The result was terrific as Florida Reptile Ranch was able to produce a new designer called Enchi Pied morph. The mutations that affect the physical appearance of snakes alter where and what kind of skin pigment is produced. They can be interbred with other morphs to brighten the hues in the offspring. To purchase a Candino you should expect to pay $325 or more. Acid ball pythons also have a yellowish belly with a zipper-like line along with it. As a result, albinos often have very pale eyes, with a pink or reddish hue. Currently, a super blast morph can cost you $425. This basic morph is a combination of recessive Albino and Lavender traits. The morph was produced by mixing two recessive genes of piebald and Albino, and a dominant leopard gene. The thing is, almost all of these initial combinations (or secondary morphs) have already been discovered. A very rare morph that's highly desired by snake enthusiasts. Take note of the following ball python morphs which absolutely must not be bred with each other: More information here. Candy ball pythons look similar to albinos – they have grayish colored body with yellow marking and blotches. That’s because they come from the same, just from a different bloodline. Top 50 Ball Python Morphs 1. They are rarer than Mojaves. However, in 2020, the Florida breeders developed the morph to develop even a newer morph known as Mandarin Pastel Enchi Fire. There is also another variation, called a black pewter, and it’s a cross between a Black Pastel and a Pastel. These spectacular morphs can be bought at $325. Sometimes they can appear with flecks of colors all over the body. It is often called ‘pastel jungle’. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That explains why, if two people have two kids, they’re (probably) not exactly the same! Two banana ball pythons produce Super Banana morph hatchlings, which are even more intensely yellow. You can think of genotype as gene + type. The second is much more popular. Then you can add black or white to darken or lighten each color. In a hatchling, the color difference is almost too subtle to notice, but it will intensify with age. Put simply, a morph is a mutation. Clown ball pythons carry recessive mutation genes that typically affect their colors and patterns. Suppose you would like to have one of these beautiful morphs ready to part with $4000. The Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python is guaranteed to be a great choice. To be specific – in 1990, there were: And there were also two piebald ball pythons and one albino ball python. This deep auburn-red snake has copper colored spotting and a dark red head. They have only subtle differences from normal Ball Pythons. Most are priced between $550 and $650. Yellowbelly ball pythons can also produce an ivory morph – which will be a ‘super’ yellowbelly. Good question. If you need the ultimate resource for learning everything about your new pet, or information, you are in the right place. As their name suggests, have skin instead of scales. These pythons get the name Ghost due to the fact that their mutation reduces their black pigmentation. Your email address will not be published. Even after breeding five generations, the odds of some hatchlings being perfect Blue-Eyed Leucistics is unpredictable at best (no clutch is yet to exceed a 25% success rate). Also known as a “Fire Super Yellow Belly,” the Fire Ivory was first bred from Fire and Ivory morphs in 2012. (Complete Budgie Diet Guide), What does a fennec fox eat? Depending on coloration quality, a bongo pastel cost $300 – $500 for the ones with bright contrast.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'uniquepetswiki_com-leader-2','ezslot_9',119,'0','0'])); The intricately patterned Bumblebee ball is bred from spider and pastel genes. Well, it’s because they have a circular spot on either side of their nostrils. However, it is proven to be a genetic issue. How much Do Ball Python Actually Cost as Pets? Despite what their name suggests, this snake is not Vanilla! The thing that makes these so special is their pattern, which has been minimized to just very thin stripes – like a pinstripe suit! When mated together, the codominant gene causes colors to be “fired up” and a Super Fire is born. Bongo Pastels have a similar pattern to Bongo except for the reduced markings along the spine. Albino Pied Ball pythons are some of the newest morph created in 2020. This morph has been crossed with others to produce new morphs, including Phantom Spotnose (Phantom x Spotnose), Albino Spotnose (Albino x Spotnose) and more. The first lavender Albino, was sold at $40,000 in 2001. Lavender, Piebald, and Albino carry recessive genes. Some mutations cause protein to be made, others prevent the production of protein. The Enchi morph was first found as a breeding pair in Ghana, Africa in 2002. You can recognize them by their dark lavender base color and bright orange blotches. All three (Albino, Lavender and Piebald) of these genes are recessive, making the morph even harder to produce, though the coloration is well worth it to many breeders. They always have a white base with patches of color that are filled with erratic patterns. They just come in all sorts of great designs! Albino, or Amelanistic ball python. Blue-Eyed Leucistics are pure white with blue eyes and are extremely rare to find. If you would love to own one of these morphs, a 125g baby/juvenile Albino Piebald python can cost you up to $800. ​There are currently about 26 ​primary ball python morphs​. This morph possesses a co-dominant gene. Their heads, however, exhibit a dark lavender-gray blushing coloration. In general, you will find morphs that have extensive genetics to be more expensive. The morph has a white base with orange leopard-like patterns. Though their patterns are normal, their eyes are pale green making them unique from other morphs. They’re very rare, which is reflected in the price! 26 Types of Ball Python Morphs and Colors (Complete Breeding & Genetics... #4 Homozygous vs Heterozygous—this one is especially important! Ball pythons have a caramel/coffee color body color, with buttery looking marks on their bodies. They have a light pink or lavender base color and a bright yellow blotched pattern. There are more than 7,000 different morphs of ball pythons in captivity. Heterozygous – this is when a ball python has one dominant and one recessive gene (for example Bb). This gene was first recorded in ball pythons in 1994. 4 main types/lines of Ghost are orange, yellow, butterscotch and green. Ball pythons can carry multiple recessive genes (for example be double heterozygous) at the same time. You have entered an incorrect email address! Some are solidly colored along the body and others can have small rings. These butter morphs are cheapest, among other morphs, and they only cost approximately $100. In our list, we only have approximately 55 morphs. Unlike most other pythons, candy morphs get more desirable with age. The first breed of the phantom was accidentally produced in 2001 but was proven in 2005. This Ball Python is popular with breeders because it brings out copper and red hues in other morph patterns. They also have bright orange blotch that contains white spots. The blue eyed lucy is one of the rarest Ball Python morphs and is a prized Read More →, Red Tail Boas are one of the most popular pet constrictors along with Ball Pythons, Carpet Pythons and Rosy Boas. You will find more information on genetics and morphs with genetic issues below. Albinism is a condition whereby an animal doesn’t have any melanin. You should note, however, that snake breeding is a very complex and intricate process that requires a lot of knowledge, care, and patience. Imagine a painter, mixing colors in a palette—this is something like what goes on among snake breeders. They have a white base color, with erratic patterns, and a typical colored head. Dominant gene– a dominant gene is a gene that dominates over a recessive gene. Acid ball pythons have a dark brown or black base color with golden brown spots resembling a broken up normal pattern. This morph was first bred in 2012 by mating a Bongo with a Pastel morph. The Piebald is one of the most easily recognizable morphs. Dreamsicle snakes are either whitish or pinkish, with cloud patterns randomly spread along their body. With all of the different morphs available, the diversity present in ball pythons could allow them to remain a favorite for many years to come. However, there are few types/lines of axanthic ball pythons. Super blasts are actually secondary morphs, made from the crossbreeding of pastels and pinstripes. There’s no easy to answer to this. Zach is a life-long pet owner and enthusiast. If in doubt, hold the egg up in front of a candle or flashlight—healthy eggs will appear rosy pink in front of the light, whereas slugs are yellow.