Hi Amiann. It is very powerful. Providing there are no major disharmonious aspects, this is a super aspect for friendships. I believe that Spirit has brought us together for healing and growth but find our relationship not very nourishing. PSYCHE xox. Seems my chart explains why I come across so sexual without generally meaning to. It is the trait of being sadistic. xx. She will have to learn the lessons of victim hood. I hope you have enjoyed this article and please Comment! I grew up in a house where your reality was denied right in front of your eyes.That is why I strive so hard for absolute honesty. Do you have any idea what that means? 3. In a synastry: Person A’s Venus aspect Person B’s Jupiter should be a very lovely aspect.. depending on the depositor and general quality of the connexion. . I also have 0°18 conjunct sun and nemes. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Dejanira- (157)– Dejanira is the victim asteroid. (Under 1°) However, it is not prominent in every natal chart.I believe a prominent Nessus in a natal chart will be an abusive person. However, she could be abused and still have all these placements. The following eight beautiful synastry aspects will certainly gift your friendship with a blessing from the stars…. I have to take extra care not to . I wasn’t the only one dad abused. It’s because I would like to tell a story involving asteroids for you, that maybe can be useful in your study about asteroids. You may feel like you are the prey of another. -His VESTA con. NO—-deep understanding. Very nice, thank you so much for your posts. You and he may be attracted to each other and it may tend to be kinky but it will not be a bad kinky, but a good one, if you follow me lol. My exH had Sado conjunct his Sun & Asc and it was opp my moon. No. I love reading synastries of my friends and their lovers. 3. Thank uuu. Hi! 4. Jupiter is a teacher. Valentine would die for his beloved. We all have the best and worst of humanity in us. 0°05 with moon and sado, 0°25 with mercury and prey, nessus(2°41 sag) conjunct ceres(2°20sag) 0°21 orb. 7years ago, i met i wholelife love. But this life, i always feel karmic debt become exhausted. Each person was made as a gift to God. Hello Ami, what do you think a Natal prey conjunct neptune would allude to? It feels very, very much like home. They can hear your heart in ways others don’t, feel your hurts and share your highs. Hii Ami, What do You think of Moon conjunct Mercury? You support each other and can relate without the need for words. There is no  purpose to it. I know composite is a little different than synastry as well, Synastry: Head over to astro.com to find your planetary placements. His died when transit mars touch IC north node, transit north node touch IC. Your email address will not be published. Other aspects need to have a smaller orb(1-2) degrees.. This example will help you remember the nature of Proserpina and that is my goal. Simply find your date of birth in the Eros table to determine the sign Eros was in … Comments like yours keep me going. I kind of think that an asteroid can give soul, but will not overcome poorly aspected Moons. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.