Don’t mind the double wave scope pattern it is actually a single wave pattern but i think it was a camera issue when it captured the image. Using a multimeter, the mechanics will measure the voltage drop on different ends of the fuel pump to determine whether there are any problems within the pump itself. And there you have it. Have you ever had to deal with a failing fuel pump? When this mismatch becomes great enough, the pressure in your fuel lines can become inconsistent. that will be your power and ground coming from the control module. This symptom can also be caused by a wide variety of other issues, so having the vehicle properly diagnosed is highly recommended. It’s also a frequent problem on the N54…I blew mine at 42k miles, our E60 blew one at 60k miles, and our E90 had a failed one at some point as well. 2. Once you have removed the cover the module will be exposed and will be fastened by two 10mm nuts. One of the first symptoms of a problem with the fuel pump is a … Consider whether the fuel filter is clogged. This symptom can also be caused by a wide variety of other issues, so having the vehicle properly diagnosedis highly recommended. Since mechanical pumps are driven directly by the motion of the engine and contain few moving parts, they tend to be reliable and relatively easy to diagnose and fix. Poor Acceleration 3. One problem that you are more than likely to experience with your BMW is the high-pressure fuel pump failing. it is also encoded to match the specific engine and model type. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. But other events may trigger the switch: * Even a little bumper push in a parking lot. A fuel pump or in other cases an electric motor can fail for few reasons but in this case, the actual magnet within the fuel pump assembly deteriorated and broke leaving pieces everywhere. Do this about six times. If there's fuel in the line, it just confirms that the fuel pump is delivering fuel, not necessarily the right amount, though. When problems arise with your BMW’s fuel injector, there is a range of symptoms that may indicate there’s an issue. After I found this blown fuse I went ahead and replaced that fuse with a good one I sat in the driver seat and cranked away at the ignition switch only to result in the fuse being blown again. There might be a fault in the pump itself, or the fuel pressure regulator. I’ve seen countless times where a mechanic gets a car then reads the fault memory and it displays oxygen sensor faults and they go ahead and replace the sensor go out on a test drive and the fault code comes back. what I did next is hooked up a fuel gauge reader and check if I had any type of pressure whatsoever when I just switch the ignition to accessory mode. Having trouble in these situations could be a sign of fuel pump failure. If you notice any of these … Use a vacuum gauge to find car mechanical problems faster at a low cost. You may notice a change when accelerating, and you may also even experience engine misfires and stalling. How to Check the FPR with a Vacuum Pump, IV. Any one of several different parts can malfunction and lead to fuel pump problems. Remove all eight 10MM nuts and you will see the top of the fuel tank and both units installed in them with the famous BMW lock ring holding them in place. The fuel pump feeds fuel to the engine at a reliable rate; without this pump, your fuel would just sit in your tank, useless and inert. Might start next time with no problems. This is the right pressure reading the low-pressure fuel pump should be reading as a normal running pump. Can YOUR Car be Hacked? Cover the valve with a shop rag and use a small screwdriver to depress the valve. If you notice any of the common symptoms of fuel pump failure while you’re driving, you may need to have your fuel pump inspected and replaced. Recognize bad fuel filter symptoms, improve engine performance, and avoid expensive repair bills. This interruption in fuel flow causes your engine to skip several power strokes, forcing the engine to sputter and jerk. Fixing the Fuel Pump. I removed both the sender unit and the fuel pump unit. BMW’s use a electric water pump, rather than a traditional water pump. The engine may still crank when the key is turned, however it will not be able to start due to lack of fuel. In this guide, you will learn about fuel pump problems and fuel pump module known as the EKPS module. Basically, install the new fuel pump unit and make sure you feed the plastic hoses into the tank and feed it to the other side of the tank so it might mean you have to stick your arm in the tank and guide it to the other side. they do help a ton but they are not necessary. I was driving home one night when the engine malfunction warning came on saying reduced engine power. Now that you have successfully removed both the sender unit on the driver side and the actual fuel pump on the passenger side all you have to do is work backward from here in reverse order. Hope this helps. If you don't have a code reader, a local auto parts store will loan you one. Then attach the same sending unit you previously removed on the driver side and put it all back together close up the lids and lock the lockrings back into place. On average, a timing belt has a service life of about five years. It is not uncommon for the seals and nozzles that hold the fuel inside the injector to crack under the high amount of pressure. Car jerking, sputtering, losing power when accelerating or going uphill might be a sign of fuel pump failure. since I own a snap-on scan tool and snap-on scope I am able to use these tools to test systems and make proper repairs. Early in my career, I’ve noticed this pattern in other techs and I decided not to be that guy that just changes parts and prays to the car gods that it fixes the problem on the vehicle. 80 years of automotive history. It happens because when the fuel pump starts to fail, the parts will wear out at different rates creating a mismatch of combustion that causes the pressure in the engine to be inconsistent. Usually, technicians quiver and get upset when this happens because they have to deal with the headache of figuring out what is wrong with the car. Can the fuel pump not work while the car still runs, or is the fuel pump's pressure running too low to read with the pressure gauge? There are several places that you may want to check for this: fuel injector leaking, bad oil cap (or gasket, O-ring), fuel line, or even a bad gas cap. Don't look beyond a BMW. Classic cars, especially notable designs or rare "thoroughbred" automobiles tend to hold their […], Proctorcars is a brand new car magazine bringing you the latest information about car technology, in-depth guides on a variety of automotive and driving topics as well as fun and interesting articles that you don’t want to miss! Is it a CEL followed by immediate, catastrophic breakdown of the fuel supply, or are there early warning signs? Regular vehicle maintenance is critical to ensure the longevity of your BMW, and in the Orange County areas of Anaheim, Fullerton, and Placentia, CA where traffic is highly condensed it is even more essential to take care of your vehicle routinely. A clogged fuel filter can also prevent your engine from starting. For each question, choose the best answer. Question: I have 09 Chevy Silverado. Another test you can do: turn the ignition key to the on position and then turn it off. Some models have an access door underneath the rear seat. Read More. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. now after finding the fuse popped and replacing the fuel pump now the car is able to start and run properly. At the same time if you do have access to a proper scan tool like the one I use in my case studies then pull up the data PID for fuel readings like the picture below and take note that no pressure is present upon key on engine off. This is a small metallic cylinder connected to the fuel rail. The fuse for the low-pressure fuel pump is number (72) and good thing I checked there first because I found the fuse blown which indicated an obvious problem. Changing the fuel pump on a BMW E60 model can be challenging if you have not replaced it a few times in the past or don’t understand the system. This will automatically lead to a complete stop of the car since no fuel will be reaching the engine to run it. But make sure the alternator is good and the connections at the battery and ground. When the fuel pump has failed, your BMW has ways of letting you know. Fuel pump problems are hard to diagnose sometimes. Testing for Fuel Pressure on a TBI System. So as you read along I will show you my exact process of how I came to the conclusion that the low-pressure fuel pump in this car failed and I will show you exactly what failed within the pump. you can simply remove the nuts and then remove the unit if you ever need to replace it. This particular vehicle has about 144,000K miles on the instrument cluster so its no surprise the pump failed and actually lasted this long. Listed below are the most common symptoms of fuel pump failure: 1. Photo by Takashi Hososhima on Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0. It seems almost impossible for a rag to be forced into the fuel tank because of the bends on the filler neck and the check valve. Some of the symptoms of the pump actually failing I have listed in my other article called BMW E46 fuel pump replacement done right(professionally) so you can check that out for a reference. Future Car Technologies: What is Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication? Only have 150 miles on engine so still learning what things are supposed to be doing. While the situation may only last a moment before going back to normal for a while, this is a sign that you need to check the fuel pump in your BMW. If it’s failing, it can’t always do that. After trouble with the 2017 Toyota hesItating on the highway and after 3 visits to the service department, a shop rag was found wrapped around the fuel pump. Put your ear close to the fuel filler opening. Once your fuel pump has finally given up the ghost, no fuel will reach your engine. While BMWs sets the gold standard for many vehicle manufacturers around the world, they are not immune to maintenance and repair issues. Question: My fuel pump wires next to the gas tank get warm if I switch key on and off, but the nfuel pump doesn't prime. Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Check the pump relay, wires, and connector. Relieve the fuel system pressure (check your repair manual for the best procedure for your model).