As a result of Paul's selective team creation, his active team is composed of Pokémon that he deems to be powerful. Torterra is Paul's strongest Pokémon and his starter as well. Magmar made its first real appearance in Aiding the Enemy!, sleeping with Paul's other Pokémon. Paul caught Ursaring in Different Strokes for Different Blokes with the help of his Chimchar. What does Ash vs Alain have over Paul? Magmar's evolution was revealed in Pedal to the Mettle! It also seemed Paul had decided to change himself somewhat, as when Electivire was defeated, he thanked it for a job well done; up to this point, this was something Paul practically never did, even if his Pokémon won. Paul shows mild respect as well as distaste towards Brock, probably because Brock supports Ash's view on Pokémon. when Paul chose Magmortar to battle Ash's Pikachu. Both Starly's known moves are Tackle* and Sand-Attack*. It made its first appearance in Top-Down Training!, in which it was used in a battle against Cynthia's Garchomp. This listing is of Paul's Pokémon as of the most recent Japanese episode and the ones used for the last Full Battle against Ash: Electivire was the first of Paul's revealed Pokémon. Paul was also angered by how Ash "contradicts" himself by criticizing Paul's training methods and then using similar ones, such as entering the Wallace Cup, despite Ash's motivations being clearly different than Paul's. It was used by Paul to battle Barry and Ash in his league matches. He was then a participant in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition, in which he was partnered with his rival Ash. Paul begins the battle with Aggron, then Gastrodon, and brings his Drapion out after the first tw… All of Ash's Pokemon got to show how strong they were. He has a habit of scolding his Pokémon for losing to opponents he feels they could have beaten, especially Chimchar. After watching Pikachu lose to Raichu, he approached Ash and said Pikachu needed to evolve to even come close to being an equal to Raichu. As revealed in Lost Leader Strategy!, Paul occasionally gives some of his Pokémon to his brother Reggie for temporary training and caretaking. Paul had 3 episodes while Alan had better animation. Honchkrow's first official appearance was as a Murkrow in Top-Down Training!, in which Paul used it in battle against Cynthia's Garchomp. Gliscor made a brief appearance in Aiding the Enemy! During the episode, he insulted Ash and especially his Turtwig by calling it pathetic, sparking their rivalry. He is a Pokémon Trainer from Veilstone City who was first seen at the end of Two Degrees of Separation!, though his full introduction was in When Pokémon Worlds Collide!. Paul appears to feel indifference to Dawn, showing that he didn't even bother to remember her name in A Gruff Act to Follow. Ash vs Paul was better battle whereas kukui was much tougher opponent since he was strongest trainer in alola and much stronger than paul. I liked both but I prefer Ash vs Paul due to being a huge fan of Paul. Plus their rivalry was 10x greater. This infuriated Ash, pushing their rivalry even further. It was the last Pokémon used against Ash in their full battle at the Lily of the Valley Conference. Paul was impressed as the Blaze appeared much more powerful than the Blaze that drove him to initially capture Chimchar in the first place. Paul originally felt that Ash was a weak Trainer when they first met, as shown by the capture of Starly when he questioned Ash about how strong Starly was. Prior to Lost Leader Strategy!, Paul returned to his hometown, Veilstone City, where he challenged the new Gym Leader Maylene to a Gym battle. it was shown to have evolved into Aggron. Cám Æ¡n bạn đã chia sẻ bÃ*i viết hay, Ash vs Paul. After a long, tough battle in Sinnoh's Pokémon League Conference, Paul ended up losing to Ash, and in doing so, gained respect for him and ended their bitter rivalry. As a result, he has been shown to display very little emotion other than an occasional rough smile when dealing with Ash. My only gripes about the match were some of Shinji's Pokemon choices. where it went up against Ash's Staraptor in Ash and Paul's Full Battle and lost, despite the type-advantage. and Lost Leader Strategy!. In A Pyramiding Rage!, Paul challenged Brandon to a Full Battle in hopes that he would be able to do what his brother never could. However, his name and role were not revealed until the following week and so he received the fan name \"Nugai\" (a pun derived from \"new guy\") during that time. Not only that, Paul is a better character than Alain. He strongly dislikes weak Pokémon and has a tendency of releasing them if they do not meet his expectations. It was one of the two Pokémon used by Paul to uncover Ash's strategy, the other being Gastrodon. Significantly better animation. It is implied that Paul has caught and released many more Pokémon than what has been shown onscreen. In fact, Ash appears to be using the same Pokémon team he used in their first full battle at Lake Acuity! He also met his admirer Barry for the first time; however, Paul wasn't impressed by him and refused his offer for a battle, suggesting he battle Ash instead since he was denying all challenges to go into serious training. It was a major factor in why Sinnoh was my fave league. Paul used it as an Elekid during his first appearance in When Pokémon Worlds Collide! Ash vs Paul, without a doubt. Obviously Paul is a very shrewd and strategic battler, whilst also having some very powerful Pokemon. Satoshi versus Shinji is my vote. Another thing Ash vs Kukui has above Ash vs Paul is that unlike Paul who only had two Pokemon who did damage to Ash's team all of Kukui's Pokemon got to show there strength even Empoleon who didn't get a win forced Ash to switch out Pikachu. Gliscor's known moves are X-Scissor, Sandstorm, Knock Off, and Guillotine. There was proper tension during that match, and the writers having three episodes to work with really helped. Ash follows up by bringing out Swellow, and a sky battle between Swellow and Latios ensues. Paul debuted briefly in Two Degrees of Seperation!, although he was fully introduced in When Pokémon Worlds Collide!, where he challenged Ash to a three-on-three battle. He has also been shown to have a certain degree of athleticism, as seen in Different Strokes for Different Blokes when he and Chimchar were able to downwardly scale a cliff of a waterfall near Bewilder Forest by swinging and leaping from rocks and branches. Gastrodon's known moves are Muddy Water, Body Slam, Water Pulse, and Ice Beam. After using his Gliscor to defeat Ash's Gligar with relative ease, he then put his Ursaring against Chimchar. He briefly appeared in A Maze-ing Race!. I prefer Ash vs Paul due to how Paul's ideals clashed with Ash's since his introduction early on in the DP saga, and how it made Ash work hard with his Pokemon, especially with how he proved Paul wrong several times, even in the Pokemon League. Way more fun and with two trainers that both actually want to make it a fun battle and enjoy it. I feel like this fandom idolizes Ash way too much. After a fierce battle, Paul was finally defeated, and he and Ash parted on good terms, Ash having earned Paul's full respect. Paul (Japanese: シンジ Shinji) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is shown to have no respect for Gym Leaders who he feels are weak. (In my opinion). Ash vs Paul for me was a battle from DP002 until DP188, like everything they went through as trainers, their differences everything up until point of SL battle. Ash vs Paul hands down. He is Ash's main Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl rival. Paul then revealed how he captured Chimchar: one day, he ran across it and saw it activating its Blaze Ability to counter a horde of Zangoose that were violently attacking it. Ash vs Paul of course! where it worked with Electabuzz to capture Gliscor., Characters with an unknown Japanese voice actor, Paul was first revealed to the fandom through a, Paul shares his Japanese name with that of, Paul has three Pokémon in common with Ash's main rival in the, Paul and Ash also have three Pokémon in common that come from the same, Paul is the only Trainer to abandon one of Ash's, Paul is the first regular recurring character to battle the, Paul makes a cameo appearance alongside his Pokémon in the ending.