Hounds will chase bears for miles with their loud baying and hunters have to hike out in pursuit! “The Plott hounds originated in Haywood County the latter part of the 18th century,” Ruffing wrote. There is a great amount of time that is required to achieve a top dog and endless effort from the houndsmen. Plott Hounds can be extremely tenacious and may stay for several hours or even days at the base of a tree if the prey animal doesn't get away. That first tree still stands out in my life as one of the few truly transformative events I’ve experienced. Select an option to have podcasts automatically added to your preferred player. Training and practicing with any type of hunting dog is an amazing experience. Opponents of the sport say that using hounds gives hunters an unfair advantage and cause the bear unnecessary stress. Great bear hounds are few and far between even in good lines of hounds. Hunters and Plott hounds, 1942. In some ways, bear hunting with hounds is more responsible than still hunting from a tree stand since mistakes are easily made when looking at a bear through a scope. But we are also dog people! Longshore's Oak Ridge Plott Hounds ... Robert Longshore has been competition hunting for over sixty … This line of Plotts have stood the test of time and are now one of the most sought after bloodlines in the Plott breed. Hunters can actually tell how close a bear may be by their hound’s bay. Conner Capurro recently brought down his first trophy bear with the help of some trusty hounds. There will be many hours of training that goes into training your pup and countless mistakes. The hunters have to be tough, dedicated and have intricate knowledge of the area to be successful. We Wait All Year to Go Nevada Mule Deer Hunting, Nevada Shed Hunting: Where to Go, the Rules, and What You’ll Find. It was an unforgettable hound hunt, no doubt, and a proud moment for everyone on the Prime Revolution team. Bear hunting with hounds in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Tennessee is a cultural experience. Hunters have been hunting with dogs all around the world for centuries. Hunting with the help of treeing dogs, Coonhounds, Plott Hounds, and Treeing Walkers, primarily, has a long and decorated history in North America. Hound hunting is one of the most misunderstood types of hunting, but I think you’ll see why it’s important that you support it, even if you don’t ever care to be a part of it. Check out their site to learn more about protecting the tradition! There’s a special bond between a hound hunter and his or her dog. These hounds are cold-scent dogs, meaning they can get on an animal’s trail up to a day after they were there. Check out www.bear-hunting.com for more great bear hunting content. George Plott would rise to captain in the 262nd Infantry Regiment and be killed in action on Christmas Day 1944 on the SS Leopoldville, sunk by a German torpedo. Our hope is that you get a glimpse into this unique hunting niche and end up with a respect for it. —Rob Neufeld, RNeufeld@charter.net, @WNC_chronicler, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. His son, Henry, took over the dog business and moved to the Pigeon River. Although most Plott Hounds are still kept as hunting dogs, there are more and more Plotts being kept as companion dogs and pets. We also want to give a shoutout to Nevada Sporting Dog Alliance, keeping the sport of hunting with dogs alive in our great Silver State.