The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) occasionally sells developed real property or undeveloped (raw) publicly-owned land by either direct sales or through competitive bidding at public auctions. As federal land managers consider opening trails to electric bicycles, conversations about new opportunities for access to public lands mixes with concerns about impacts to wildlife and traditional non-motorized travelers. Magdalen Combs, widow of John McCombs, Private, Captain Goodrich's New York Militia, War of 1812, assigns Military Land Warrant for 160 acres to Alexander Campbell. After Iowa Freedom Rider protestors firmly declared they would no longer be using spray paint in June, marks made before then remained: abbreviations of "F12" and "BLM… Tel. “We’ll be working with our recreation and conservation partners to ensure that motorized e-bikes are not permitted on non-motorized trails, and that appropriate trails for e-bikes are developed in a way that protects backcountry recreation experiences and public lands resources.”. OUR UNDERWRITERS SUPPORT JOURNALISM. The public comment period ended Oct. 26. (Dean Krakel, Special to The Colorado Sun) E-bike rules for BLM, Forest Service trails both thrill and rile backcountry users. Nr. Combs, Joseph IA Adair 5/15/1855 Fort Des Moines … The Forest Service collected more than 8,500 comments on the proposed new directives. McComb, Robert C IA Floyd 9/1/1859 Fort Des Moines 5654 0236-409 “Let’s work on reducing crowds on that first mile of a trail. The BLM’s Colorado River Valley Office is preparing a study of Class 1 e-bikes on the popular mountain trails in the North Fruita Desert. Margaret Atherton, widow of Abel W Atherton, aid de camp to General Richardson's Brigade of Massachusetts Militia, War of 1812, assigned Military Land Warrant for 80 acres to Benjamin Coombs. The order gave land managers 30 days to craft new rules for opening trails to e-bikes. Styled as being of Decatur County. Democrats faced long but not fully impossible odds to take a slim majority after a disappointing election night when Republicans defeated multiple challengers. McComb, George IA Wright 4/15/1859 Fort Dodge 43246 0029-489 “The inventory of non-motorized trails is cherished by the non-motorized community and opening it up to motorized use just to allow e-bikes is not a good long-term management strategy.”. The agency earlier this spring approved new trails in Garfield County after an environmental review that opened all hiking trails — except Rifle Arch — in the Grand Hogback area to Class 1 e-bikes. E-scooters. You can get a brief description of what each field means by hovering your mouse over it. Littleton Rock, Private, Captain Hay's Company, Virginia Militia, War of 1812 assigns Militray Land Warrant for 80 acres to Robert C McComb. Combs, Charles K IA Guthrie 2/16/1857 Fort Des Moines 1222 0014-493