That means no full acceleration – ie slamming your foot the floor. There are different driving modes that can tune the engine response, throttle sensitivity and steering performance. Despite the unexpected drag-strip bent, the 2020 M340i is still very much a 3-series, as the species is commonly known. The BMW M340i is the performance version of the BMW 3-Series. Hence, they introduced the RS 3 Nardo Edition to the market fo .. But what about M cars? The fuel mileage for the 2021 BMW is still to be known while the current model is capable of giving fuel specs of 22mpg in the city and 30mpg on the highway with a maximum fuel capacity of 15.6-gallons. Audi, Mercedes, and even Genesis are redefining interior quality in this class, and yet BMW is resolutely sticking to obviously synthetic and rubberized plastic on the dash and doors. The SensaTec faux-leather upholstery feels soft to touch and is used all over the cabin which enhances the look and feel of the cockpit. The powertrain is similar across both the variants with similar power output and features. Gearbox: you should always treat a manual box with respect. It's a shame the company wouldn't fight for the manual the way it's apparently fighting to keep this stuff. With its strong chassis, safety features, and a perfectly built powertrain the M340i carries with itself a quantifiable amount of assurance. During the first 1,200 miles M recommends that you ease on the throttle rather than slam it to the floor. The 2021 BMW M340i has one of the better looking BMW signature kidney grille that we have seen lately, with perfectly placed slotting for improved streamlined efficiency. The turbocharged straight six engine returns up to 22 mpg in the city and so the fuel cost ranges up to $1,800 for a year. 2020 BMW M340i Is a Rocket of an Everyday 3-Series. Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller. Although, before the M3 really makes an official debut in Septemb .. Engine Wear. Under the hood, it is unmistakably a Bimmer as it is powered by a smooth yet utterly powerful straight-six engine producing 382 horsepower. It's frenetic now, even brutal. Although the 2021 BMW M340i is yet to receive safety ratings from the NHTSA and IIHS, the 2020 model was appraised as the top safety pick from the IIHS. This is the BMW M340i Touring and it’s a classic recipe with some slightly new ingredients. The sedan never feels handful or intimidating especially when coupled with the xDrive AWD system. Under the hood of the 2021 M340i, you can see a 3.0L turbocharged Inline-6 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission which has the capability to churn out 382HP and 369lb-ft of torque.