If you’re going to frequently clean your powder coating, you should choose a cleaning solution that is free from harsh chemicals. Here are a few of the easiest solutions for powder coating maintenance that will help you keep your powder coating finish looking like new for years to come. Run patches through the barrel repeatedly. However, you do that, is in your hands. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. Did you make this project? 4-H, Boy Scouts, Ducks Unlimited and a few other groups used to offer some pretty good opportunities. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. 11 years ago Excessive lubricant can cause issues on your next shoot. Read (and follow! You will get your monies worth on both endeavors. WOW... Actually, he shot a 5 point buck this morning. You are done. Is Powder Coating Bad for the Environment? Many use a "209"(shotgun shell-type) primer for ignition, and a few are even designed to fire modern smokeless powder (NEVER mix or substitute modern smokeless powder for black powder/pyrodex!). If you clean your powder coating with harsh chemicals, you will be drastically reducing its lifespan, impacting both its appearance and ability to protect your products. Do not ever work on a loaded weapon! Now comes the time we get our hands dirty. On a modern rifle, the same may apply but you will need to remove the breech plug as well. The living room carpet or kitchen sink may not be good. They've been really developing good ones over the last few years. 4) Coat a patch with a lubricant/protectant, and LIGHTLY coat the inside of your barrel. Place paper towels or rags on the bottom of your work space to absorb these fluids. Share it with us! (MIne was a .22 muzzleloading experiment gone horribly wrong!).. i did permanently attach the nipple/breech plug but i am not quite sure how to thoroughly clean it as well as the barrel. You're certainly starting right, and sounds like you're considering the most important things. Note that lightly is stated twice. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. While it may be filthy, it is not that hard. My troop never did anything cool, so I bailed. Make sure the gun is in your chosen base to soak up the liquids. The highest settings have the potential to strip your coat and harm the underlying material. here is a link if you wanna check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1e2JFoifAM, 12 years ago i recently started building a black powder rifle for plinking or taking small game (i could not afford to buy one) in 177 caliber. The wax that you apply should be labeled as non-abrasive, and if your products are meant for outdoor usage, your wax should include some form of UV protection. This usually involves removing the nipple on a traditional rifle and sometimes a traditional pistol. Follow all steps to safe gun handling. Helpful Care & Maintenance Guide for Powder Coatings, 7 Landscaping Features to Powder Coat, Not Paint, 10 Ways to Fit Powder Coating into Your Supply Timeline, 9 Ways to Customize Your Home with Powder Coated Iron. This is comparable to saying that shooting a 12-gauge shotgun with three-inch magnum buckshot will have somewhat of a kick. NOTE: I'm pressed for time, but I'll try to add a few more pics to this ible soon.  =  if ( notice ) They give you a sense of the frontier days and the old west. If done with a little preplanning you can contain the mess. This applies to the chamber and cylinders of a traditional pistol. If you own a car, then you’ve probably applied a coat of wax at least once to protect its paint job and keep it looking great. Is It Safe to Carry a Handgun Fully Loaded? However, if you decide to pressure wash your powder coated products, you should be sure to use a low pressure setting. Black powder guns get dirty fast. First, find a good cleaning location. Reply Black powder guns get dirty fast. (This can be done before the solvent step, but follow instructions for the products you use!) Be sure to consult your owners manual and the solvent directions. i also forgot to mention that i built my own black powder derringer, it can be fired with powder or just a cap, but i like to fire it in my room so i just stick with a cap. If you wish for us to complete your project, we will do so while limiting the transmission of germs by wearing gloves and proper safety attire to complete installations. Fortunately, cleaning and protecting your powder coating isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, particularly if you follow a few simple tips. i'm sorry, but i just have to say again... on Introduction. Well, powder coating can benefit from wax in the same way as your car, meaning adding a layer of wax is one of the best solutions for powder coating maintenance. Adding a coat of wax can protect your powder coating while preserving the appearance that you love. All final payments can be accepted by mail or charged to a credit card. Mainly just let me say BE CAREFUL!!!! function() { I have found that a sturdy medium-to large-sized plastic food container works well as a base. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). })(120000); My accident was because (even though I knew better), I was playing with "smokeless" and it was spectacular. We value you as our customer and will continue to provide you high quality service and safety. i tried initially cleaning it with some pipe cleaners, it worked but it was a pain in the arse because of the small bore and being so long. When they come out clean, move to next step. Powder coating is the premier solution for boosting the appearance and longevity of your metal products. Keeping your family safe throughout this difficult time is our number one goal. If you wish to reschedule, we will make arrangements for you. Plastic Cleaning Bases Second, disassemble the gun for cleaning. He went out by himself at 4:30 AM, and had one on the ground by about 6 AM. Traditional Black Powder Rifle All those, and many more, hooked me years ago. I was like, "How did he reload so quickly?". At AR Powder Coating, we are focused on helping our clients apply an attractive, durable powder coat finish to their products, and our team can’t wait to work with you. 2)Remove the breechplug (if possible), and primer-nipple. Have a place to dispose of dirty patches handy. Additionally, cleaning a black powder gun is somewhat dirty. Black powder and muzzleloading firearms are fun. All Rights reserved. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! I use the modern, more reliable muzzleloaders because I can't afford to come home empty-handed! I've got a lot of good excuses, but when all is said and done, he's just better than me! How to Clean and Protect Powder Coated Materials, How Changing Weather and Seasons can Affect Your Powder Coat, Powder Coating for Gym and Fitness Equipment. on Introduction. do you have any suggestions? You will get your monies worth on both endeavors. I think it's awesome that you're building em, but I've nearly lost some hearing in one ear and feeling in one hand from messin with the stuff. Use a "nipple pick" or a needle to make sure there is no fouling in the tiny orifice. thank you for your concern, the reason i made it .177 is because of the minimal chamber pressures, therefore making it less likely to blow up, also since pellets are dirt cheap i would not have to cast or buy lead ammo! notice.style.display = "block"; Tear it down as far as you can. 3) Use a brass or copper brush to remove any final fouling, rust, or carbon. 's blog. However, the one thing they did not talk too much about was cleaning. With a brass or copper brush, run your ramrod through the bore to remove any further carbon, fowling, or rust several times. It really was. I've seen a few 12 pointers (a friend got one last week), but The biggest one I've ever taken was an 8. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. This is comparable to saying that shooting a 12-gauge shotgun with three-inch magnum buckshot will have somewhat of a kick. I soak a piece of thread in oil, and run it back and forth through the orifice to prevent future fouling. In many states, there's also an extra hunting season for those willing to use these "out of date" weapons. Consult your owner’s manual for cleaning disassembly. Contact us today. Run a few more patches through to make sure additional fowling, rust, or powder is gone. They are more effective than a shotgun with a slug. We're here for you. ); i like this instructable a lot! 9 years ago I could never do that even if I tried! I had one friend that shot himself in the toe, and another who SHOT HIS EAR OFF, while working on loaded muzzleloaders. 3)If it's really dirty/rusted, remove stock and trigger assembly. Black Powder Pistol The next step you can do prior to applying solvent. hmm... once apon a time, i was in boyscouts, and i know that troop had some outings where they had target shooting with shotguns...the most i ever did while i was there was learn how to clean just the barrel... Yeah, I was in Scouts for about a year. 9 years ago Please be respectful of others. I remember the manuals said, “Always clean thoroughly when you are finished shooting.” What I learned is that you may sometimes be finished shooting because you have to clean your gun as it has become almost unusable with residue powder.