Teslin® paper is bright white and features excellent opacity, which makes it perfect for printing documents with many colors and bar codes. Check to see if there is a PVC card tray made for your printer. The best printer paper is that which hails from the same manufacturer as your printer. Its compact design and low height allow it to be conveniently stored in most office cabinets. The reason: this paper is designed to work with your printer’s ink chemistry. The fact that Teslin® paper is waterproof makes it the material to use for a wide range of special applications including IDs, maps, signs, restaurant menus and more. Inkjet Teslin® Paper. 9. when you use our links to these websites. We stock many grades and thicknesses of Teslin in various sheet sizes with shipment within 1 business day. If you will be using your printed Teslin® for outdoor signs, maps, or tags and want to be able to fold it, you will be better off without a laminate. All of our Teslin material is 10 mils thick (.010"). As you can see in the video, although Teslin® looks like normal paper, it does not have the same properties as normal paper. CA Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure | Perforated Teslin® has perforated cut-outs to allow you to easily remove a printed card and insert it in to a butterfly pouch. us.evolis.com, Entrust SD460 When you have the Entrust SD460, you can encode, print, and laminate, and quickly, with a dual-sided, laminated card taking only 24 seconds to produce. If you print lots of photos, consider a machine with “borderless” printing. Global Code of Ethics We have been asked this question many times so we created a page (Where can I buy Teslin Paper?) by Melissa Harr. You can use it for printing topographical maps and directions for hiking trips, for outdoor signage, event tickets, permits, underwater tags, garden labels, menus, luggage tags, and of course for any kind of membership, promotion, name, or identification cards. It sure can be. Close. For a quick tutorial see the How to Make an ID Card section of our website or for more information about Teslin® Paper you can visit our Teslin® products page. $1192) is up to the challenge. At first glance, Teslin® looks just like normal paper, but upon further inspection you'll see that it is very different. Inkjet Teslin 1-Up Perforated 4" x 6" Sheets - 50 Pack. We've created a page dedicated to the many uses for Teslin® to help you find other Teslin® applications. With it, you'll get a 30-day subscription to CloudBadging; this trial is free, but if you wish to continue, you'll need to invest in a paid subscription. Teslin® will stretch like a thin plastic and is extremely tear resistant. In order to provide complete functionality, this web site needs your explicit consent to store browser cookies. Whether you run a business or manage the student body at a large university, proper photo identification of all involved parties is important. Free shipping over $19 Whether you run a business or manage the student body at a large university, proper photo identification of all involved parties is important. The core software, configuration system, and intuitive user interface work together to monitor internal functions and display relevant information to the operator at all times. This wiki has been updated 11 times since it was first published in October of 2018. Teslin is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. A "mil" is a thousandth of an inch (0.001", about 0.0254mm), so 10 mil is 0.01" (0.254mm) and 14 mil is 0.014" (0.3556mm). For cases and rolls of Teslin paper check out our Bulk Teslin Quote page. Login Not only that, but it comes with 200 PVC cards to get you started. free goods, samples, promotional products, or other benefits from any of the product brands featured on this page, except If you plan to use a photocopier (electrophotographic/xerographic), or intaglio you will want to use Laser Teslin®. This substrate is specially treated with a PPG-developed coating. Its all-in-one design includes an onboard camera for convenient in-house visual customization, while also being capable of accommodating a card thickness of between 9 and 40 millimeters. A 2-year warranty is also provided.