Ragnar then "presented Björn with the lordship of Sweden for his conspicuous bravery and service." According to Frankish accounts, the leader of the Viking forces was a Norse chief named “Reginherus”, who is identified as Ragnar of the sagas by many scholars. With her, Ragnar has two sons, Bjorn’s older half-brothers Eirek and Agnar. this is confirmed in annals. Ifølge «Hervarar saga" han arvet Sverige fra sin far mens hans bror Sigurd Orm-Eye arvet resten av Skandinavia. Grundaren av Munsöätten på Svea rikes tron. Björn and his siblings then raided England, Wales, France, and Italy before returning to Scandinavia. Then it was back to Spain's Murcia coast, the Balearics, southern France and sacked Narbonne and then wintered on the island of Camargue in the Rhone delta. who raided on the Seine in France in the 850s CE. Cite This Work Groeneveld, E. (2018, December 04). In an exclusive interview with History, Ludwig and Winnick spoke about how the series has received global recognition and how the two characters are so well-liked. According to the ‘Hervarar saga’, he fathered two sons, Refil and Erik Björnsson. [1] Björn Ironside is said to have been the first ruler of the Swedish Munsö dynasty. He conquered Aquitania from the Franks, and he used Bordeaux as his stronghold for years. [17], William of Jumièges refers to Björn as Bier Costae ferreae (Ironside) who was Lotbroci regis filio (son of King Lodbrok). Han plyndret i Italia og deltok i erobringen av Paris sammen med faren Ragnar Lodbrok. "Björn, having inflicted great slaughter on the foe without hurt to himself, gained from the strength of his sides, which were like iron, a perpetual name [i.e., Ironside]". Enligt Hervarar saga skulle han ha varit en av Ragnar Lodbroks söner, och skall ha deltagit i faderns erövring av Paris. On their adventures, it is his crippled brother Ivar who leads the gang, while Bjorn is described as a capable and ferocious warrior who with his prowess can turn the tide of battles. Vikings: Can Alexander Ludwig sing? The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Who Said This To Elena – Stefan Or Damon? Vikings: Will Bjorn be reunited with his parents? Björn wanted his next conquest to be Rome but knew that the city would be well-guarded. Bjorn Ironside played by ­­­Alexander Ludwig in the overly popular show Vikings has been a major fan favourite since season one. 1M+ Views, 10 TV Shows Which Completely Changed Their Premise. But in an interview with TV Guide News Alexander Ludwig revealed this may not be the end for Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar. [25] Björn is not mentioned in this context, but later Norman tradition suggests that he may have been a brother. Björn Järnsida, latin bier cotae ferrae, Björn Járnsíða, var en viking som härjade i Frankrike på 800-talet. However, there seems to be a (side-)current running through some of our modern scholarship that does just that and sees Bjorn Ironside together with another Viking called Hásteinn (also spelt Hastein or Hasting) as the leaders of a historical Viking raid on present-day Spain. Enligt traditionen var det den här vikingastyrkan som efter att härjat i trakten av Mallorca plundrade städer längs dagens Riviera för att sedan inta bl.a. He said: "I wanted Bjorn to go at the hands of somebody like Ivar, nobody would be expecting that. Björn "Ironside" Ragnarsson was a legendary Swedish king who presumably reigned during the 9th century. It was Ivar the Boneless and Bjorn was the second eldest son.Bjorn Ironside had three brothers; Ivar th… Vikings: What happened to Bjorn’s wife Thorunn? This is the district in the Loire area. "Fans are keen to know if Bjorn will get the same lavish funeral his mother experienced and whether we will catch a glimpse of the three family members together again in Valhalla. Medieval sources refer to Björn Ironside's sons and grandsons, including Erik Björnsson and Björn at Haugi. [6] His descendants in the male line supposedly ruled over the Swedes until c. 1060. No, it’s a completely made up story by the writer of Vikings. This time, they landed in Italy and looted the coastal city of Pisa. While the legends mentioning Bjorn are set in the 9th century CE, they are most extensively known from three sources, all from around the 13th century CE: The Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok, The Tale of Ragnar’s Sons and Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum.