Just don’t get lost in the art. In order to be considered, you must send your images in a PDF or JPEG format with the team credits and Instagram handles. Two online issues came after. For example, the upcoming August/September Issue has a theme of Land, Sea, and Air. You can find more information Notre perception du monde, si ordonnée, ne serait-elle finalement qu’un fragment de la réalité ? One Magazine is a publication based in New York City. The site 99designs contains links to 30 free-access image web sites, including The British Library and the delightful Public Domain Review. The magazine does have submission requirements, with each issue having a specific theme to adhere to. You can choose to submit directly for editorial or web consideration. vouch that ACM can present their work without breaching law or contracts pertinent to the work. Le massif des Pyrénées est un vrai paradis pour la randonnée, avec des kilomètres de sentiers traversant des paysages exceptionnels et variés. Désabonnement en un clic. Monrowe is another New York based publication accepting fine art, fashion editorials. Comment se matérialisent nos peurs les plus primaires ? Depending on your specific niche, there is a wide selection of. We publish thumbnails with each work of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and welcome all sorts of media.We also publish portfolios of an artist's work (including photographers). Parmi eux, le mythique GR® 10 relie la Méditerranée à l’Atlantique, en passant par l’Ariège, considérée comme l’un des passages les plus difficiles de l’itinéraire. Jute Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on publishing high fashion editorials. GENERAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Submissions are open for creative nonfiction, drama, translations, The Loop, audio-visual, art, interviews, and book (and other) reviews. You can choose to submit directly for editorial or web consideration. ACM is now online only. If you'd like to review for us, please use this form to tell us what genres you prefer. Please let us know as soon as possible if your work has been accepted for publication. Alternatively, fashion should feature 6 to 10 looks of designer fashion brands. Please send your materials to anc@anothernewcalligraphy.com; Identify the submission type in your email; include a brief bio and/or personal links to provide context for your work. All issues are themed and the publication creates a mood board for inspiration and tailored content that can be viewed on their Pinterest. You can view more about their submission guidelines here. Look for a new piece of fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, art, or a review, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.