Fikri's new rich wife. The 6 siblings try to keep each other happy despite their father Fikri who devoted his life to just drinking and making money from the easy way. She helps Filiz in starting her life again after she went to prison. [24] The second season premiered on 13 September 2018. She marries Rahmet. He uses the school and his friends to make money. Fikri later brings his daughter Yeliz, who is from another woman, to their house. The husband of Şükran; Filiz, Rahmet, Kiraz, Fikret and İsmet's father. He is the boss of the establishment where Filiz works. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 02:52. The happy ... See full summary ». As if this is not enough, the company will become inevitable when someone comes to the company he works for and the other as manager. Tufan says that Fikri can take beer in exchange for his debts. | Sive Senozen || Neslihan ||64-70 || Assistant Doctor of Barış,Filiz is always jealous of her, Neslihan helps in delivering the Baby of Filiz and Barış. Official Sites Bizim Hikaye 2. yeni sezon ne zaman başlayacak? The liver of the deceased patient is given to Fikri and he is saved. [11], In January 2017, the first actor to join the cast was confirmed to be Hazal Kaya, who was announced to be portraying Filiz Elibol/Aktan. He does not take his intellect and his abilities seriously, and her sister, Filiz, is afraid he will be 'wasting away' this way. While the show was on air a lot of international viewers were following the show with subtitles available in different languages by, "Bizim Hikaye'den yeni fragman geldi! It is an adaptation of the UK original series, Shameless. Her mother left the house, so she is left with 5 younger siblings. Later sides with Servet only to be betrayed. Şeyma's ex-husband, the Müjde 's father. Bizim Hikaye nerede çekiliyor? Ayşe acts as a bully at her school, while Fiko tries to impress her. A young, beautiful girl goes to a university where a playboy also studies. But school success does not mean much for him. Because he is the most similar to his mother, he gets the most out of his father's anger and is constantly exposed to his bullying. However, Filiz believes that there is no place for love in her life considering the difficult life she's been leading and tries to ignore her feelings. This is the adaptation of the famous series Shameless. The idea of the project was first discussed in 2015[4] and its name was announced as Utanmazlar, an adaptation of the American TV series Shameless. Cemil didn't want to divorce Filiz as he loved her. Filiz goes to Baris's office to find out the gender of her baby and they concile on the fact that they are having a girl.Fikhri has a heart attack and claims Hikmet and his granddaughter saved him from death.He vows to become a super father.Hikmet is relaesed from the hospital and comes to live with the Ebdoli's.A month later,Cemil and Cicek get married as well as Rahmet and Deniz.Filiz goes into labour and has a baby girl.Fikhri buys them all apartments for his granddaughters arrival.A baby is left at their dorstep revealed to be Fikhri's 7th child.The show ends on a happy note with Baris and Filiz living happily in their small but contented house.