As we all do, confirmation of the guidance we’re given is always appreciated. The truth is I’ve had many other spiritual experiences, that I feel it’s proper to put the blue flame dream into context. I was either talking or singing to the plants while I was watering. hope that helps… This was followed a very lucid dream in which a cute little vole reared up its nose towards me from which leapt a blue flame. Then i woke up. You may find yourself particularly drawn to either sciences, political news, or spiritual matters that to others seem far beyond your years. Hi J, Dixie, Hi Dixie, HI- let me know if you can please what you wish to upload.. .if you wish to be a contributing writer to this blog I can set you up for all that…. I feel that you often get a proverbial tap on the shoulder to help direct your decision making. I was crying and just wanted to be away from everyone. [23] It is easily recognised by the bare blue skin around its eyes. I used to have regular experience with spiritual guides when I was a kid but thew everything away when I was 17 years old as I thought I was crazy. The Heroes that Were Pigeons: The Smart “Rescue and War” Pigeons They are commonly known to suck the nectar out of grevillea trees and are very common around the backyard. Hornet Dreams can also foretell of improved luck, prosperity, inventiveness and a simple sense of pleasure that comes from seeing people around you happy. I got curious about your thoughts about this Margie as I’ve re-read over waht I’ve written for you here I’m unsure as to how much this might actually make sense – but yet I feel compelled to share all of it with you so I’m going to do that – I’ve reviewed and re-written some parts….I have a sense of unease about this…but I’m unwilling to go further at this point. The other thing I want to say is – don’t worry about this. HI Will, not sure what to make of this really. When someone in the spiritual world attains their highest but still choose to be active in this world, their aura will automatically be electric blue. Through the day, it makes squeaking noises while flying, and harsh squawks when mobbing. Your dreams give more information and you need to start paying close attention to messages you ‘think’ you are getting. But other than that, all good and life is about to get a little more ‘interesting’ but in some really cool ways. Nowadays, being ‘intuitive’ in our coaching or presenting styles is quite acceptable. Your dreams of battle and soldiers is simply symbolic. Many of us have had experiences that for us are normal but give others goosebumps. And so – here is my blog, you can follow what I have to say, or write and contribute your own experiences and thoughts. If you have found a particular book or website that has been helpful in color therapy I would not mind your guidance. I was guided to your site so I know there is some piece of info I need to obtain here. You’re a light worker – you’ve got things to do here. [37], The remainder of their diet is made up of plant material, such as pollen, berries, and nectar, from such species as grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea) and scarlet gum (Eucalyptus phoenicea), and from cultivated crops, such as bananas or particularly grapes. He was adopted within the next 24 hours. [16] The understory in eucalypt-dominated woodland, where the blue-faced honeyeater is found, is most commonly composed of grasses, such as Triodia, but sometimes it is made up of shrubs or small trees, such as grevilleas, paperbarks, wattles, Cooktown ironwood (Erythrophleum chlorostachys) or billygoat plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana). If you are feeling fear, then ensure you are using white light protection, and ask your angels or call upon/pray to Archangel Michael about this. Dixie. Thanks. I think you need to perhaps see someone who deals in energy or chakra healing. That’s when I felt an energy from within me exploding to fill my body. Thank you for creating this page . I had them on the shelf by my bed and at about 3 a.m. There was nothing significant in any dream other than she was just there. Blue-faced honeyeaters make a soft chirping around nestlings and family members. I guess I would just like to reiterate my current belief that there is a small blue flame of conscience inside us all where God resides and speaks to us from. [18] Parent birds feed the young on insects, fruit and nectar, and have been recorded regurgitating milk to them as well. You just made my day – in ways I can’t explain just yet but are very relevant to some conversations I have had over the past few days. I know helping others is quite time consuming but it is very appreciative by those like me who wish to become stronger in order to help others. Namaste, ( Log Out /  My first thoughts are that you have spirit guides who are concerned about you and your vulnerability to spiritual matters you are unprepared for. Keep me posted – I’d love to hear more if you continue to experience these things – and I’m sure you will. Dreams about Hornets can portend of a sweet ending to a personal or community project near and dear to your heart. I desperately want to take action, try to force the situation to meet my own desires, but the answer I keep getting is to wait. Namaste, Man and his symbols shows us great ways to use lifes symbols to understa" />. [29] In Mackay, a bird would fly up 10 or 12 metres (33 or 39 ft) above the treetops calling excitedly to its flock, which would follow and fly around in what was likened to an aerial corroboree, seemingly at play. Similar but more sinister I believe. I’m reading a book called Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, and much of what it says are things I’ve already known, so I can’t understand why I “lost” my ability to communicate directly with whoever was speaking with me. That day my body was tingling the whole day. Now – the inspiration behind this and the meaning of The Blue Flame. I’ve lots of stories to tell and for me a journey of becoming aware of my guides and guardian angels started soon after the death of my husband. I have always felt good about that without knowing why. I have been slowly waking up and becoming more aware though I am only just starting and learning or possibly remembering. The study concluded that conserved patches of woodland containing the two aggressive species should be larger than 20 ha (44 acres) to preserve diversity. They were almost like gas flames and were vibrant blue, sometimes purple. The Blue flames is usually associated with messages from Archangel Michael of security, safety in spiritual matters, and emerging/awaking spiritual matters. I passed it off as a dream before but I know it’s real. It is large honeyeater and can easily be identified by its bare blue face-patch.The head and throat are otherwise predominantly blackish with a white stripe around the nape (back of the neck) and another from the cheek. A passerine bird of the family Meliphagidae from northern and eastern Australia, and southern New Guinea. I thought it was day of someone telling you how to look after yourself through food. My helping other widows on their journey of understanding about this strange  world of loss and grief is also served well by my understanding the Blue Flame concept. Wondering what the future holds? The effects I’ve dealt with the blue flame is extreme confidence, almost as if I can do anything but it makes my lightbody hot but my body doesn’t perceive it as heat just a high frequency now with the black is a whole different story! I was guided to go deep and research this. His side burned out, mine kept going. Cheers, I remember being taken aback but calm. You have no need to second guess yourself about your care for her and choosing her ending. I hastily disposed of the garment. Now it’s a blue flame foundation. I was researching for hours and finally found what I was looking for. I knew it was not my mind. My initial thoughts are that you are starting a long journey now of healing through some past issues that affected your entire life, but are now moving behind you. I sense this is a time of transition for you… just relax and flow with the changes as much as you can. I’m happy to have found this site. HI Marian, Found in open woodland, parks and gardens, the blue-faced honeyeater is common in northern and eastern Australia, and southern New Guinea. Alone in my room with a candle that burned the entire time.I sat and started for hours and hours and hours.watching it dance.I got curious I feel this weird bond with The element fire…as I watched i took my finger and slowly inched it closer and closer to the flame…I noticed something…the fire would bend around my finger when near it…like an unseen force connected bending and swaying with my movements like a dance…Thats the night my life changed…I moved on to attempting to conjure a flame in my hand…what happened next changed me forever…I sat in a semi lit room held my hand out and I could notice a faint blue looking mist …I actually almost lost my mind…I thought I might have a tumor why else would I see this.So from there I would sit for hours imagining what I wanted to happen…then one night I’m practicing and it happens in my band a flame appears…but it’s not red .it always appears blue.and it’s not burning me.weird thing is the blue fire in my hand was Like Antarctic cold ice…Since this other things have happened…when I reach for things sometimes they move away as my hand moves towards.I See spirits everywhere…i hear sounds that are from the future. A blue bed in the dream indicates that you are feeling calm and collected at the moment. And then clouds return, and we focus on them again. Upon meditation I was shown a blue flame in spirit form. So far it’s pretty good! If you don’t feel like eating ‘a burger but really crave fruit salad’ for example, listen to your body. He asked me how I’m doing, and I lied and said I was fine. It was levitated and probably the size of a small person…to give an idea. So keep safe, protect yourself with white light and hold the intention of protection and love to keep the darkness away. I feel so grateful to have experienced what I did and really enjoying connecting, wakening (for lack of a better word) and learning. I’m so in awe of the work you are here to do. . The cover picture on this blog is absolutely 100 percent familiar! I think that being a lightworker and that flame are related. Hi Brandie – as a widow at age 31, I wish to extend my thoughts to you in support of your journey. Your prescence alone is healing to people I imagine it’s because you transmute negative energy naturally If I’m angry the flames turn orange/red and if I’m sad/frustrated the flames turn green. It was all visual. I went back to the shaman I asked him the same question: “what is happening in my life?”. But you’ll be called to do what you need to. Hii! I have lots of questions and don’t no where to even begin.Some I’ve figured out on my own.. like why after I stop attempting to darken the flame I feel drained…this is also the first time I’m sharing my story…if anyone knows anything plz. Let me know if you also find more about this. The blue-faced honeyeater was first described by ornithologist John Latham in his 1801 work, Supplementum Indicis Ornithologici, sive Systematis Ornithologiae. I saw a green energy shoot out of my heart chakra, then a white beam of light fall on me about the width of my body, which was surrounded by an intense blue flame. 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