I’ve seen Body Groove transform the health of thousands of people just like you, so I’m 100% confident that it will work for you, too. I had tried every diet and exercise program imaginable and given up on myself. Body Groove FIT is everything you love about Body Groove but with a little more energy and intensity...but still done your own way. Consult your physician or health care provider and follow all safety guidance before beginning any exercise program or nutrition plan, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication. And the best part is you can start TODAY, no matter what your fitness level is right now. Then, I invited a handful of friends over for a dance party - friends of all shapes and sizes who have one thing in common: they hate to "workout" but they love to dance! YOUNG at HEART was inspired by two of my very best friends, Roger and Yvonne Puckett. That’s why Body Groove is helping people get into the best shape of their lives, even when “regular” exercise seemed difficult and painful. It's designed especially for people who need a kinder, gentler workout and it's something that I know you'll absolutely love. And they all did that workout in the way that was exactly right for them. 2.5 hours of GROOVING Deliciousness for your mind, body, heart and soul I love Body Groove! (And don't worry, they can be done at a wide range of fitness levels!). You'll also get my Alive & Strong workout, which is perfect for those days when you want to add some extra strength to your day. Latin Dance isn't just a great workout - it's my ultimate confidence boosting secret! I love Body Groove! bodyGROOVE® Delicious DANCE. Your body is unique and wonderful, and the results you experience with any exercise program will be unique. Heather is a Master Trainer for the World Groove Movement, and has been leading Groove workouts for years, all over the world. As you can see, this workout has a couple of simple dance moves that will work your whole body. ALIVE $14.99. Minimizing Negative Influences About Your Body, Take your Groove workout to the next level with High Intensity Interval Training, Stop Losing Sleep Over the Size of Your Butt. When Body Groove lover Amanda from Illinois was diagnosed with diabetes, she knew she needed to find an exercise program that worked for her. STRONG $14.99. Click here for details! Watch what happened when she discovered Body Groove…, Check out some real reviews from Body Groove lovers who shared their experience on Facebook…, The Body Groove workouts changed my life, and they’ve changed the lives of thousands of others all over the world…, I want you to be the next person who gets to experience the magic of Body Groove…, I want you to be the next person discovers how amazing it feels to move your body freely….