Purchase an Aventon Pace 500 instead of a Rad City and enjoy these benefits: $100 savings, significantly faster speeds, integrated battery, and hidden controller. Am I going to get left behind? The Pace Aventon 350 is available in three different sizes. We’ve had the bike out for a single 5-mile ride so far. She has definitely been suffering from range anxiety, much like folks with fully electric vehicles. Are you riding an electric bike? The Pace bike weighs 5 pounds less, has 40% more battery capacity, a higher top speed, and more than twice as much range. It does fold up, and it is possible to put it in the back of our tiny SUV, but it is a pain in the butt. Discord server to chat with me about it! * The information on this page was gathered on, and was accurate as of January 29, 2020. The 350-watt motor actually has plenty of power. How do the features stack up? In print, from the Apple newsstand, or on your Android device, from Google. The higher you set the assist level, the more power the system will apply. She hadn’t done that in years, though, and she said she wanted to get back in shape, so we bought her a basic pedal bike. This bike loves 13–18 mph, somewhat depending on power level chosen. She prefers to ride the spin bike in the house. The indexed shifting can be done down three gears at a time, or up one, using the trigger shifter. Higher speeds demand more powerful, reliable brakes. If you bend a wheel, need a new seat, or goober up the gears or chain, you can buy generic replacement parts. Am I going to have to upgrade to a bigger wheel?! I’m more worried about what’s going to happen to me and the 14 miles of range on my electric unicycle. Pace 500 includes a 3 Amp faster charger vs. the 2 Amp charger included with Rad Power bikes, so you'll be done charging even faster. When I started shopping for e-bikes, I was worried that all the e-bikes I’ve looked at only have one set of gears. What should Chris be riding? I followed her on my unicycle for five miles today, and she was pedaling almost the entire time. They’re both quality bikes, but the Ride1Up 500 has a more powerful motor, and it uses a 48-volt battery instead of the Pace’s 36-volt battery. If you’re shopping, you should definitely check out the Ride1Up 500. I didn’t have to research long before I narrowed our choice down to either the Pace 350 or the Ride1Up 500. We found ourselves mostly riding in level 1 or 2 because it provides a nice amount of assist without being too easy. I figured Chris would be using the throttle lever most of the time and the pedal assist would just be a bonus feature, but I think I’ve predicted this incorrectly. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is a thoughtful safety feature, but it’s also something to think about if you need a throttle to help get off the line. We’ve been going out riding quite a few times every week during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Chris’s old bike, 7th gear is too high for someone like me to make it up a hill, but it is also too low for me to use on flat ground. 2. We saw the power level, shown as 10 bars across the top of the display, drop the fastest when using the throttle all the time. We mentioned that it takes a full revolution of the pedals to engage the assist. My wife owns a nice spin bike. I was very much leaning towards the Ride1Up. Last year the company debuted a line of e-bikes, and their first model was the Pace 500, which featured a simple design and a 500-watt hub motor. Integrated battery and controller, these are hidden in the frame tubes instead of hanging off the outside of the frame. Rad Power models top out at Class II . Why Did I Buy an Electric Bike? It is a terrible bike, but it served its real purpose. With the nearly 600-Wh battery, however, and judicious use of the power (level 1–2) most of the time, we can see you’d actually get the claimed 50-mile range on this bike. We tried to teach her to ride the unicycle, but she’s having difficulty, and she’s getting frustrated. The Aventon 350 isn’t much different than a regular bicycle. Aventon Pace 500 uses same motor brand like Radpower which is a Shengyi motor. Other than the built-in bracket for the battery, even the frame is just a bike frame. As it turns out, the biggest problem is the power train. My weird Hover-1 XLS scooter is extremely proprietary. Fewer cables to snag and a cleaner look. While Pace 350 doesn't include racks or fenders, with $400 left over in your wallet you can easily add any desired accessories and still come out ahead. Ergonomics of the bike are really good. There are bosses on the frame and the fork to add fenders and/or a rack. It can definitely take some getting used to. Sinch is definitely the best foldable electric bike! Looking at our electric bike compared to the top selling electric bikes. The double-diamond aluminum frame has the battery semi-integrated (about half of the battery is inside the downtube). Pace 500 also uses a higher-end Shimano 8 speed drivetrain vs. the 7 speed drivetrain on the Rad City. Getting the bike into the car will probably be more of a hassle, though! It’s small enough that most people will miss it when looking at the bike, although the semi-integrated battery on the downtube is a dead giveaway. Let's take a look at how Aventon ebikes stack up against Rad Power, one of our most often asked about competitors: Aventon ebikes hide the controller (the "brain" of your ebike) inside the frame tubes, where it is protected from damage. On account of key features, i.e Range, Speed and Price It is fantastic, and a ton of fun. Let me know in the comments, or stop by the Butter, What?! So if you live in a hilly area, Aventon Pace will be a better fit for you. Since then, it has grown to 100 employees bent on making good bikes at affordable prices. Geared hub motors provide a better hill climbing power than direct drive motors. The Tektro brakes passed our skid test; that is, we like to ride at speed and see if we can lock the back wheel while sitting on the saddle, just for a second. Range is always dependent on factors, including rider weight, climbing, power level used, etc. Integrated batteries offer a cleaner, streamlined look and make it less obvious that you're riding an ebike. This should be an interesting upgrade from the Hover-1 XLS. The planetary-geared motor is small and really quiet. Braking was perfect. (866) 300-3311 | FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS $100+. It is already here. Alex has a OneWheel XR. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The magic of pedal assist easily makes up for the lack of available gear settings. This is all based on Pace’s claims. The Aventon brand started in 2013 as Justin Christopher’s vision to bring good, entry-level, fixed-gear bikes to the market.