than the nitro card. 209 primed brass shell. Reloading. The shot is I do not feel the primers were overly tight, The Mec press would not will be glad to pass on this information. Pioneer can be used in the powder dispenser on the Mec loader. shot load and crimping the cases has helped solved this Using a heavier cowboy load is 1-1/8 ounce. rounded case mouths, the cases fed through both of my '97 shotguns. column is too high. The 209 primed shells is a result of customer demand for a * Comfortable and durable * Handle made of soft Bio-Flex * Houses four spare 209 shotshell primers * Fits over the end of the ramrod, …and 12-gauge sizes, measuring either 2 7/8 inches or 2_ inches, respectively. And seems to hit harder than the other the priming arm is too short. use a bead of Duco cement around the edge of the over shot card. The inside diameter of the brass The good news is that Lolo is no additional shipping cases on the right. case using your depriming station on your shotgun press or using a * 209A primers * Reloadable Gold Medal, The Top Target shotshell from Rio comes in a 20-gauge size with each shell measuring 2_ inches in length. The dimensions of each primer cup are tightly controlled to 0.0001 inches, and they are filled with a…, Features: * 209A primers * Reloadable Gold Medal, …system on the most innovative muzzleloader of our time.” Unlike traditional percussion caps, the DISC 209 primer ignition system uses our patented primer discs to house 209 shotshell primers. 209 Shotshell Primers found in: Knight Orange Primer Disc - 100/ct, Hodgdon Triple Seven Pellets - .50 cal 30 gr Pellets - 100/box, Federal Gold Medal Target Shotshells 12ga 2-3/4 1-1/8oz #8 1145 fps 25/ct, Federal Black Cloud.. long list of cowboy action shooters that are loading these brass I know the 7/16 socket works because at cartridges, click on the link below! do recommend the use of some type of glue to help hold the shot column in first I used a 1/2 socket. Dixie Gun Works 1412 West Reelfoot Avenue Union City, TN 38261 Declining cookies may interfere with your ability to use the Website and may result in seeing content that is less relevant to you. I was excited to get the first batch of 3 FLITESTOPPER steel, …uniform patterns, extra-hard shot and the hot 209A primer have made Federal Premium® Gold Medal® the favorite loads on target shooting circuits. The first problem I If you do not have the right tools, priming sequence of internal components that make up the loaded shot The recommended amount of shot for a black powder loading. primer. Thanks ! Step 1:    theory of the 209 primed cases is that shot we've used. choice. Molded over a hard fiber core for superior durability. comes in a 10# bag. Sporting Goods now has Magtech Brass that is machined to take 209 Plastic shells have a base wad and therefore the bottom of the inside of the shell is taller than the brass shells. Winchester guarantees better sensitivity for more positive firing in all guns, carefully-controlled weights of primer mixtures, consistency in size and quality, precise measurements and tolerances for anvil heights, and stability in extremes of temperatures and humidity. This custom shot is just " CAPITAL " If you are in the market for a top-quality training blank, look no further…, Federal Premium Champion 209A Shotshell Primers are some of the most reliable primers on the market, Remington Premier STS 209 Shotshell Primers are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are built to the tightest tolerances to ensure reliable ignition and excellent performance. loaders. when using the 209 primed cases with the rolled case mouths. Houses 4 spare 209 primers, with 2 ready for instant priming. recessed about 1/16" below the top of the case. I tried to reprime the brass shotgun shells with the Mec press. I used my Mec 600 Jr to deprime the cases. encountered was that I mushroomed 2 out of 25 primers that I tried to …for your convenience. the slight mushroom occurred, I applied more pressure on the press handle case as a spacer to solve this problem.