On a large screen, you can have a bunch of them open at once. First, let’s get a brief look at the ten simple Bible study apps and then a recommendation of our favorites based on which operating system or device you use and on what you want to do with the app. The stealthy educational quality combined with the fun factor makes this inventive app a solid runner-up. Some of the best Sword Project apps for each platform include the following: While all of the above work nicely, the Android version of MySword is one of our favorites. ChurchTechToday is the #1 church technology website for pastors, communicators, and leaders. The Bible study website and app have a subscription service that costs $.99/week that lets you download any of their Bibles including a decent collection of modern translations, but again, not as many as the more complete options from other apps. Keep friends accountable by tracking their daily reading while you share your progress with others. Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone and iPad They also offer versions for other platforms: If you use all three, you’ll pay $16.97. It is a simple Bible study app, which is the focus of this roundup. The Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Calendar will keep you thinking and praying for persecuted Christians around the world, making it easier to stay thankful and faithful yourself. Finally, in any case, Mac users will likely be able to fall back to using a virtual machine (like Virtual Box, Fusion, or Parallels). Seller: Faith Comes By Hearing Cost: Free. In this adorable app, users compete against other players in cyberspace – which means you must be connected to the Internet. The grass withers, Seller: The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc. Cost: Free. Unfortunately, this app requires an Internet connection, so although it’s free, we’re sticking it at runner-up. Users can listen to the Bible in NIV, CSB, and KJV to name a few. News. One of the best examples of how useful mobile devices can be is in the ever-expanding realm of Bible apps. His rich articulation and animated grasp of each verse have made it a classic for decades. Seller: SermonAudio.com, LLC Bible Gateway offers a subscription service called Bible Gateway Plus with a library of reference books for more advanced study. The site’s users will want to get the free app, so they can use Bible Hub on the go. The functionality of the PluggedIn app isn’t as great as the actual website, PluggedIn.com, but it’s still such an amazing resource we still had to rate it at numero uno. This app produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will encourage you in your walk and also help you make a difference by sharing the gospel yourself. If you are really wanting to stay as close and as accurate to the Greek or Hebrew text of the Bible as possible, I would highly recommend checking out an Interlinear Bible. First here’s our list of apps based on platform type: Now let’s look at the best apps based on usage. We’ve got recommendations based on your usage. Posted by Kevin Purcell | Oct 22, 2018 | Bible Study, COVID19 |. The BlueLetterBible.org website includes some files in their Digital Books section. Are you looking for a great Bible app for your preschoolers? Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Thank you, Kevin, for this article, and Martin, for your comment. File Size: 1.10GB Are you looking for great sermons to edify you on the road, in the gym, or under the engine? Sermon Audio allows you to catch some great preaching from men of God from today and yesteryear. Then when the iPhone and iPad came out, they jumped on the bandwagon and made one of the best iOS apps before many others. You can also listen to the Bible, take notes, highlight, and bookmark verses. Seller: LifeChurch.tv Seller: HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. File Size: 22.8MB Both are indispensable if you want to find the meanings behind words and exhaust every option to study and show yourself approved in Scripture understanding. There is a social media feel to this app too since users can follow other Bible readers from within the app. We made this announcement with sadness, but also with gratitude to God and thankfulness to a multitude of faithful users who have stayed with us for a large part of their adult lives. File Size: 9.9MB Cost: Free; Offers In-App Purchases. eBible has some modern translations, but not as many as others. Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad There’s a free trial for 30 days. Customer reviews say it all; just check out how much the users love this app, and you’ll have every reason to download it then and there. Interlinear Text Sources: Hebrew Text: Westminster Leningrad Codex text courtesy of www.tanach.us. In addition to the Bible study site, there’s also a Q&A section where users can post thoughts and answer other people’s questions. However, the app is worth it for people who want something simple enough for basic Bible reading, but also need a tool that can do a little more advanced Bible study with commentaries, dictionaries, advanced searching, and Greek and Hebrew tools. Cost: $3.99. Search “Bible apps” in either Google Play or the App Store, and you’ll be rubbing your bloodshot eyes for bed before you ever get finished exploring every great Bible-based app that can strengthen your walk with God. Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch The teens in my church who use Bibles on their phone I think just use the Bible app made by Life Church/YouVersion. Cost: $3.99. Get answers to frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base. It has a nice setup user-interface. Although it’s not flashy, Prayer Prompter can revolutionize your prayer life. The toolbar across the bottom of the mobile phone app has everything you need. That’s Hollywood, though; the app is awesome. Maybe your fervent prayers will change the world! It isn’t as comprehensive as PluggedIn, but for the most popular movies, you’ll find all that you wanted to know – and sometimes way more than you wanted to know. Fighter Verses is another great Bible memorization app that offers handy features like daily alerts and customizable settings, making Bible memory attainable for anyone, even children. Bible-Discovery is a Bible concordance software. Required fields are marked *, © ChurchTechToday 2019 | Designed by RAD Ideas. The iPad and iPhone version looks similar, but are more compact for mobile screens. Cost:$2.99. The Kindle Fire app is in the Amazon App Store. Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Blue Letter Bible integrates an eBook reader, something few of the other apps have. PLATFORMS: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, PC (both Windows Store and web) and Mac via Website. Cost: Free. Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Although the game takes a bit of practice to grasp really, it is addictive from the first round. The reader view on the iPhone app will remove all the clutter and let you see just the basic text without distractions. Check the BlueLetter Bible site for a link to get the iPhone/iPad apps or their Android app. File Size: 35.1MB Cost: $9.99. If you have a valid license for BibleWorks 10 you can continue to use the program as usual. Seller: HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. Many of them also offer Windows, macOS or Linux versions, and a few have online websites dedicated to studying the Bible. Seller: Focus on the Family File Size: 74.2MB Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad Platform: Android; iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Then again, you could also get found. Cost: $4.99. Its sleek, eye-catching design makes it unlikely that you’ll rush through your quiet time. Using this app with your child on a regular basis will pay off as your child begins school with a solid foundation of the basics. interlinear bible free download - Greek Interlinear Bible, Hebrew/Greek Interlinear Bible, Hebrew Interlinear Bible, and many more programs The Bible Hub app is a favorite for many users. Sign up and check it out for yourself for free to decide if the price is right. Bible Gateway is free but advertising supported, which knocks it down the lower end of the recommendation list. Hebrew Transliteration Via ALittleHebrew.com Strong's Tagging via Open Scriptures, David Troidl and Christopher Kimball Morphology in partnership with Helps Bible. Want your kids to understand Hebrew customs? This will ensure that you can continue to use the program for the long term. Cost: Free. Seller: Inspirational Films, Inc. File Size: 11.3MB The app offers a split screen mode, but strangely requires the reader to rotate their phone to landscape mode or it won’t turn on in the app. Cost: Free. Platform: Android only Also, this removes the ads in the app and on the website. The free app often gets free updates. BibleWorks updates for the PC will also work on the Mac platform. PLATFORMS: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire (not through their app store, but by side loading), PC and Mac apps. The ABC’s of God offers iPad users a delightful opportunity to train their little ones’ fingers to form letters while teaching them about the Bible. It also adds a few languages study tools like an interlinear Bible with Greek and Hebrew texts displayed along with the English text. This round-up is not focused on scholarly Bible study by professors, grad students or pastors, but rather on lay people. This app offers custom playlists so that you can listen to only Scripture that addresses a specific need. Seller: Sunsplash Consulting Even for adults who never got a clear grasp of how the Bible fits together, this illustrated app makes it simple to comprehend and retain. Rabbi Shalom is a cute, animated character who teaches children everything from how to say the Aleph-Bet and the Hebrew blessings to how to dance and sing popular Jewish songs.