Within the limits of the bike's design, we can normally achieve marked improvements in rider comfort. Sargent Cycle Products North America © 2020. Reduces Vibration, Eliminates Pressure Points by evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat, and eliminates the extra pressure that is normally experienced at hip bones and the tail bone. We can make your stock or aftermarket motorcycle seat more comfortable for you to ride on. If you are tall and need to be pushed back we can cut it back without compromising comfort. Many OEM "standard" and "sport" style motorcycles are designed with a forward slope that can constantly push the rider forward into the tank and limit front to back position changes. This can relieve the pressure at the base of the spine and result in a more even distribution of pressure over a greater area. Hence, the joy of arriving. Remember, long rides should be an adventure. That's the bad news. It is important to realize that total comfort on extended rides (3-6 hours) may never be obtained. Because the forward reach to the handle bars is combined with rear-set pegs, front to back movement can be limited. This ensures that the gel does not move and the outline of the gel is not visible on the seating area, especially after extended use of the seat. Reclined doesn't necessarily mean comfortable. According to the ATOMIC Theory, three major factors contribute to the level of comfort that can be obtained on any given motorcycle: Examining each of these factors can provide valuable clues for potential improvements in comfort.Forced Ergonomic Position. We take it down to the extreme for that custom cruiser feel. (With this modification we can lower the riding position or keep it stock height. The Memory foam really helps to disperse your weight evenly over the seat and really adds to the comfort of the seat. Great customer service and very responsive to my questions! The ATOMIC Theory suggests that improved comfort can often be obtained by using a properly designed aftermarket seat, customizing an existing seat, changing handlebars or even choosing a bike better suited to your riding style. - Mark Todd, President, Sargent Cycle Products(c) 1996-Present. Jack Darian, our Master Craftsman has over 50 years of experience building custom motorcycle, antique, and exotic car seats and interiors. Also, installing handlebars that force the driver to sit more upright or even lean forward can also reduce this pressure. This modification will give you the feeling of sitting in the motorcycle and not on it. Widening and "dishing" (or "cupping") the seat platform allows for a better distribution of pressure over a greater area, and it can dramatically improve comfort. Many find the sport touring configuration to be the best long-distance ride you can buy. Ergonomics are typically excellent on these models but, as with all models, foam that is too soft, lacks good suspension and a proper supportive shape can shorten comfortable riding time. A good, high-quality foam installed into the seat can improve this situation. There are as many possible changes to seat shape as there are types of people, and this can be a trial & error process. The second major factor involving comfort is the size and shape of the seating platform. Our turn-around time for installing gel pad inserts is extremely fast. The Road to Comfort and the ATOMIC Theory, "For all the happiness mankind can gain, is not in pleasure but in rest from pain." We can make your stock or aftermarket motorcycle seat more comfortable for you to ride on. Consider a seat upgrade, either a replacement seat or stock seat modifications that addresses poor padding and/or poor shape. Thanks guys! You can include items such as a matching sissy bar bags, toolbags, grip coverss, windshield bags, tank panels, fender bibs, or an endless number of leather dress up items that complement the bike and give you multiple storage options. SEAT MODIFICATIONS . Of course, good foam suspension is important and, like on the cruiser, foam that is too soft and bottoms out can be a problem. Crown vs Dish: Most stock seats suffer from a "crowned" shape that centralizes pressure and creates discomfort. Try to select a motorcycle and seat that allow for some front to back movement. This change can also be made to many stock seats on a custom basis. Do you find yourself speeding from one rest stop to the next? Great job and exceptional service. Some OEM seats can be modified to increase this range of movement. I now feel like the bike and I are one. MCC went out of their way to make sure I was a satisfied customer and comfortable with my seat. Let Biker's Outfitter help you stand out from the rest. Their precision handling is due in part to positioning the driver's upper body and arms almost directly over the front wheel. In addition, some of these models feature a long, flat seat, allowing plenty of room to shift positions on long rides (front to back movement). Laser etch leather. We can move the riding position forward or back or maintain the current front to back sitting position.). The Ultimate modification for long distance riding developed exclusively for spending all day the saddle and wanting more. As usual we are always trying to improve our modifications and here we go again. Our modifications are inexpensive but offer the best sitting seat that is modified to fit you. The physical relationship between the foot pegs, handlebars, and the seat on any given motorcycle forces the rider into a specific seating position known as the forced ergonomic position. Please DO NOT send your seat without scheduling it first. List any add ons, upgrades, mods or mechanical issues. Last, but not least - consider your riding wear. The resulting forward-lean angle transfers much of the driver's rear-end pressure to the upper arms and wrists. absolutely awesome, like a new bike. We reshape the seat for maximum comfort, add a Impact Gel pad then install our double decker memory foam over it. We all know riders come in different shapes and sizes but apparently the seat manufacturers don't know this. The good news is that diligent comfort seekers, armed with the right information, can be rewarded handsomely. We will work overtime (after normal business hours) on these seats and have priced this service accordingly. If you choose to go as low and as far back as possible the seat will be very similar to the stock riding position of a stock 2011-19 Street Glide seat or Road glide custom seat. To see if we can help you on your after market seat and to get pricing email allen@meancitycycles.com. If this foam is too soft, it can lose its air suspension, become fully compressed, and bottom out. With the new Express service we will work your seat in as soon as it arrives and ship it back the next day. Unlike any other gel pad made the Impact Gel is a remarkable gel pad and you will be wondering how you ever lived without one and will have one in every seat you own from now on. After much research and recommendations from the local dealer I sent my seat. Home  |  About Us  |  Featured Products  |  Testimonials  |  Privacy Policy  |  Contact Us. This gives the seat a super plush feel. Distressed Brown Leather for Harley Davidson Dyna. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COMFORT MODIFICATION SERVICES. While this may be beneficial for short stints on the track, it can be extremely uncomfortable for commuting or longer rides. Gently conforms to your anatomy over time. Best decision ever.... My wife loves her new seat as do I. Are you looking to have your bike customized with a custom seat and saddlebag combination. Before embarking on any custom modifications to an existing seat, Sargent always recommends exploring the availability of a ready-made, aftermarket replacement seat first, such as our World Sport Performance Seat line for sport and adventure touring models or Mustang brand seats for American and Metric cruisers (also available through Sargent). Last, but not least - consider your riding wear. It will lower the rider anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3 inches and move the rider back from 1/2 inch to 3 inches it all depends on the rider's height and weight. Consider the overall ergonomics of the motorcycle you select and that is in sync with your comfort objectives. First, let's look at the riding position itself. While this material may seem firmer, it doesn't become hard under a full load and continues to absorb road shocks and vibrations. The state of the art in gel pads combined with the best memory foam made. Custom stitching. Many cruisers can be dramatically improved by installing a high-quality, closed-cell foam configured with a wider more supportive shape, or purchasing an aftermarket seat with these attributes built in. Plan well, take your time, and enjoy the ride. Frequent stops are good for the body and soul. If it is to firm, we will soften it up. Introducing the ATOMIC Theory - the Advanced Theory Of Maximum Integrated Comfort. Come in for a free consultation and price quote or you can mail your seat to us for a quote and  installation. This can often be corrected through custom foam alterations if needed. I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing a modification. I haven't tried a trip yet but the seating position and comfort factor was obvious over the stock. In fact, this is the principle design approach used by quality aftermarket seat manufacturers to improve comfort.