The number of crested geckos for sale is sometimes limited but you might find exactly what you need.. Shop hundreds of Crested Geckos for sale from top breeders from around the world. You can contact Mountain Cresties on their own website: Mountain Cresties. Crested Gecko Images: Is it A Good Pet For You. Very happy with my baby Russian Tortoises! These questions will determine if you’re able to take care of a crested gecko. “Taillessness” is a normal condition for adults crested geckos. The story of My Crested Gecko all started when I got my first crested gecko. This company is better known for their huge selection of dart frogs and terrarium supplies, but in 2017 Josh’s Frogs began offering crested geckos on their website. In captivity, they require a small amount of space, a simple diet, and little to no additional heat or light. I have a beautiful female and even prettier male and put them in a tall glass with top screen cover w/light.I took good care of them. The seller thought they were both females….I still dont know??? Most crested gecko breeders develop an eye for potential stunners, so do your research and ask lots of questions if this is a hobby you are interested in. When your crestie is used to you, handling for longer periods will be easier and easier. But be prepared to separate them if one or both develops a bulge at the base of the tail, which indicates hemipenes on a male. Really excited to see what we can get out of this group. Cresties as we call them, really are ideal pet geckos for sale for beginners. In this resource, the focus is on sellers and breeders in the United States and less on other regions. You can find geckos for auction on their social media pages, and often times find great deals on their website. For a Halloween harley, I’d pick another harlequin, preferably with dark base and orange pattern. Unnamed. You can typically find high quality juveniles and more listed on their website, Facebook, or at their booth at White Plains, Long Island, and other area reptile shows. US customers will need to arrange importing animals purchase from this breeder. Some breeders also have websites but not all. Hi Peggy. They have crested geckos for sale in the lower price range ($50) but also have high-end crested geckos that can cost up to $1000. This is something that many breeders do not show in their currently available gecko descriptions. I have never seen them fighting……what should I do and how do I sext them? Repeating this over and over, you place your free hand out in front again, and so on. I dont see “her” for days at a time and will dig to find her. They have crested geckos for sale in the lower price range ($50) but also have high-end crested geckos that can cost up to $1000. In addition to a very nice selection of crested geckos throughout the year, BB’s Crested Geckos is also a reputable breeder of leachianus, chahoua, gargoyle, sarasinorum, and Eurydactylodes gecko species. They thrive at a comfortable indoor temperature in the 70s, with a drop into the mid 60s at night being acceptable. To avoid that we recommend that geckos less than 12 weeks old be housed in cages no larger than a 10 gallon aquarium. There is a recommended one to two week acclimation period for newly acquired geckos which allows them to settle in and get used to their new surroundings. For simple substrate, a reptile carpet is attractive and easily cleaned. The crested geckos of Guilt’s Geckos can range in price from $50 to $250. They regularly have auctions of crested geckos and have a very nice amount of crested geckos with unique colors and patterns. Nowadays, baby crested geckos for sale are bred in large numbers and have become standard in the pet gecko for sale industry. Tracking your gecko’s weight is important and therefore we suggest investing in a gram scale to keep track. When you start handling your crestie, make handling sessions short, no more than five minutes at a time and than allow the gecko back into its habitat or crested terrarium. Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus or more recently Correlophus ciliatus) are a reptile species native to New Caledonia in the Southwest Pacific. In the past few years Altitude Exotics has bred and proven out axanthic crested geckos, geckos that lack red-yellow pigment. With a possible lifespan of 30 years or more, a crested gecko makes an affordable and long-lived pet reptile. Guilt’s Geckos was founded in March 2020, solely from their love for New Caledonian geckos. Summer and warm temperatures often make them a little more excitable. Coir (coconut fiber pulp now sold in reptile stores as compressed bricks) mixed 50 percent with soil is a good choice for growing live plants. 2511 Fire Road Suite A7 Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 Call or Text: 609-705-7787. Sometimes it’s best to take out a branch or other cage decoration while they are sitting on it, rather than try to grab them directly. They tend to be more prominent on males but even females can have large spurs. Mountain Cresties is a small home team of two Crested gecko breeders specializing in bright reds and high contrast harlequins in Western, North Carolina, and Coastal, South Carolina. Josh’s Frogs is a well-known online seller of all kinds of supplies for reptiles and amphibians but also sells animals. If you’re a crested gecko breeder and want to be included, please contact us at Since then years of research have been done to provide you the most complete guides and resources to help you care for this tiny but loveable pet lizard. .ai-viewport-1 { display: none !important;} You can – at some expos – buy the necessary gear for your crested gecko or find books that can help you take care of your little pet. A lot of them also have crested geckos for sale. Hatchling cresties up to four month of age can be housed in 10-gallon aquariums. I learned to watch carefully even if you aren’t trying to breed. You’ll want to have a second enclosure handy for when/if this happens. She looks fine!!! If you are looking for the best crested gecko breeder near me, CB reptile is your spot! AC Reptiles offers some unique lines of their own and pretty well known for their C2/Citrus line, and more recently their soft scale crested geckos, which have shockingly soft feel compared to other crested geckos. You can find these breeders by scanning the classifieds in your local newspaper, check out the “for sale” ads on buy-and-sell sites, or join reptile groups on Facebook to find crested gecko breeders in your area.