The only downside of this case is that it has an exceptionally tight fit for two scoped ARs. But make no mistake, this case will definitely make sure tit looks like you’re carrying a simple bag. They even have Plano tags inside and on the handles. Soft cases are less secure because they can be cut, meaning that you'll constantly have to keep an eye on it. $50.37 $ 50. Especially considering that the normal Plano case comes with Pluck & Pick that is easy enough for anyone to use. SKB iSeries gets you all the features and durability of a Pelican (which is arguably the best rifle case ever made). NcSTAR Double Carbine Case 36" Soft Case Padded Ny... UTG 28" KIS Keep-It-Simple Gun Case 600D Polyester Black PVC-KIS28B. This is an actual guitar case. This case is Plano's double-rifle version of the All-Weather case. If you want guaranteed protection for delicate scopes and other accessories on your gun, as well as the gun itself, you’ll definitely need a strong hard case. An adjustable shoulder strap offers multiple attachment configurations. It's a double-rifle case that has all the top-of-the-line features you could possibly want (rugged construction, pockets, backpack straps, opens flat, etc. It costs a little more than a Plano. Some users managed to easily carry this on their shoulders using the adjustable straps. 75 In short, it’s a soft case that protects your rifle as it if were stored securely in a hard case. Case Club AR 15 cases are very popular on Amazon. Tugging around your AR 15 is no longer a problem! So, the only thing makes this case different from a normal guitar case is the foam that they put inside there. Built at an actual guitar factory. AW II is not worth the money for me - at least as long as Plano hasn't solved the waterproofing problem or convinced the customers that it's not an issue. So if you want what might be the best of the best when it comes to soft cases, this might be your best possible option.Bottom LineIf you want a soft case that is likely the strongest of the bunch, the BlackHawk Rifle Case might be what the doctor ordered. You can add padlocks for additional security and the case meets MIL-STD 4150J standards and has an Ingress Protection rating of IP-67.Each case holds rifles or shotguns up to 42" long with extra space for handguns, magazines, or other accessories. But it retails at about half the price of a Pelican - and this makes it a real winner for me when it comes to value for money. Now, I don't know if you're familiar with guitar cases or not, but they're strong. I've noted which cases on this list are TSA-approved and which ones are not. The zippers are double-stitched to make them stronger. The other side of the bag has five pockets that can hold AR-style magazines.The zipper has two pull-tags with locking rings, which can be locked shut. The padding surrounds the top and bottom of the case, ensuring that your rifle and accessories do not get scratched. Super-durable, doesn’t easily wear and tear, Really light to carry around, even with the rifle inside, Magazine pouches don’t work with all sizes of magazines, Waterproof and can even be submerged underwater, The interior is nice and soft, does a good job keeping the rifle in place, Waterproof, airtight, rugged, and secure. It's a double-rifle case that has all the top-of-the-line features you could possibly want (rugged construction, pockets, backpack straps, opens flat, etc. Whether you have a scope, optic, or even a flashlight, among other accessories equipped to your rifle, this is the carrying case that will have more than enough space to easily store it inside. It even floats, It provides discreet storage and looks like it could be a duffel bag, Extra storage space is nice and spacious. Not only that, it’s made from really tough, high-quality nylon. Your gun is 100% protected from water and dust inside of this tough, hard-sided case. Some hard cases stand out from the others by incorporating special features, such as the ability to float. This is made from high-quality materials designed to handle nature’s worst elements. At 49 inches the case will be a bit large if you only need it for your AR 15. But if you're planning to take your rifle out in the woods, or ship it anywhere, this is not a case for you. Bottom LineIf you want a great hard case that is excellent in quality and won’t take a bite out of your bank account, then consider the Boyt Single Long Gun Case as your best possible option. Considering how little this case costs, I feel bad comparing it to more expensive alternatives. Most orders ship within 24 hours (excludes firearms). 2 of the front latches have integrated keyed locks on them (keys included). FREE SHIPPING ON $25+ WITH SIGN-IN. Recent buyers were excited to report a few things about this rifle case. Some will have silica gel inserts to keep all the accessories dry, which is necessary to prevent guns from rusting and ammo from spoilage. This is perfect, considering that you want the best protection both inside and out. Therefore, if the case can protect the guitar, you can be 100% sure that it can protect your AR 15 as well. It makes carrying your AR-15 rifle a lot easier without having to deal with the additional weight that some carrying cases might have (regardless of whether the rifle is stored inside or not). The foam padding is thick enough to absorb shock and a good amount of water. You can travel with your gun inside of this case. If you want to travel light and only need minimal protection from scratches and rain, certain soft cases will do the job. The integrated lock on the front latch doesn't feel secure - it could be picked or destroyed easily. Unfold Packaging to Reveal Your Bonus Workout. You don't have that with soft rifle cases. I've reviewed AW II below. We use cookies on this site to improve your experience. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for AR-15 Cases. Transporting your rifle is as important as maintaining it. You'll get exactly what you paid for. A soft case is sufficient when you don’t have to worry about a lot of banging around and just want to protect it from dust and dirt. Each case comes with four high-capacity magazine pouches with hook-and-loop patch closures, plus zippered compartments in the front for additional storage.Who Will Use This Most This will work mostly for tactical applications (i.e.--law enforcement or military). Especially with scoped rifles, that can be a HUGE problem. The foam is dense and easy to use. Whatever the purpose, these small firearms provide reliable use and precision. The Pelican 1700 Rifle Case is, by far, one of our favorite Pelican cases that have been perfected with all those years of experience in the industry.