on your stomach for a little longer, - his gentle fingers dragging across your tattoo, tracing the shape of the dragon, - tracing your tattoo with his fingers is his new favourite past time, - you told him you had a few tattoos when you started dating, - there were 2 tattoos on the back of your arm so he assumed those were the only ones you had, - can’t blame him though, you never specified how many you had, - the two of you were out on a date at a park, - when you crossed your legs, your skirt rode up your left thigh, - a bunch of tattooed flowers trailed down your thigh, - “y/n-chan that’s HUGE how did i not see that!! It hurts. Anime The two of you spent another minute or so just staring each other like that, Tsukishima with a straight face while you had on the cheekiest grin ever. - he offers you his sweater pretty often because you’re always cold, - meaning he sees you in his sweaters often, - this sweater had his name and team number on it, - you were basically a walking “I’m Akaashi’s s/o” sign, - he really, really loves the fact that you’re proud and confident while wearing his team sweater, - you were all he could think of that day, - seriously considers giving you that sweater even if it means he wouldn’t have one to wear at his matches, - he’s really proud of the fact that he’s the only player on the volleyball team who made it to Shiratorizawa without a sports scholarship, - he’s even prouder of the fact that his s/o is comfortable wearing his name on their back, - hia heart swooned when he saw you sprawled on the table, asleep and in his team sweater, - this made him question why he didn’t feel as warm wearing it compared to looking at you wearing it, - the first thing he does when he reaches school is to leave his sweater on your desk, - from then on you wore his team sweater every other day, - he doesn’t get to play on court often, so it really warned his heart when he saw you in his team sweater, - your tiny body was engulfed by his sweater with his name and team number on it, - you looked so happy and proud wearing it, letting everyone know that you belong to the one and only Semi Eita from the Shiratorizawa Volleyball Club, - you wearing his sweater made him realise that you were proud of him being on the team, even if he doesn’t get to play on court often, - he makes you wear his sweater during matches, - it encourages and cheers him up to see you wearing his name and team number at a match, - he was feeling down during a match against another school, - his serves weren’t working like he wanted them to, - that’s when you decided to put on his team sweater, - his eyes lit up with determination the moment he set eyes on your small figure covered by his sweater, - you were wearing his name and team number, of course he can’t let you down, - he calmed himself down and tried harder than he ever tried, - he gave you the biggest hug after the match, - takes tons of pictures of you in his sweater, - he’d definitely brag to the team about how you wore his sweater with his name and hia team number, more tongue piercing headcanons but with a twist :D, - out of all the haikyuu boys (besides terushima of course) i think kuroo would be the most likely to get a tongue or lip piercing, - he’d definitely use it to his advantage, - he knows for a fact that you’re weak for his tongue piercing, - whenever he wants something for you he’d just have to tease you a little and let you catch a little glimpse of his tongue piercing, - “i’ll give you a treat later if you do it for me”, - you love feeling his piercing against your tongue when you make out, - sometimes he’d drink some cold water or eat some crushed ice to make his piercing cold, - the coldness of the metal against your nipples when he rolls the tip of them across his tongue, - if you want a tongue piercing too, he’ll introduce you to his piercer and encourage you throughout the process of getting one, - a cute kitty that has a tongue piercing, - you never knew he had a tongue piercing because ???