Probably won't go that far. Any suggestions would be awesome, Thanks. JavaScript is disabled. Paladin multi class is for obvious reasons, cuz aasimar. I am playing a similar build right now. I have a 3rd level Drow Inspired Blade Swashbuckler in a Way of the Wicked campaign. Oracle: A CHA caster, but unlike the Sorcerer, you can keep your armor. the D&D5e there are advanced rules in the Player’s Handbook concerning the topic of multiclassing Sadly the Daring Champion and Virtuous Bravo paladin have both stolen the very best features from the Swashbuckler, and applied them to a much better chassis. She is a fiend kit warlock, but hexblade is probably even better. Between the boots and the belt, and your already high Acrobatics and Derring Do feature, you’ll be able to dance around most enemies with relative ease. The swashbuckler is probably one of the best classes to dip into IF YOURE PLAYING ANOTHER CLASS. Noted on Id Rager, thank you. Indeed, the point here was the particular synergies in a Warlock/Swashbuckler, not who has the biggest Shadow Blade. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 5th Edition. Feats: Cut from the Air - This is a big one, as it starts you down a chain that gives you much more defense against ranged attacks, even magic. Swashbuckler gets level to damage, and 2x level to damage if you spend a point. My character is the captain of a pirate ship... he's Chaotic Neutral so Paladin is out of the question unfortunately. You have to ask yourself are you a Swashbuckler or a "x" because level dipping away from swashbuckler is not optimized. As several people have said, Urban Barbarian and Urban Bloodrager are good choices (as you can buff DEX with Rage). Inspired Blade works extremely well with Investigator, but that may not fit your character concept, and it's usually just the one level of Inspired Blade at 1st level and the rest into Investigator. If the enemy is in darkness, then people attacking them have the same chance to hit as they did before. First level bard, you will lose a point of BAB, but you'll get a nice will and reflex save bonus (better than the next level of swashbuckler will get you). Maybe alchemist if you can give up 1 point of BAB for those mutagens. So if you want to be not a Swashbuckler nows the best chance. Because that refers to the fighters "Weapon Training". i've never played a Magus but a quick look tells me that it might be an option. However, Swashbuckler is one of those classes where the only real use for it in terms of optimization is a 1 level dip in Inspired Blade by other classes, such as the Investigator or Magus, to get Opportunity Parry and Riposte.