The saddle has a cantilever mechanism to allow easy removal of the battery. In the end, it is a commuter electric bike so I expect them to have a chaincover. It’s simple, elegant and no levers to bump your thumbs on. The front chainring has a guard built in to keep your pant The rear rack is a fairly standard size for a bicycle, but still immensely useful, especially with its spring loaded mouse-trap style arm. If you have to carry this around on a rack, you might look for a rack with an optional ramp to help get it up on the ramp. I bought a Blix cargo bike this year and had to replace the brakes within a couple months. This is a great bike for anyone who wants a low-step bike for commuting, sight-seeing, or just riding around for fun. Because the rear wheel houses the powerful hub motor, it’s held on by 18mm bolts. Almost all e-bikes have right hand throttles like a motorbike. Last edited: Dec 3, 2019. Display can’t be removed but again it isn’t a flashy LCD so I am sure it is safe to keep your electric bike outside for a certain amount of time. Also, hydraulic brakes won’t be affected from mud and dirt as they have a closed system. This is a great bike for anyone who wants a low-step bike for commuting, sight-seeing, or just riding around for fun. The geometry of the bike creates a more upright ride, causing you to sit tall and straight, which I enjoyed. BOOSTED REV BEST ELECTRIC SCOOTER PERIOD. It simply stands out and grabs people’s attention. Their step thru model isn’t similar to those bicycles with low step through but still comfortable to get on and off. Blix Bikes is located in Santa Cruz, California, but their heritage is classically Scandinavian. Blix isn’t suitable for shorter or more petite riders as it is a little bit high but for most of the riders, it will be ok. Blix is famous for producing function electric city bikes. The bars are fairly swept back for added comfort, and the stem is adjustable so riders can easily make their riding position comfortable. It is one of the greatest value electric bikes in the market which provides a lot of components included in the price. I am not a big fan of Kenda tyres but these ones seem to be better than I expected. We took it along the beach, through urban sprawl, through parks. This looks like a ladies bicycle at first but i believe many male riders can ride too especially if they have some physical obstacles to get on and off the bike. It can carry 35 lbs which are impressive for a front basket. The aluminum low-step-through frame uses a steel fork to maintain the bike’s lower price point. In practice, that you’re-on-your-own startup sequence happened to me for only a couple days until I realized how stupid I was for overlooking one of the best features on this bike – a hand throttle! Pedal-assist is actuated via a cadence sensor only, so any movement of the pedals will get you moving at the highest level of assistance allowed by the power mode you have selected. Spintech is unique and custom made for Blix and it is much smoother than famous brands like Bafang. With its large 700c wheels, the Aveny feels like it just glides down the road. Torque is rated at a zippy 70 N/m. Thread starter Mike's E-Bikes; Start date Jul 8, 2019; 1; 2; Next. The Aveny by Blix is an electric bicycle that offers pedal assistance and power on demand with a throttle. Aveny is the word for “avenue” in Swedish. From the stitched leather handgrips to the built-in front rack, the whole bike just has a crisp, classy feel to it. Most everything else is a very complementary silver. I guess the reason is that of the folding mechanism they use on the saddle. Let us know at, Electric Bike Action Product Test: Oneup Components EDC Stem And Carbon Handlebar, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR FINALIZED ELECTRIC BIKE RULES, Electric Bike Action Bike Test: Yuba Mundo Electric Cargo Bike, Electric Bike Action Bike Review: Trek Allant+ 9.9S Commuter Bike. Blix use a high end cadence sensor with 12 magnets. The motor is a 350 W rear hub motor that feels plenty powerful for my 150 lb (68 kg). They do have Kevlar reinforcement to provide puncture resistance. Blix Aveny has disc brakes which are supplied by Tektro. To find out more about the Aveny click here. The front has a cute little basket with a bamboo base and even a cupholder. Court 7 months ago. You can check differences of motor types here. In the end, it isn’t a speed pedelec or an electric mountain bike. Frame, fork, fenders and rack are all the same color, which can be either black, cream or green. © 2020 - Electric Bike Action. And if you want to buy Blix Aveny Step thru you can check think link. It sure comes in handy when you don’t have a bungee cord but still want to secure something to your rack. It is a rear geared hub motor with 350W nominal power and 500W peak output. We carried some unusual stuff on the rack, and it was configurable The rack makes it great for carrying kids and cargo. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. The motor will keep going for about a second after you let off the throttle or stop pedaling, but the built-in cutoff switches will chop the power instantly. The battery even has a nice built-in grip that that makes it easy to carry around with you. The integrated lights are another welcomed feature, especially considering how much I hate having to click little battery-powered lights on and off – not to mention the annoyance of running out of juice and having to search for more coin-cells after already riding home in the dark. Let us know in the comments below. It’s quiet and a simple joy to ride. For me, it can be a more important feature for a city bicycle. To my surprise, the founder is from Sweden! Instead, the Aveny’s design is much more akin to a Dutch bike, and looks more like something you’d see cruising along a waterfront bicycle path in Amsterdam than tearing along a gravel trail of your local park. Frame, fork, fenders and rack are all the same color, which can be either black, cream or green. Let's check.What do I like about Surface 604 The Aveny’s price point makes it a great value for what you get. Nice touch points include faux-leather stitched ergonomic grips, a highly padded saddle, and aluminum platform pedals with grip tape on them to make them compatible with almost any shoe. Blix Bike Battery is made from Panasonic cells. I personally loved this kind of design and I appreciate small details that Blix bicycles did such as colour matching mudguards, cup holder, unique rear rack design. If you have a long commute or go on long rides, this may not have the range you are looking for, unless you want to buy and carry a spare battery. It’s a comfortable, fun, good-looking and easy-to-ride bike with plenty of power. 1 of 2 Go to page. Blix Bikes is located in Santa Cruz, California, but their heritage is classically Scandinavian. However, the company is based in the U.S., Santa Cruz, CA to be exact. Includes fender, front and rear LED lights, and a rear rack. But Blix bikes use 3 amp charger. The in-depth review by Electric Bike Review covers both the Aveny step-throughand high step models. For anyone who wants an electric bicycle for recreational use or even for commuting on smooth paths and trails, it’s going to be hard to find an electric bike that is better suited for less money. Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US, Review: The Blix Aveny electric bicycle is a Dutch-style bike that looks as good as it rides, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos. I did several electric bicycle review and at that price, few bikes offer mudguards standard. The entire bike just has a totally different feel to it than most bikes, both physically and mentally. But once you switch to throttle-only riding, expect to use more battery to go the same distance. Realistically, you can basically use it like a subdivider in your basket for anything cup-sized, which is a nice feature to have. And 17.5 ah battery can go for 38-40 miles without a problem which is more than enough for most riders. For an additional review by Treehugger click here. In fact, the weight makes it feel planted in corners, and the bike hums along quite well. Battery pack is at the back of seat tube which is good for weight distribution and very easy to slide it out. Also as mentioned earlier it is one of the if … Instead of a rats nest of wires and cables, the Aven… Using the Blix Front Basket he was able to haul all sorts of goodies such as "large bags of coffee grounds for compost from my local coffee shop.".