Afterwards the boss will use these clones to charge at you and then the real version will jump at you. Take double the damage compared to Standard. To switch between a D-Link finisher, go to the D-Link page, select one, and press  and . If that match is too hard another. He'll sometimes shoot out a group of 3 chains. During this step, you'll find the Break Time command, so be sure to use it with each character for their individual Break Time trophies.Disney Town Mini-Games - After finding all of the chests and stickers, it's time for some mini-games. Also keep in mind that you don't have to win, just complete the courses within a set amount of time. This section will finish itself automatically after completing the story with each of the characters. Just keep trying and you'll get it eventually. This attack can't be blocked either. In this battle mission, a totem-like Unversed will switch between three elements: Fire, Ice, and Thunder. It's recommended that you go for the shotlocks first, followed by the most expensive commands. After getting on the wooden platforms, quickly attack 2 explosive barrels to throw them to Monstro. Waiting to do these can make them a major grind. One where No Heart throws his keyblade and creates a giant wall of darkness, and one where you fight No Heart.It should be noted that if you're a high enough level, like around level 80, this fight is a breeze. Two hits will stun him. If you're a much lower level and on a harder difficulty than Standard, then you may want to consider using the tips below instead.Here's what you'll need to have setup for this fight: Now, on to the actual strategy. Get the Royal Radiance keyblade, which is obtained from defeating No Heart (refer to. Below are all of Ven's Finishing Commands, and how to unlock them. One where he jumps really high and uses a long whip-like looking thing, and when he floats and shoots an X-shaped cross-slash at you. After completing Never Land with Terra, he will automatically go to Destiny Islands where you will watch some cutscenes, after this is done, this trophy will unlock. So go for the other sections as much as possible before worrying about this. Make sure you're at least level 45, though for Terra you might want to be at least level 55 before attempting, as the more damage you do, the fewer openings you need, but it's at least doable at level 45. The objective is to defeat 300 within 30 seconds. Instead, go to a Curaga command, and mash. To get to your Finish Commands list, go to the pause menu, select Command Decks, then choose Finish Commands. During the first stage the boss is cloaked in shadows and he will rush towards you and the game will shift to the boss' point of view. It doesn't really matter which one, but avoid using light based shotlocks. The only attack that can't be blocked is the charged attack. You get 2,000 medals from defeating the final Arena battle with No Heart, so you'll be able to use those to clean up the cheaper commands.Arena: Command Boards - It's recommended that you start with the command boards first. Waiting to do these can make them a major grind. Equip 3 Curaga commands, and then put surge commands into the rest of the slots. When you hit its belly, the gas gauge will refill. To get to your Finish Commands list, go to the pause menu, select Command Decks, then choose Finish Commands. Clear all 3 characters' stories which unlocks the last episode (so long as you've collected all Xehanort Reports), then complete the last episode. If you revert before picking up the D-Link orbs on the ground, then you can just immediately go back into the D-Link, and always have the double cp.Finish Commands/Shotlocks - While collecting your commands, you should also be going for getting the Finish commands completed. It's highly recommended to take some time to find a save point in another world besides Radiant Garden, make sure your items and such are in order, and maybe grind out and level up if you aren't around level 40. Shotlock is an extremely efficient and effective way of dealing with both of these bosses and is highly advised over regular combat. In this section, you will need to find every sticker in every world and then once you've found all of them, you'll need to place them correctly in the sticker album and get 140 points for correct placement. Most of the time, it'll make it in, sometimes it'll get blocked. After completely depleting the Vanitas Remnant's health bar, this trophy is as good as yours. You need to destroy at least 30 of these fireballs in order to get 3 stars and pass the battle mission. When you see him start to charge up, you can use your shotlock. You'll gain the various "of the Arena" trophies as you go through this section. As you play through the Arena, you'll unlock higher arena levels, and more missions. Remember, you need to have a certain finisher equipped in order to train different finishers. After getting on the wooden platforms, quickly attack 2 explosive barrels to throw them to Monstro. Once there, you'll just have to complete a race as part of the story, watch a cutscene, and then the trophy will be awarded to you. You don't actually have to win for these report entries. The actual prize pod locations start about 2 minutes into the video with Terra's locations. Here's the one you want. To get to your Finish Commands list, go to the pause menu, select Command Decks, then choose Finish Commands.Below are all of Aqua's Finish Commands, and how to unlock them. You can see those challenges by going to the pause menu, selecting Reports, then Game Records, then Arena Missions.Monsters of the Sea is an excellent way to farm medals. If you have Teleport equipped, you can teleport behind the boss. After that, you'll have to head back to grinding to get 9,999 medals and unlock No Heart. Because it's basically a race. After defeating the final boss and saved your cleared file, you should see the following message pop up when you open the Trinity Archives option in the main menu screen: “Blank Points” has been unlocked in Theatre. You unlock the Rhythm Mixer command style after collecting all of the stickers, and earning 140 points by placing each one in the right spot. Refer to  Savage Slayer for more info about Unversed Missions. Head down to  Maestro for more info on the game. Read the guide after the jump to know how. Take a look at  Collector for all the information you need on stickers and how to find them and place them correctly in the album. Definitely keep this in mind for situations like if you weren't finished with the finisher that you were working on, or something like that. Fighting from a distance with Triple Firaga seems to deal decent damage to him and has some homing.