Wow that must have been some bat your mother was using! They are also used as symbols of the underworld where people live in shadows of darkness. ), the ambiguous nature of bats is transformed into duplicity in their character. Myth from Washington specifies that death will occur within a year. In Ohio in 1962, a student nurse of eastern European extraction related that “bats are the devil in bat form.” A contemporary Mexican belief is that bats are diablos (devils) from hell. They make calls that travel through the air until they hit an object. The bat serves as mentor of the night and is identified with Talking God, one of the foremost deities. This stems from the fact that the word for 'bat' in Chinese is the same as the word for 'happiness' and the Japanese adopted this. The basic scenario is that, in a battle between the beasts and birds, the bat repeatedly changes allegiance so as to be on the side that appears to be winning. Their presence is thought to help increase wealth and make livestock reproductively prolific. In China, the ideogram for good luck, “fu” sounds the same as the word for “bat” and so the animal is a lucky charm. Decapitating bat demons appear in various myths in the Amazon region, and, to the south, in the Gran Chaco of northern Argentina. While some vampires of folklore suck blood from their victims, many do not, which immediately differentiates them from the vampires of literature, where blood sucking is an absolute necessity. In an attempt to explain the cause of epidemics, which often decimated entire villages, vampires frequently were blamed. Here is an html based moon phase tracker just in case your device doesn't like flash: Your email address will not be published. The true Slavic word for vampire, volkodlak, means “a person in the guise of a wolf.”. Furthermore, once we are tested to satisfaction, the devotion of the bat will never fade. Flying bats might also mean good weather. It’s unlucky to see a bat in the daytime. These revenants, as they are properly termed, supposedly cause all sorts of trouble and strife; they have been blamed for illness, epidemics, plague and pestilence. What are they? American Indian legends and the fables of Aesop were more than just stories recited around the campfire or bathhouse: they were teaching devices. "); The bat must then hide during the day to avoid creditors. Bat serves as mentor of the night, as Big Fly does by day. God creates a bird; the devil attempts to imitate God’s creation, but ends up with a bat. The lack of feathers, presence of teeth, and activity at night are rooted in basic biology and natural history. But while the live flying foxes must be protected at all costs, freshly dead bats found on the ground are taken for food, but only after prayers are offered to Muni.