Power to the motors comes from the vehicle's battery but the Wi-Fi module tells the motors when they should be powered. They install with vehicle-specific brackets and use pre-existing holes in the vehicle to eliminate the need for drilling (some Ram models excluded). AMP Research Powerstep, Powerstep XL and Powerstep Extreme and the BESTOP PowerBoard and PowerBoard NX. Also, while I cannot speak from experience on the PowerBoard NX , I know Wi-Fi can be interrupted or disrupted. Use existing entry points by slotting the rubber grommets. They are unique from other power side steps because they feature a patented step-within-a-step™ design -- two steps in one. All rights Reserved. Now, don’t assume that AMP is getting cheap with the standard boards only having one motor. When the door is closed again, these lifted truck steps retract, providing plenty of ground clearance for the offroad trail. Regarding the videos - you will notice they are usually around 20 minutes long so, with average installation times between 2-4 hours, by a professional, some things were obviously left out. First off, the steps themselves are pre-assembled. The ARIES Action Trac is a different and unique design that is actually a fixed nerf bar type truck step and retractable running board - all-in-one. The wires that are attached to the piece that attaches to the door jamb and are then routed to the harness. They both support up to 600 lbs. Create your account to access history and better support! Before tightening the brackets to the body, the boards must be level in order to prevent binding and jamming. We've chosen some common models for a quick overview. Make yourself the king of the asphalt jungle with ARIES. An electrically powered running board that tucks in when doors are closed and extends down when a door opens. Alternatively, If you want to avoid under the dash and inside the door wiring on the JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. AMP PowerStep you can opt for a Plug and Play version which is an extra cost option that uses the OBDll port (that's the connector under your dash that Service Engine code-readers plug into) for activation. It is also ideal for families with young children and for elderly passengers. If you are considering doing the installation yourself, you probably have some of the necessary tools already. The Wi-Fi- signals activate the controller instead of a hardwire connection. Please contact our accounts receivable department at 877-287-8634 or email. The motor, pivot points and all of the electrical components are shielded within the main housing, keeping them well protected against the elements and ensuring long-lasting reliability. This can vary, of course, one way or another, but it is a realistic estimate. ActionTrac™ powered running boards operate with a single rotary motor, contained within the main housing. On the feature and installation side, comparing the Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, How To Measure Your Truck Bed For A Crossover Tool Box, How to Find the Paint Code for your Vehicle, Measuring for A Bed Mounted Transfer or Auxiliary Tank, Measuring for a Wheel Well or “Pork Chop” Tool Box, Measuring Your Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover, How To Measure Your Truck Bed for a Low Side Tool Box, Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020 - Truck Accessories, Father’s Day Gifts for the Truck Dad 2019, Best Powered Running Boards AMP, Bestop and ARIES Automotive, Limited lifetime warranty (five-year finish and one-year parts), Ford F150 2017 Crew Cab Mounting to Truck - Electrical Hook-Up. Whether you're cruising the avenue or parking out at the club, we offer unique and stylish accessories to soup up that street truck, SUV or Jeep. The basic I also recommend having a circuit tester for troubleshooting or just making sure you are not cutting the wrong wires. Never use cinder blocks or stacked wood. ActionTrac™ running boards are also the easiest to install power steps on the market in terms of electrical. The integrated module automatically detects obstructions and eliminates pinch hazards. Whether you're proving yourself on the trail or conquering the urban jungle, ARIES gives you something that no one else can offer, something that allows you to stand out with your own unique style. Upgrade, transform and unleash your Jeep Wrangler with ARIES. They're perfect for large, lifted vehicles and are constructed from powder-coated aluminum. Please contact our accounts receivable department at 877-287-8634 or email, Learn about ActionTrac™ Powered Running Boards, Get easier access into your lifted truck or Jeep, ActionTrac™ powered running boards in action, Back to ActionTrac Powered Running Boards. AMP PowerStep Xtreme is a heavy duty offering that is meant to hold up in extreme weather conditions. Might be a good idea to keep fresh Duracells in the glove-box. Wiring and trim tools shouldn’t cost more than $50 and may come in handy in the future. Re-seal any holes with caulking. The power step automatically deploys when the door opens, providing an 8" drop and two-step access to any truck or Jeep. Installation of the ARIES ActionTrac is simpler in many respects. If your truck or JEEP is 20" off the ground 7" of drop like the standard retractable powered running boards offer won't do much good. Whatever your passion, ARIES offers a unique advantage. Drops down about 6" and out 2" to create a stair-step into your truck, The full cab length board works with both front and rear doors, driver, and passenger sides, Complete kit includes two full length boards, OEM quality sealed motor, controller, hardware, wiring harness with weatherproof connectors and LED Light Kit, Powerboard includes complete wiring bundle, mounting hardware, motors, brackets and, step extrusions, Built-in anti-pinch safety features senses pressure to keep the board from retracting on your hand and feet, Patented high strength, die-cast aluminum linkage built to last in any climate, OEM quality sealed motors that perform in any weather, OEM quality heavy-duty wiring harness with weatherproof connectors, Sturdy 6.25 inch wide aluminum running board features ultra-durable, non-slip, powder-coated surface, Integrated LED Light Kit mounts to linkage or to the body and illuminates board and ground below for easier access in and out of the cab, Low-profile integrated led light system - standard, High-strength, die-cast aluminum-alloy components with an anodized and PTFE coated, military-spec finish to resist corrosion, Precision stainless-steel pivot pins for rock-solid stability, Maintenance-free, self-lubricating bushings for all-weather performance, Extruded aluminum steps with full-length internal ribs for rock-solid stiffness, rigidity and support with a high-texture powder-coat finish for maximum grip and durability, Weatherproof, oem-quality electric motors, drive system and wiring harness, Pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof safety technology, Dual motors drive this electric-powered running board to deliver more power when deploying and retracting, Engineered to support loads up to 600 lbs, Led lights illuminate boards when deployed, Aggressive design for extreme traction, all-weather performance made from high-strength, die-cast aluminum components and maintenance-free, self-lubricating bushings, Legendary reliability with durable, high-texture powder-coat finish to resist corrosion and maximize grip, Precision stainless-steel pivot pins for rock-solid stability, oem-quality motors, drive system and wiring harness that sets the industry standard, 3" powered step automatically drops 8" when door opens, up to 15" below doorsill, 4" top step provides convenient access to the roof of the vehicle, Contoured design helps protect the rocker panels from road debris and door dings, Housing shields retractable step, pivot points and electronics from the elements, Integrated control module detects obstructions and eliminates pinch hazards, Integrated LED lights activate on deployment for added visibility and safety, Alcohol (for surface cleaning before applying any adhesive tape). ActionTrac™ powered running boards are designed to offer a custom fit on your truck, SUV or Jeep Wrangler. Find a power step for your Jeep or Truck and enjoy a no-drill bracket install and no-splice wiring on virtually all models. When you've got a job to do, ARIES lets you conquer it with confidence. Still with me? Established in the Blue Ridge foothills of North Carolina in 1963, Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories is a privately owned retailer, manufacturer and distributor whose product lines include storage buildings, cargo and utility trailers, truck covers and accessories, carports, playhouses, and pet and animal structures. Each set of ActionTrac™ powered running boards is equipped with an integrated control module for safe entry and exit. Instead of going into the doors and splicing into the lock actuators the activating sensors just stick onto the door and the door jambs with double sided tape. Finally, having an “extra set of hands” will make installing the boards and brackets on the vehicle much easier and safer. AMP Research website lists their features: To ease the pain of installation, the For vehicles needing more "drop" AMP Research and BESTOP both offer a 2" extension. The price difference lessens a little when you compare the Plug and Play AMP PowerStep and the BESTOP PowerBoard NX with Wi-Fi controlled activation, but there is still around a two-hundred-dollar difference in BESTOP's favor. There's a big, wide world out there waiting to be explored. ActionTrac™ running boards also feature no-splice wiring and a no-drill bracket installation on most models, as well as powder-coated aluminum construction, making them the perfect side steps for offroad trucks and Jeeps. When the door opens, the control module deploys the electric step 8" below the top step and up to 15” below the inside of the doorsill, depending on the model. With the innovative step-within-a-step™ design, ActionTrac™ powered running boards offer a uniquely contoured look against the vehicle. ARIES Automotive Products Has Entered The Power Retractable Running Board Market With A Unique Approach Designed with lifted trucks in mind the ARIES Action Trac is a two-step combination of power retractable running boards and nerf bars. AMP Research PowerStep and the Bestop PowerBoard are very similar. I'm not sure what happens when the batteries are weak or dead. ActionTrac™ powered running boards are the next generation of automatic, power running boards. The PowerBoard NX's Wi-Fi actuation is certainly high tech but the module does require batteries. AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme has a high traction surface and thicker, heavier board. Here are some links to sample instruction sheets and independent/manufacturer produced videos. No door panel removal necessary. ActionTrac™ running boards contour to the rocker panels, helping to block small stone and other debris kicked up by the tires from scratching and marring the vehicle’s finish. Each vehicle is a little different and relocation of items like brake cables might be necessary (parts to complete the relocation are provided) BESTOP PowerBoard or The PowerBoard NX. Take a look at the two pictures below: Now that we have compared two of the most similar BESTOP PowerBoard vs. This single motor allows the electric steps to remain quiet and maintenance-free, while still offering fast, smooth operation. Leonard Truck Accessories offers automatic, electrically powered running boards from three, top quality, powered running board manufacturers,