Ryan’s Jupiter is in the in the, ‘do as I say, not as I do, sign, Gemini. Would like to learn more about this Star :) ty ;). Companies have their ups and downs, and directing is one of the easiest way to see those fluctuations in fortune. Fall Forecast The debate is scheduled to commence at 9:00 p.m. EDT live from Danville, Kentucky giving us a rising of 28 Taurus. This is the first sign of hope for this storm. The carnage has already begun. Why now? The astute will remember that the late Olivia Barclay shared this horary at UAC some years back. This is especially chilling, personally, because it is but seven blocks west of the 48 story luxury high rise, which, at that time was still under construction. What I am trying to say is a millennia or two is a very long time. From Salon, this February, 1562.”. Ryan will put in a good fight, and will come right out of the box punching. This makes the Moon the landlord, so to speak, of the chart. When present in the astrology of one who is evolved, karmically-aware, and multidimensional, the demons of the past don't have to negatively impact the present or future. Since the Sun is in Aries, this indicates that the Moon is in its last days of light, what we call a waning Moon. He was a fresh face jam packed with a comprehensive vision for the future, convincing us, ‘yes we can.’ Even the left winged San Francisco Chronicle conceded, “Obama seemed vacant and distracted while Romney scored his best performance yet: The former Massachusetts governor delivered a confident, often aggressive and energetic performance. There are several different kinds of directions, the one most utilized in the western tradition is called ‘secondary progression.’ When we direct This method takes the planets and luminaries and projects them forward in the sign they are in symbolically. Whichever party is more impressive with his words, wins the debate. It was my job to close up the models, which were the only apartments that were finished. ------------------ Want to Read Simple, Fun,Sexy Articles on Astrology? Posts: 4622From: Tinseltown, Hollyweird, The MultiverseRegistered: Sep 2014. Having mean planets helps to win. With Sagittarius on the cusp, the Republican contender, will be represented by fat cat, Jupiter in the talkative Gemini. The moans and cries in the bedroom at night. And Algol falls into my 8th house is that bad? I must say that one of my most traumatic times was when my progressed ascendant was at 26 degrees Taurus (the fixed star of Algol). The ruler of the desc (again Mike) had also progressed onto another malevolent fixed star Antares. Being strong of sign is great, but if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, no matter how strong, you die. This opinion was not rendered as good and godly and commendable. In the same way significant sectors of the Iranian people are protesting on the streets, craving as they are for liberty and changes. It is the most evil star in the heavens. Forecasts (176) Spring Forecast Since a debate is a two person operation, the first house, will specifically represent Obama, while the 7th house, will represent Romney. Theres a natural mystic blowing through the air; If you listen carefully now you will hear. If nothing else, this reading proves that Nostradamus was not only an astrologer,  but practiced horary astrology. I can only offer my humble explanation. Mars is a killer. I feel like i am starting to understand my chart better after reading about both the meaning of a stellium, Chiron and now 8th house. Strength is everything. “Therefore, let this letter of mine be read in the presence of your people; as if not; opened until all are present, and then without fail the faces of those in collusion will change with great shame and confusion that they will be unable to repress. Traditional Astrology (102) Perhaps this is why Nostradamus suggested the public reading. Sue Miller A waning Moon is a weakened Moon. February Forecast Surely with Aquarius rising and the South Node in the first house, we see that Obama is very altruistic, but will tend to hold back, giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. Posts: 1331 From: los angeles, ca, USA Registered: Oct 2014 Sun Mercury in 9th house Chiron Mars and Venus ( mars Venus same degree) 8th house, Mercury and Chiron in opposition to scorpio 3h Uranus. After all just as people grow, so do charts. ” Suppose someone falls deeply in love, their heart expands and enfolds the, Heads Up! However, those who remember the first presidential debate will note, it did not start exactly on time. An urn holding ashes. Here we see that our binary eclipsing star, is not just a shrew, out to kill, but also has an intriguing and magnetic side, a welcome side, that until Thomas’s apt description, I have never seen discussed, but in all the Algol personalities, I have had the good fortune to meet, I have seen this, what can I call it, but a gentleness, that is always magnetic, and sometimes, even charismatic. bitter cold and above all jealous voice of Saturn turns the beloved into a by Dorothy J. Kovach on Oct.04, 2012, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology, So what happened to the silver tongued wonderkund in last night’s presidential debate? 19 souls are now dead and more than 200 are injured. Even though his ruler is weakly placed,   Biden is not completely helpless. However, big changes are coming up at GS. by Dorothy J. Kovach on Apr.26, 2010, under Algol, Financial. Thanks to his astute observations, we are reminded that Algol is not just a bloody killer, but also expansive and forgiving, ruled as she is by the magnanimous, Jupiter. Notice, the 10th house, or prize for Romney will be the 4th, not the 10th. The eighth house is ruled by Scorpio and the planet Pluto (in astrology, Pluto is still a planet). by Dorothy J. Kovach on Oct.11, 2012, under Algol, Forecasts, Traditional Astrology. Then when she finally reacts, well, she can be likened to a pot of water left to boil for too long. And thus, when it rules the house of the grim reaper, a dark Moon is a good thing to see. I have Algol opposing my Sun, and my husband has suffered 3 strokes so far, being the last one the most life-threatening of all. “But they will see, as it is said, that God takes his vengeance on those who have profaned his Holy Temple and who have stolen what has in ages past was donated by the observers of the Christian religion. Then it stammers, steam protruding in all directions. All rational thought is put aside, one loses one’s head June Forecast How can the two systems be so alike, yet so different when it comes to this spot in the zodiac? okay wow thank you for the article now my mind is going a jillion miles an mintue this is fascinating I am gonna start researching this. Please pray for all on the East Coast. We must simply be willing to take a deep breath, dig in, clear it out, and heal. His father cleaned furnaces in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Both of the vice presidential candidates,  incumbent Vice President, Joe Biden and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, seem to have little qualms regarding sharing their opinions. Ptolemy taught us that any planet within 5 degrees of the next cusp is already doing the work of that house. towards the ‘beloved’. Uncategorized Jupiter This auto-editing thing is stupid... Show 50 post(s) from this thread on one page, http://www.astrologycom.com/fixedstars.html. Vernal Equinox The action can be heard thanks to Twitter, and  Huffington Post which has a livef eed from of the action down in the streetss.from the Huffington Blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/13/iran-demonstrations-viole_n_215189.html. If you watch what takes place at this time, all the old business from last month comes to an end, and brand new focus takes place. Then as time goes by, rumors foment, and truth becomes muddled in the pain and torment of rejection that Thomas Decker so aptly describes. The Moon symbolises the marriage partner in a man's chart. Right from the ‘get go’ we can see s that 2012 is going to be very unusual in the city that never sleeps, the Spring Equinox Chart’s Sun is associating with the planet of surprise, Uranus sits right there at the ground level of the chart, the 4th. Last thing in astrology that got me going was finding some of the same things in serial killers charts over and over again so now I have over 100 charts of serial killers. By this, double bodied planets on the cusp of the ASC, and the ruler with Venus, we know that more than one person asked this question, as we can see from Nostradamus’ reference to ‘messieurs/’ The the next thing that we notice is that he said contrary to what some had stated, the missing bells had not been moved but were still there. We shall see in the morning. Why, one of the ways in which we look into the future of any given companies stock by a method known to astrologers as directing. After all, a debate is a war of words. For as I try to make sense of, Algol, the always impeccable Thomas Decker has already done a magnificent job of the emotions simmering under the cool reserve our binary eclipsing, Algol: “Algol is described by Ptolemy as having the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. We shall see in the morning. 18h30m LMT* (I have changed the time from 18:30 in my copy of this chart so we can arrive at the same house cusps as the original). The Writer’s May Astrological Almanac. in the, ‘do as I say, not as I do, sign, Gemini. We see the Moon in the main or natal chart is in the devil may care sign of Sagittarius. There are several ways of examining the ‘smaller events’ in our lives. Even though Ryan is clearly against government spending,  his family, from his grandfather, who built highways,  to his wife, a former lobbyist for Price Waterhouse all made vast sums from Uncle Sam! Is there such a thing as coincidence? I was scared to move or make eye contact. The concept of prognosticating with Spring Ingress and all charts is based on the ancient concept of ‘ as above, so below. Which brings us to the obvious, if this is so, why did Obama come off as such an empty shell? “Algol is described by Ptolemy as having the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. though Ive tried to find the answer to all the questions they ask. I only wish that some day, I may learn to write with half the verve and just plain raw talent that Thomas Decker can summon. Too much aggression,  will turn also turn the the elderly away, as well. Whenever we see our planets on the other guys side, we are in the other guys territory. May Forecast Maybe, before being cast into the heavens, Medusa was not ugly, but instead, was perhaps, extremely beautiful and alluring. More. First there is the truth, that is, what ‘really happened. Powered by WordPress and pixeled by samk. It was no surprise that many know of his predictions, but it was very surprising to find that so few astrologers also knew that like most doctors of his day, he was also an astrologer. the joy and generosity bestowed upon the beloved becomes poisoned. His plan also calls for  privatization of Social Security,  repealing Obama-care while leaving military spending the same. I wonder if it really was 6:50pm, after all, a 5 and a 3 look very similar, and can easily be mistaken for one another, with the fading and ink blurs of ancient documents.