Baths not only help keep the bearded dragon hydrated, but also help facilitate shedding and can even help with light constipation or small impaction issues. Which we have done . If the white part of the poop (the urate) has a yellow tint there could be a hydration issue. long and is very skinny. Hi my bearded dragon EPA you time I pick him up he starts swinging his tail around and around can any one tell me if that’s a good or bad thing. His beard is always black. Thank you for visiting Bearded Dragon Care 101 and for leaving your question. You can read more about temps here –, You should also make sure the bearded dragon is receiving sufficient UVB/UVA radiation. Sorry, when I first got him, I would have him sit on my finger tips, cup my hand into a bowl, angle his head into my cupped hand and spray drops of water on his head and let them run down his forhead over his nose and pool into my hand. Could be very likely that the little one was in brumation. There can be many reasons why your bearded dragon is showing jerky, or shaky behavior. Two of them are doing great, they are lively, running around, alert, eating well, everything is great. She eats just fine, the way she’s supposed to and I’m guessing he saw her eating up all the crickets so he went to work and chomped em up. It ate voraciously, and pooped every few days. I’m not doing anything different and im usually moving slowly and talking softly did she just stop liking me? I think throwing up the food was better than impactation due to an inability to digest food. Bloody or damaged snouts are not uncommon for bearded dragons. Mist bearded dragon a couple times per day. Very similar to sand but if they get any in their mouth it is ok to swallow in small amounts. Yes flucker cricket load and the super worms nothing i dont how to gut them. He is always sitting under his little log house thing and every time I try to feed him he doesn’t move. About 90-100 in the tank during the day – when I get home from work he’s already sleeping on his hammock…he seems to be up and about during the 9AM – 1PM hours. I have fed him with calcium and vitamins and his lights have all the UV rays? As it searches for a way out of the enclosure it will rub it’s snout until it’s bloody and raw. They get along fine. Today she pooped green and with superworm shellings in her bimonthly bath after we moved a few blocks away this weekend the weather was warm 7 C for Canadian Winter. They are both male gender, and i feed them once to twice a day about 20 crickets each. Also note it is still very cold, but his brumation usually doesn’t last this long either. They bury them to keep them safe… She may still be in the maternal instinct to dig. I know they can go hours without moving, so I always look at her side areas and throat to make sure she is swallowing and breathing. If you wish to keep your investment and, my beardie is my best friend and my son, probably your child at the least, please scroll up some and check the temps on these replies as well as other advice left. They could be defensiv about their territory. As far as I know there isn’t anything wrong here, but Ive heard that you should never pick out a bearded dragon that has discolored lips, so I was just making sure. They have been feeding him mealworms but I have yet to see him eat. Your lizard is growing, you’re just being impatient. The vet will also perform a blood test to check calcium levels. Bearded Dragon Care 101 | Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Disclosure Policy | Sitemap | Tardy Turtle Online Media. Lately he has become lethargic, sleeping up against the back wall of his tank (like he always has). Maybe sand or substrate in there. Why is this? They have a cool clay that starts as sand, you mix with water and let it dry. If your bearded dragon’s urate is hard or very yellow, then your bearded dragon could be dehydrated. He became more active, and within a month he started shedding. The previous owners fed them insects from a baitshop which is very concerning and i fear they may have parasites. But a very healthy diet otherwise. Our Honest Look, 10 Awesome Corn Snake Accessories & Decorations, Are Leopard Geckos Good Pets? Limbs or a tail that tend to break or fracture easily could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease. Inside his right ear it is dark brown and does not look like his other ear. Your lizard just has genes that make him grow slowly. Hi John, generally a darkening beard could be a sign of aging, or it could be a sign of stress. A vet will be able to determine the cause better than I can. I didn’t change the amount of food she’s offered. I let him soak for a while and he seemed to be breathing somewhat heavier than usual. Im really scared. I have not found any info on it… what is it? During social interactions, the contrast of their markings often intensifies, and the throats of males often darken a bit. It has been molting slowly for a few weeks and I came home today to see it on its belly on his sand and i noticed that his right side of his belly was very green and his bottom head and neck were black if u have any information on his cause of death it would be greatly appreciated please email me back. On Sunday, I wake up to see her on the floor of my room, since she roams free every day. I noticed four days ago that his pinky on his right hand was very puffy. But the scales that actually line his mouth are a very light cream color. When I take her/him out there’s very little movement as well. My bearded dragon is about 3-4 months old. I need help, my beardy done somehting with his eye like he was trying to look into the back of his head and im scared I dont want him to die because ive gotten really atached to him. I believe he has separation anxiety. You can also offer water via an eye dropper and just slowly drip water on her lips and nose. :0. I have stopped giving him mealworms for I found that they can cause impaction and I have ordered horned worms which will help with his digestion. But, if your lizard doesn’t exhibit a strong appetite over several days or weeks, then it is wise to dig deeper. Dust all food items with a good calcium powder before offering to your bearded dragon. Now to the problem: yesterday, I picked him up and noticed right where the split is at the base of the tale, he has something hanging out of that split and it looks fleshy. If slack jaw is suspected seek a reptile veterinarian immediately. That should help the poop be more normal. When I got him, I immediately cleaned his tank, used reptile calcium sand for bedding, a wooden half-log hide, a branch to climb from PetSmart, bought bottled purified water specifically for him, and also cleaned his food/water dish. I have had 2 dragons before, Bruce and Stan, sadly both passed away now but got them both fully grown, so this whole baby dragon thing is very new to me! Even the most experienced and skilled dragon keeper may experience cardiac arrest upon finding a lizard lying outstretched and moving around strangely. In the wild the leaves (or whatever veggie) would shake in the wind while they are young and learning to live. However he has a rather large neck, its not major, its not swollen, but everyone keeps saying he is fat and over weight. It can be very common for the bearded dragon to open its mouth while on the basking perch for short periods of time. As a rule of thumb, you never want to give your pet bearded a prey item that is longer than the distance between your lizard’s eyes. This is pretty common when the seasons begin to change from summer to fall and then winter. Check the habitat temperatures to make sure they are in the proper ranges for the age of bearded dragon you have. Healthy dragons with adequate fat reserves look a little plump, and the fat stores tend to obscure the outline of your dragon’s hips and spine. Monitor the temperature and humidity levels within the terrarium by using a good thermometer/humidity gauge. They shared a tank, I read this was no good so I moved him on his own. Vitamins and Minerals for a Bearded Dragon, Lighting Requirements for a Bearded Dragon. I have no idea. Have ended up here and trying to help where I can. Hi! And his elbows on both arms have become enlarged, compared to the other dragon. So, don’t freak out if your bearded dragon does refuse food from time to time. Our dragon Stripey is about 7 years old. She immediately went to the bathroom, and it went down a lot. He was fine then an hour later I found he had thrown up his food and has turned very pale and black on his beard and is sleeping alot (just like described in Brumation times) but i wasn’t sure if the colour change was normal? Sick dragons, on the other hand, often become very lethargic, sedentary and listless. Those are the femoral(Spelling) pores. Dont worry. Did you just want some closure? Hi there everyone. This service can generally cost anywhere from $50 – $100, depending on the veterinarian. I have bathed it in some water, and it sometimes opens up. I’m concerned he’s under the weather? For instance, my Dragon is about to be 6 months old. Hes acting like he’s brumating but it’s the middle of summer and quiet warm. A boney, malnourished appearance can be a direct sign that the bearded dragon is not eating correctly. I really don’t want anything bad to happen to my best friend. No dark beard or discolouration. once again, I’m so sorry it happened. She seems to be acting normal minus her freaking out because of the move but i will keep you posted with the pictures. Don’t feed lettuce, there is no nutrition in it. My husband took him out quickly and put him flat on his tummy and Buddy started gasping for air. Can I treat it until she can see a vet in a couple days? …she is a great eater. He could be lazy because of the seaso s. In the e fall and wi ter they get lazyer. Dragons suffering from metabolic bone disease or some other skeletal issue may also hold their mouths open. So, as always, wash your hands after touching your pet, and be sure to separate the sick lizard, if you normally keep multiple animals in the same enclosure. Is there something wrong with him. If your mother wont help save the little one, see if he will eat some lettuce. hello i have my dragon for 8 years never had a problem with him he would always be so active and watch tv he would wave to everyone he is a funny character …..but i realized i give him lettuce a lot romaine that is and for some reason last week he has been very non responsive and it seems he is having problems keeping himself up and moving he sleeps basically whole day and he wont even eat his crickets what soever also front of him mouth looks little swollen but i cant tell any ideas what could be wrong i would appericiate it and thank you MIke. In fact, in this article alone we will be discussing 17 bearded dragon diseases, health concerns, and illnesses that all owners should be aware of!. Take the bearded dragon out of the terrarium and let him/her explore the room. Hope that helped anyone scrolling through. ReptiCarpet is great because it can be machine washed, vaccumed and wiped. Thanks Tim and please keep us posted on your bearded dragon! Yet, nothing came up. Hello! When in doubt with bowel movements, try a nice warm bath. SO PLEASE HELP ME I REALLY LOVE AND I AM SCARED THAT SHE IS NOT FEELING GOOD , My beardie is the same way same age but he isn’t eating or moving at all unless I touch him and it’s still pretty warm where I live will only a minimum cold days so I’m very worried.