We also breed Snowshoe Siamese. Therefore, anyone with an allergy should weigh adoption of any cat or dog defined as hypoallergenic until adequate exposure to the animal proves it to be more tolerable. Kittens come with: 1st vaccine, de-worming, micro-chipped, food & litter kits. While they rarely scratch when annoyed, their vocal range includes moaning, growling, and sometimes even hissing if appropriately provoked. Our cattery is, CFA, CFF and TICA registered. The most beautiful kittens in the world are raised underfoot in our boutique cattery. Cattery of Balinese Angels ACA registered. FeLv/FIV-Negative guarantee. It is a mathematically computed percentage that describes the degree to which two animals are inbred, meaning that one or more ancestors appear more than once in the pedigree. * Note: The Balinese breed is known to be hypoallergenic. These kittens are blue & violet-eyed sweethearts. Kittens For Sale!Traditional Siamese & Balinese kittens available in all colors - Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, and Rare Cinnamon, Fawn & Lynx Points in all 6 colors - for those who only demand the best! Whats IncludedAll kittens come fully vet checked w/ a Health certificate, micro-chipped, UTD on shots, proof of litter Fiv/FeLV snap test, and the option to get Trupanion Pet Insurance. Cattery of Balinese Angels ACA registered. Balinese Kittens For Sale in Lindenhurst, New York United States. We also commonly have red point's and tortie points. Due to the presence of a recessive gene, this cat originated naturally from the Siamese cat and was further developed through breeding efforts to enhance certain desirable traits. Whats IncludedWe have them spayed at 9 week for additional $130 for males $180 for females if you like.They are registered with the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. Our promise to you is that we are doing everything we can to ensure a timely delivery and to remain safe and virus free! Receive a weekly or monthly email list of new breeders. TICA registered. Wonderful Companions. It is only a ferry ride away from Seattle. Balinese Kittens For Sale in Stockton, California United States, Litter DescriptionBalinese Kittens for Sale. With the maintenance of a healthy diet and regular veterinary care, the average lifespan for the Balinese cat is 10 to 15 years. Balinese are the long haired version of a Siamese. Also has Oriental Shorthairs, Oriental Longhairs, Siamese, Javanese, Colorpoint Shorthairs. Stay safe out there! Siamese and Balinese kittens available for sale. Emails and Phone calls preferred, texting only after initial inquiries!! They are free of FELV/FIV, Traditional Old World Applehead Balinese Kittens available. When you talk to the breeder, don't forget to mention you found them on Pets4You.com, Kittens For Sale!Over 38+ years of Breeding Healthy Social Sweet kittens. We are TICA and CFF registered, Our goal is to provide potential buyers with healthy, happy, and sweet loving kittens. No kitten will be homed before 12 weeks old. They do need a lot of attention, and unlike many cat breeds, they do not like to be alone for too long. Phone Calls preferred. Kittens For Sale!Lovable, TCA Registered Kittens in 4 Colors. Copyright © 2018 Indigo Cats of PA - All Rights Reserved. Indigo Cats of Pa Siamese and Balinese Breeder, Connect with us! Like the Siamese, the Balinese craves attention and is extremely playful and elegantly athletic. With this being said, please understand that the purchase of one of these kittens is a commitment. Rinceoir is a small in home cattery that hand raises and breeds Balinese, Snowshoe Siamese, and Siamese. The Balinese cat makes a very good pet. We want to guarantee that the kitten you are purchasing is right for you. Totally vaccinated before leaving. Simply comb regularly to remove loose hair as needed. However, it will find every nook and cranny interesting for curious exploration as most cats do. We are setting up a waiting list for our 2021 Litters.. We are asking that anyone who wants to get on our waiting list select a couple of different color pt's and/or consider male and female. As of right now, Please expect the potential for delays in air courier services through Jan 1st. Taking reservations for our spring/summer breedings, No More Deposits being accepted until after June 2021, Add widgets to the Sub Footer at Appearance > Widgets, This site is served, operated and maintained by Pets4You.com®. We also breed Snowshoe Siamese. Beautiful Chocolate's and Seal Points available. Eyes and ears should be kept clean as well. Multiple selections - we can not guarantee that we will have the exact color point in the exact gender people are looking for. It comes in a variety of pointed colors ranging from seal to pointed colors and tortie points. Indigo Cats strives for excellence. Our kittens are brought up under foot and around many different animals, this is to make sure that any home they are placed in will have no conflicts with other pets. The registered cat show world is no different..CFF, TICA, and CFA have gone digital for their cat shows till further notice. Phone Calls preferred. Call us: (727) 451-9750‬ | Contact Pets4You.com Mail us: Wuuff, Inc. 7901 4th St N STE 300 Saint Petersburg FL 33702Call Us (727) 451-9750‬ Contact Pets4You.com, Disclaimer • Privacy Policy • Terms of ServiceDisclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Shipping available within United States and Canada. Kittens For Sale!CFA registered Traditional Siamese, Balinese, Colorpoint Shorthair kittens available all 4 colors, Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac. The Balinese is essentially a Siamese cat with the addition of a medium-length silky coat, point coloration and a plumed tail. Easy to care for, easy to train, the long, lean, stunningly beautiful Balinese offers families, particularly those with children, a pet to cherish for many years to come. Hypo-Allergenic means least likely to cause allergy. Typically, we have more solid point males then females.We want to make sure that everyone will get a kitten that they will love regardless of sex and/or color. Our gorgeous Siamese and Balinese cats come from proven, genetically sound lines. What matters most is the care it receives, the attention it requests and the respect it commands. Indigo Cats strives for excellence. In this context, the word "hypoallergenic" should be interpreted as less irritating to the average person with allergies, not necessarily without any causes for sensitivity at all. This includes vet paper work, shot record, FIV/FeLV results from the kitten that is tested in the litter, and a health certificate. Our kittens are brought up under foot and around many different animals, this is to make sure that any home they are placed in will not have any conflicts with other pets. Connect with us! CFA registered. Parents indoors only. Traditional Apple Heads Only. Therefore, we breed for health, temperament, and beauty. Permes Cattery is a small cattery based in WA state. They are quite snuggly, and are very much a breed that likes to show their affection, and receive plenty of it back. Essentially no, the Balinese cat does not shed a lot, which may come as a surprise when you see their coat. This also means that a breeder may also be trying to breed away from line breeding, if a cat they have purchased has history of line breeding or inbreeding. We will be more than happy to assist with any inquiries. Health guarantee with first shots and de-worming. Shipping available. Which can come in all the same point colors as a Siamese (more information about the different color point variations under our FAQ tab) . Southern Traditional Siamese and Balinese is a small cattery in Louisiana that raises old-style traditional Applehead Siamese and Balinese kittens We have Siamese and Balinese kittens available for sale. There is also a peak period of social development from 9-14 weeks of age, where a kitten needs other kittens to play with. Balinese Kittens For Sale in Lockport, New York United States. Extremely lovable kittens! . (This is not to say that we can not get your kitten seen). *** *De-Wormed Each kitten comes with a Health certificate, micro-chipped, are UTD on shots, and can be spayed/neutered before they go to their forever homes. Also has Siamese. *Vet Health Exam Grooming Since the Balinese cat lacks the high-maintenance, thick downy undercoat, its long, silky coat is very easy to groom. You can be confident that you are interacting with a CFA, CFF, and TICA registered cattery. When there are duplicate ancestors, more and more unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC percentage goes up. © 2014 - 2021 by Rinceoir Cattery. Most international feline organizations accept a full range of colors in these cats, including the four traditional Siamese point colors: seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac, as well as the more exotic colors like red and cream. Vet checked. Lovingly raised underfoot, with great personalities. The Balinese cat is famously affectionate. Siamese, Balinese, & Colorpoint Kittens Available Now! There has never been extensive testing done for this. Contact the cat breeders below for Balinese Kittens For Sale. This is a cat with superb intelligence who manifests its perceptive qualities in many intriguing ways. One of the breeders, Helen Smith, decided to use the word “Balinese” to name these cats, to represent the graceful, fluid movements of the exquisite dancers from the island of Bali. Raised in loving family environment with children and dogs. However we are starting to branch out into lynx points, as well as possibly having cinnamon points, and silver points. *FVRCP Vaccinated Therefore we breed for health, temperament and beauty. The Balinese is an active, very affectionate, talkative and inquisitive cat. Though not hypoallergenic (no cat is), they are one of the better breeds for people with allergies.