The Dividing Fences Phone:  02 6540 1100Fax:  02 6545, 135 Liverpool Street, Scone34-40 Vennacher Street, Merriwa47 Mayne Street, Murrurundi, After hours emergencies for roads, bridges, animal control, water, sewer & landfill Phone: 02 6540 1199. adjoining lands or on a line other than the common boundary. In NSW, a pool fence must: be at least 1.2m high (as measured from the finished ground level) not leave a gap at the bottom bigger than 10cm from the finished ground level; if a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier must be 1.8m high; not have gaps of more than 10cm between any vertical bars in the fence However, like most home modifications, there are strict guidelines to follow, and the rules are slightly different for each state and territory in Australia. application process or complying development process. 44 Preston Street Penrith NSW 2750 Australia, © 2020 Dunn & Farrugia - All rights reserved, qualified and knowledgeable fencing contractors, pool fencing for various residential and commercial applications, How to Block Your Neighbours ViewWith an Outdoor Privacy Screen, Why You Should Insist on BlueScope COLORBOND® Steel. Fortunately, the answer is ‘Yes.’ In most cases you can use a boundary fence as a pool barrier. Let’s take a closer look what they are. of Fences, Screen and Courtyard Walls. work is needed and they want the cost to be shared. Dividing Fences Act 1991. Please refer to LawAccess NSW for more information or talk to Dunn & Farrugia for expert advice. If mediation is not successful, the person who wants the fence can serve a Fencing Notice on their neighbour. The boundary fence in question must also fall outside the ‘non-climbable zone’ around the pool. Key pool fence measurements. and Complying Development Codes) 2008. separating the land of adjoining owners. The law about the NSW will allow land to be cleared up to 25m from property boundary, citing bushfire concerns Proposal to ‘empower’ landowners to clear without … " window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag('js', new Date()); gtag('config', 'UA-116285491-6'); A fence is a structure, ditch or neighbours about dividing fences are among the most common neighbourhood For help with legal advice on dividing fence The general rule is that any repairs to a fence should be split 50/50. Can You Use a Boundary Fence as a Pool Fence? By phone: 131 555 By email: You may be asking this question if you have a swimming pool (or plan to install one) near a dividing fence on your property. Swimming pool construction requires council approval, which will include requiring fencing.