Gwen Tennyson | Ben 10 Wildvine is a playable alien character in the game. Humungousaur | Ben Tennyson | Wildvine can also stretch h… Mr. Slinkman • Tail Terrier • Stretch-O-Mutt, Johnny Test • Wildvine is a plant based species as such this form requires water and sunlight to survive, while Swampfire does not have this issue. Nergal Jr. • Wildvine throwing up seeds. Robbie the Robin • The Amazing World of Gumball. Wildvine seed blast. He has a large yellow-green leaf connected to his neck and torso, and has dark green lips. Wildvine can grow seeds on his back that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal). Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Bumblebee • Mordechai • Numbuh 83 • Negative Wildvine wears a red and white belt with a red Ultimatrix symbol on it. BMO • Mortimer, Wonder Woman • Jimmy • Nina Neckerly • Hard Luck Duck • Enid • Monkey • During Wildvine's battle with the Mycelium in. Dexter's Dad • Persky • Upgrade | Good Empress • SPORK • Batgirl • Updated: October 31, 2020. Bloo • Apple and Onion. Numbuh 1 • Cheetara • Wildvine has two home planets, like Big Chill, and the Galvan. Wildvine is able to use the vines on his back to grapple himself to higher areas. Kickin Hawk • Association of World Super Men, Cow • Aqualad • Fistina | Pizza Steve • The bulb-like hair of Gwen 10's Wildvine is similar to the hair of. Swampfire • Breehn • Florauna John Stewart • This pack includes Wild vine. Upchuck • White Diamond, Clarence Wendle • DeeDee-Bot, Major Glory • [8], Wildvine can trap people by closing his flytrap, as demonstrated by wild Floraunas.[9]. Principal Pixiefrog • Sticks • Dee Dee • Upgrade • Marceline • Wildvine is initially unavailable, but is unlocked at the beginning of the The Funhouse level. Nicole Watterson • Madison • Truffles • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dave D.Fly • Arella Roth • Edd • Blind Mud Puddle Johnson, Powerpuff Girls • Monroe • Atomic X | Kwarrel | In Omniverse, Wildvine is the same but taller and more muscular, he now has four legs instead of five. Bumblebee • He has one blue eye, and a lime green leaf on top of his head. Jetray | The Mayor • Ben 10 Reboot Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Wildvine possesses enhanced strength, as he was able to trap a Loboan in his tendrils,[6] stop a falling cargo lift from landing on Max and Gwen and hold it for a short time,[7] and easily break rocks with his bare hands. Billy • Stinkfly | Global Security • Four Arms | When Ben transformed into Wildvine in the original series, a sound could be heard that sounded like a raspy voice saying "vine". Huntress Wizard, Mordecai • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Más y Menos • Johnny the Worm, Dexter • Driba | Wonder Woman • Wildvine has vines on his arms, and wrinkles on his stomach, neck, and a part of his legs. Herald • Jody Irwin • Chester • Grace • Eduardo • Camp Fear Snarf • Gramps • ChlorokinesisExplosive Fruit PodsCamouflageRegenerationElasticitySize AlterationBody AlterationPlant MergingSharp FlytrapSharp TeethSharp Thorn ClawsTentaclesVine GenerationPrehensile VinesThorn GenerationGas ImmunityHypnosis ImmunityEnhanced StrengthEnhanced DiggingEnhanced DurabilityEnhanced AgilityEnhanced FlexibilityEnhanced JumpingCorruptura Resistance Buzzshock | J.P. Mercer • Clyde Fife | Joe Balooka • Amethyst • Plank• Wildvine combo list. Four Arms • Wildvine swinging. Wildvine - Ben 10 Planet, the Ultimate Ben 10 Resource! Wildvine can stretch his limbs. Lil' D • Numbuh 2 • Ryan Sumozski • He can also change his color in order to camouflage better. He also has dark green leaves on his back. Wildvine's voice has changed over the course of his appearance in the classic continuity: In the original series, Wildvine spoke in an aged, gravelly voice. Transformers Heroes. Doris • Vector • Numbuh 3 • Cannonbolt • Sir George | Way Big • Frankenstrike • Cartoon Network is home to your favourite cartoons and free games. Brainstorm | Destructively Nefarious Kids • Wildvine is vital for progression on the The Funhouse and the The Scrapyard levels of the game. Tails • Jeff the Spider • Ultimate Beast | Chelsea Keezheekoni, Grizzly Bear • Wildvine wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. Kam, Chowder • Diamondhead | Rose Quartz • Panini, Zak Saturday • Ben 10 Ultimate Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Max Tennyson | Wildvine has two arms with four fingers on each hand, and his hands look like they are covered with a leaves. [5] He is also highly agile, as he can spin in the air to disperse his fruit bombs, and throw them into the air, basically firing on his enemies. This weird and wonderful alien can transform into plant matter to camouflage himself. Frankenstrike | Vambre Warrior • Wilykat And Wilykit • Carol • Panthro • Grey Matter • Lodestar | File:Chap Yaep Designed Gwen 10's Wildvine.PNG, File:Zs'Skayr Possessed the Florauna Sample.png,, From hardhia (vine) and e xhunglës (of the jungle). Wildvine also possesses enhanced strength and is able to regenerate his body if it's damaged. Cartoon Network Games; Ben 10 Games; ben 10 wildvine … Alan Dracula • OV Shnitzel • Zan, Ben Tennyson • Wildvine no longer has the bulbs on his shoulders, instead having patches of light green color similar to those on his hands. Ditto | Lila, Lazlo • Captain Buzz Cheeply • Superman • Negative Wildvine looks just like 16-year-old Wildvine in Omniverse, but is greenish-brown with a red eye and his flytrap teeth are black. Melvin • Agent Honeydew • Alan Keane • Astrodactyl • Shockquatch • Kole • [2], Wildvine can merge with plant life, including Earth trees. Stinkfly | She wears the Omnitrix symbol, which is the same color as her eye, on her stomach. Blisstina, The Eds • Reginald Skarr • CN in the House. Ben Tennyson | Ranger Tabes, Prohyas Warrior • League of Nations, Kids Next Door • Wildvine can grow and retract his body and can merge wtih plant life. Wildvine is able to use the vines on his back to grapple himself to higher areas. Wildvine's vines are strong enough to lift two weights while supporting himself. He can grow spikes on his legs, then slam them down on enemies, as well as spin in the air to scatter seed bombs, or throw seed bombs into the air, raining them down on his enemies. Blukic | Ophelia Ramirez • Flem and Earl • Ultimate Way Big |, Fusion Aliens He has seed bombs. Kevin • Amy Rose • Wildvine is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Florauna from the planets Flors Verdance and Xenon. Snare-oh • Tetrax Shard • Stinkfly • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger • Humanoid Plant Ditto • Crashhopper • Jasmine Lee • Streaky the Supercat • She lacks the spikes that Ben's Wildvine has on his arms, legs, and chest and she has one glowing pink eye. Krunk • Living Bullet • Nazz • Shadow • Ultimate Beast • Jim Ward (Original Series)Dee Bradley Baker (Omniverse)Ashley Johnson (Gwen 10) Malcom and Melvin • Commander • Kevin Whitney • He can also grow vines to trap others, which appear to be his fingers coming off. Ms. Sara Bellum • Supergirl • Turbo K.O. Home World Wildvine flytrap. Raven • Gravattack • Wilfred, Courage • Cooper Daniels | Sam-R-I • Grey Matter | Wildvine wears the Omnitrix symbol on a green and white belt. Cyborg • Wildvine is a humanoid plant with one eye in the middle of his face, five vine-like legs, four long fingers on his hands, flytrap-shaped flaps with teeth covering his head, and pods on his back that he can use as explosives or smoke bombs. Más y Menos • Larry 3000, Samurai Jack • Nurse Gazelle, Ben Tennyson • Marcus Conner • XlrArmBlastDiamond, Other Omnitrix Users Lucy Mann • Dukey • [DJW 1], Wildvine can tame Gracklflints using his fruits, as demonstrated by Pax. Numbuh 4 • Heatblast | O.Ratz • Blue Diamond • Starfire • Daddy • [2] He can turn his arm into a large leaf that is able to scoop up dirt. Tamika • Action Hank • Sir Rothchild • Wildvine's vomit consists of small, green, pretty flowers. White Tiger • Nigel Planter, Cod Commando • Tygra • Aside from his singular-eyed head and large collar of teeth, his body is made up entirely of green and brownish-green vines and roots. He can also grow and extend his arms, legs and fingers into vine-like tentacles to grab and restrain others. One-One • He wears a belt with the Omnitrix. The General • Wildvine is the first alien to have more than 4 legs. Elfa Strike Squad • He has one blue eye in the middle of his face. Feedback | Upgrade | Phan Tone • [8][4], Wildvine is capable of quickly tunneling underground. He is also extremely flexible due to his plant-like body. The Emperor • Muscle Man • In Ultimate Alien, Wildvine looks more like the Florauna from Ben 10: Secret of The Omnitrix. Badgerclops • Simon Petrikov (Ice King) • Wildvine is a plant like alien with a flytrap around his head. The Scotsman • Red Action • [adult swim] Heroes • Flors Verdance Wildvine is the second alien to have "wild" in his name, Wildmutt being first. Mr. Gus • In Ultimate Alien, Wildvine looked mostly the same as before, except his skin was recolored brownish-green, his flytrap teeth were recolored black, and his primary eye, secondary eyes, and Ultimatrix symbol were all recolored green. Sarah • Gwen 10 as Wildvine looks similar to her male counterpart, but her body is shaped like a dress. Pantha • Speedy • Fourarms • Play the free Ben 10 game, Wildvine Shoot and other Ben 10 games at Cartoon Network. Spidermonkey | The Scarecrow • Rook Blonko, Allies Upchuck | UA Rath • Lake • Mr. Black and Mr. White • Irwin • Darwin Watterson • Whampire, Reboot Series Blizowolfer • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Silkie, Jeremie Belpois • Feedback • Andrea Sussman • Skips • Kim • Ultimate Big Chill | Bubbles • Professor Utonium • Clam • Mina Monroe • Ultimate Swampfire • Help him! Coco • Echo Echo | Buck Tuddrussel • Wildvine has … Wildvine can grow seeds on his back that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal). Game Statistics. Witchy Simone, K.O. Games Videos SUPERFANS WIN APPS. Spellbinder |