But since the bucks are out of their gourds and the sweet smell of does is so powerful, you are apt to see a big deer on his feet even if it's in the 70s. .22-250 Versus .223. Plan your time off to include some or all of these days and get ready to tag a bruiser. Instead of spending time scouring the internet for rut predictions and timing patterns that change every single year, try spending your time learning when are the best weather days to hunt, scouting mature buck patterns and formulating an effective treestand rotation strategy. A thick 8-pointer rolled out into the field, ran off the teenagers, and ripped a scrape. Maybe try a doe decoy here. If you study the historical "rut curves" assembled by biologists for the northern two-thirds of North America, you'll see that five to seven percent of a herd's does are bred around October 21st. Is the .308 the Perfect North American Big Game Cartridge? Expect it to get them up on their feet earlier. Going through image after image of buck cruising during shooting hours in a place where I could scarcely buy a deer sighting two weeks earlier, led me to believe that I might have been jumping the gun a bit on good rut hunting. Personally, I’ve been seeing several scrapes and rubs. New moon this rut cycle begins on October 27…expect deer to be most active at dawn and for 30 minutes thereafter… expect deer to be move from daylight until 9:00a.m. The day before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest hunting days of the year as hunters fan out across the woods. A good day to hunt whitetails this fall is any day you can get off work. Mourning, White-Winged and Eurasian Collared-Dove, Arkansas Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation Enhancement (WRICE), Endangered Species and Other Threats to Wildlife, Gov. Obviously, the less pressure in your spot the better your chances. Deer in Mississippi are definitely still in … And it could be the time when the biggest bucks in your neighborhood slip up. That's not a lot, but for the bowhunter, good things can happen when bucks start to prowl for the very first estrus does. Accepting and knowing when the rut takes place in your location every single season, allows you to focus on the real priorities of hunting activities. |   Hope for daytime highs in the 20s to 40, with lows in the 20s or teens. They wander around in a testosterone stupor, rubbing trees, checking scrapes, acting ornery, waiting on that first wave of does to pop into estrus any day now. However, there are a couple of factors that effect the intensity of the rut: While many hunters are waiting for the rut to begin during warm days that occur during the days of traditional timing, savvy hunters recognize that the rut has already begun, and take advantage of the calm, warm and boring periods by making sure to capitalize on change. When you realize that the annual whitetail rut will take place during the same window every year, in your area, then you can learn to hunt the factors that actually influence buck movements. Does the whitetail rut timing seem to be lagging on your land? All North American Whitetail subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. The rut is going on now, and there isn’t a bad day to be in the woods. Here’s the thing - if it’s November and you have time - go hunting. A good day to hunt whitetails this fall is any day you can get off work. Pretty much any day in the first three weeks of November is a good day to be in the woods. I’ve had more wild sits then than any other day, but that doesn’t mean the 3rd can’t be unreal, or the 18th. Just ask Scott O'Konek. “Between the dry weather and heat, it’s reduced the harvest pretty significantly. New moon this rut cycle begins on October 27…expect deer to be most active at dawn and for 30 minutes thereafter… expect deer to be move from daylight until 9:00a.m. It's prime time for rattling, which works best in the mornings. Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and part of Mississippi will benefit from it this weekend. LITTLE ROCK — Hunters planning to hit the woods Oct. 17 for Arkansas’s muzzleloader season and Nov. 14 for modern gun deer season may want to check with the deer processor they normally use to make the most of their harvest. Look for a timbered ridge flanked by a crop field on one or two sides and CRP, a cattail marsh, or other heavy cover on the other sides. On this day most every year, Drury sees one or more beasts on the move on his Midwestern farm – like the 280-pound, 6-year-old buck he killed a few years back. Just like humans, whitetail deer need a well-rounded diet throughout the year. I back off rattling now because bucks have heard clashing antlers (both real and fake) for weeks. Most bucks haven't bred a doe for a year. By using trail cameras and mature buck sign recognition, you can drop the majority of all the bucks you are observing, in to either the core or non core category. I predict some of the best action of the year if you hunt ground with minimal pressure. Archery - Sept. 25, 2021 Muzzleloader - Oct. 16, 2021 Modern Gun - Nov. 13, 2021 The rut happens the same time every year because it has to - especially throughout much of the range where whitetails live and actual seasons (like winter) happen. If you don’t have your rut-cation days scheduled by now with your work boss (and home boss…), you’re probably in trouble. But according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Manatee, Sarasota, Highlands, Citrus, Gilchrist, Alachua, Lafayette, Taylor, Hamilton, Columbia, Baker, Union and a few other surrounding counties are starting to pick up. In North Carolina, that’s Hyde, Tyrrell, Dare, Carteret, Columbus and parts of Brunswick. Right now, the hottest Florida counties are those up and down the East Coast. Check out the drastic changes in temperature, winds and barometric pressures in 2012! They will use the data to populate the heat map so you'll know when and where the activity is. The buck crashed 50 yards away. A Bonnier Corporation Company. In fact, last year I ran an experiment on a little property I own in northern Wisconsin. You need to look no further than this weather comparision from 2012 (above) to 2013 (below). All Rights Reserved. Ditto from Halloween – the cooler the better, with a light to moderate wind out of the north or west. With the sun burning the prairie at 80 degrees, I stalked and sweated and shot a 5½-year-old 8-pointer tending a doe out in the open grass at 2:00 p.m. "He pushed an 8-point off the scrape, but no shot," says Dusty. Deer hunters advised to check with local processors before bringing deer to their door Oct. 7, 2020. This season the moon waxes to full on November 4th, and this should make the hunting even better. LITTLE ROCK — Hunters headed to deer camp to get things ready for opening weekend of modern gun deer season may want to make a quick pit stop to fuel up at their local Hardee’s restaurant. Everyone knows that early-November is a chase-fest and late-November is a snooze-fest due to the lock-down. Related Posts. Stake her where she's visible in the cut crops 25 yards below your bow stand. That many monsters are apt to be killed November 5-8 this year. Indian summer in many areas, and bucks will move only marginally well in the warmth. Shooter buck sightings decrease noticeably. Don't like that? And that’s one buck. Tell us what the bucks are doing in your area by submitting a report below, or search the Realtree Rut Report map for updates on rubbing, scraping and chasing from other states. Our hypotheses is that this data can be useful to help you pinpoint the whitetail rut in your area and determine peak hunting weeks. Outdoor Life may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. The sight and smell of her caused a giant buck (Scott never knew he was there) to rise from his bed and follow. Try sitting all week in a Polar Vortex. You'll likely have a cold west or north wind, so set up on the east side of a hill or ridge where the wind is right and where you can cover a wide swath of thick woods, marsh, and/or a weed-choked field below. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. 2019 Rut Prediction Rut is one of the busiest times in the woods, for deer and hunters alike. [Hunt] afternoons for now, but a good acorn flat during this cool front could be good in the mornings as well.". As for rut activity, a few coastal counties in North and South Carolina are showing signs. I wanted to see what I was missing throughout much of November. Historically, November 5-8 have been some of the top big-buck days within this window. Latest. On top of that, the biggest buck I’d had on camera all season walked through in daylight - twice. Hunt a spot like this for two or three days in a row and I'll put down money you'll see a shooter. I'd rank October 21st as ninth best in our survey, but it's definitely worth a shot if you're a hard-core bowhunter who can get out to your stand that day. It’s definitely still the early season in Arkansas, Mississippi and most of Louisiana.