Ingredients are carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavor, potassium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservatives), orange juice concentrate, gum acacia, sucralose, ester gum, green tea, beta carotene (for color), vegetable juice (for color), calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor), niacinamide (niacin), D-calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin A acetate, biotin, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), and cyanobalamin (vitamin B12). If you like grapefruit juice, this tastes similar but with bubbles. - Duration: 11:11. These are Regular Buys, which means they’re on the shelves at Aldi stores year round. Happily, as soon as I returned and relocked the cart, I got my quarter back. Aldi sells these 17-ounce PurAqua Frost Waters for about $0.79 per bottle. Yep — there was actually a whole line of products called liveGfree. Personalized health review for Pur Aqua Sparkling Frost, Orange Mango: 10 calories, nutrition grade (C minus), problematic ingredients, and more. New I think their fizzy factor helps to make them more appealing. One of the reasons for the speed? They are sweetened with sucralose, a common artificial sweetener also found in the Pur Aqua Frut Flavored Water line that Aldi sells. New What Happened to NFL Kicker Younghoe Koo? PurAqua Classic Lemonade Frost nutrition information. But don't take my word for it: Aldi beats Walmart and Kroger on prices in our test of cheap grocery stores. I vaguely remembered exploring an Aldi maybe 15 or 20 years ago, and it seemed like a lot of cheap canned goods, pantry basics, and not much else. The bottle labels recommend chilling these before drinking, and leftover sparkling water should be refrigerated after opening to maintain freshness. The prices weren't a slam dunk, either — for instance, a liter-size bottle of Aldi's Dentiguard mouthwash was 10 cents more than Target's store brand, Up & Up. My kids like these Frost drinks, though, so we sometimes get them as a treat. If I hadn't been paying attention while browsing, I might have actually thought I was staring at Velveeta instead of Clancy's CheeseMelt, Mountain Dew instead of Summit Mountain Frost, or Lucky Charms instead of Millville Marshmallows & Stars. There's even a bagging area at the front of the store where you can arrange everything just so, without worrying about holding up the checkout lines. PurAqua Peach Nectarine Frost nutrition information. This has 35 mg of sodium (2% DV) and 1 gram of total carbohydrates (0% DV). Paying for a cart seems a little mind-boggling at first, but as with everything else Aldi does, it's all about keeping costs down, since corralling carts sucks up time that its workers could better use doing other things. German grocer Aldi has earned more and more U.S. devotees, but I'll admit I'd been late to the party. That's never been an option at my local Aldi, and nor has early morning shopping, and not because coronavirus forced some changes in store hours. I'm not sure I can completely ditch Kroger — there are some products there we're just too attached to — but for quick grocery trips when I don't need anything too exotic, Aldi seems like a no-brainer. I also admit to liking the taste of these more than a lot of other artificially sweetened drinks. Sparkling flavored water is having a moment.