Lee, Jessica. Walker told the investigators a “loud bang” jarred Taylor awake, “It scared her to death.” She shouted “Who is it?” at the top of her lungs, according to Walker, and they jumped out of bed and rushed to get dressed. But the police determined that she had no foreknowledge of how the car rental would be used. Everything the Media Claimed About Breonna Taylor’s Death Was a Lie – Truth Surfaces – No Police Charged in Her Death… Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Original Article.    Accessed 12 October 2020.    27 April 2020. Records of her licensing file from the KBEMS show that her EMT license expired at the end of 2017. Cameron continued officers then attempted to enter the property after receiving no reply. “Breonna Taylor: Police Officer Charged But Not Over Death.” Ashley, Phylicia. “Tamika Palmer vs. Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove, Jonathan Mattingly.” There is body cam footage of the aftermath of the shooting in which Walker is heard repeatedly telling the officers that he and Taylor did not know police were trying to enter their apartment. “Say Her Name!” The Left wants us to “say her name,” holding Taylor up as a victim murdered by police negligence and granting her a kind of sainthood status. Callimachi, Rukmini. And on social media, false and exaggerated claims about Ms. Taylor began recirculating, using a years-old format that was popularized years ago by far-right YouTube personalities. In transcripts released by the city of Louisville, officers from the Shively Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit told investigators in May that they had been asked by the Louisville detectives following Glover’s case to check with the postal inspector if packages for Glover had been sent to Taylor’s address. When they left their bed, Walker says he saw the door come “off the hinges,” and the shooting began soon after. Help preserve this vital resource.    31 July 2020. This material may not be reproduced without permission. Investigating the ‘Truth About Breonna Taylor’ Meme Fabricated criminal activities, distorted employment history, and conflicting reports emerged after the … These rumors impugned Taylor’s character, specifically her work credentials, accused her without evidence of being involved in criminal activities, and even speculated about the events on the night she was killed from gunfire. Simko-Bednarski, Evan. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. The revelation of documents detailing the LMPD investigation and months of meticulous news reports showed the LMPD attempting to connect Taylor to the activities of her ex-boyfriend, leading to the fateful events that resulted in her death. “Personnel Records Give Timeline of Breonna Taylor’s Career as an EMT.”     12 March 2020.    NBC News. As soon as the door came off the hinges, he said, “I let off one shot like I can’t still see who it is or anything […] I left off one shot and then all of a sudden there’s a whole lot of shots.” Walker’s shot hit and injured a police officer. Law Officer. The conditions are perfect this year for a werewolf sighting. Glover was also tracked going between her apartment in January to another location that the police said was “a known drug house.”. His account was that Taylor fell asleep, or “dozed off” around 10 minutes before the officers tried to break down their door. Postal Inspector that Jamarcus Glover has been receiving packages” at Taylor’s address and “it is not uncommon for drug traffickers to receive mail packages at different locations to avoid detection from law enforcement.”, But reports from October cast doubt on whether any postal packages for Glover were in fact delivered to Taylor’s home. 1 October 2020. BBC News. Law enforcement officers involved in the case also claimed that they believed Glover was receiving packages at Taylor’s apartment. 9 October 2020. “This is a case that comes down to personal responsibility,” Ms. Owens said of Ms. Taylor’s killing, in a video posted Wednesday that got more than a million views on Facebook. Wolfson, Andrew. As we pointed out earlier, in an August interview Glover said that Taylor had no dealings with drugs. In an August interview with The Courier Journal, Glover, who is now facing drug trafficking charges, said that Taylor had no dealings with drugs. Even though the warrant was a “no-knock” warrant, the police officers said they were instructed to knock and announce themselves, which they did, before breaking down the door. in 2017. Charlie Kirk, the right-wing founder of Turning Point USA, posted a video titled “The Truth About Breonna Taylor,” which was among the most shared Facebook posts about Ms. Taylor on Wednesday, according to data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned data platform. Such warrants are often issued when a judge thinks announcing police presence would pose a danger to their safety. 'Their statements are corroborated by an independent witness near to the proximity of apartment 4. We know that at the time of Taylor’s death she was employed as an emergency room technician at two local hospitals, and she was certified as an EMT through 2017 but let her license expire. KBEMS is responsible for initial and continuing certification of EMTs in the state of Kentucky. “Breonna Taylor Live Updates: Suspect Charged in Shooting of 2 Officers at Louisville Protests.” This particular claim attaches Taylor to her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, a twice-convicted drug dealer who had been in and out of jail. Protests broke out in the Kentucky city, and in cities across the country, after prosecutors made the announcement. Cameron continued: "Mr Walker admitted that he fired one shot and was the first one to shoot," adding Mattingly was likely not shot by "friendly fire" from other officers, evidence shows. Kasprak, Alex. The “Truth About” format, which promised a kind of secret knowledge to viewers, was appealing to those who distrusted the mainstream media and wanted to hear an alternative explanation for police violence. The city also did not share that information with the media.     23 September 2020. NPR: All Things Considered. At least too late to stop the riots currently being carried out in her name. In other words, the warrant was not served as a no-knock warrant.". According to Glover’s case history file provided to us by the Jefferson County Office of the Circuit Court Clerk in Kentucky, Taylor paid or arranged for Glover’s bail twice in 2017. The 26-year-old frontline medic was shot dead by police at her home in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13.    12 June 2020. 17 June 2020. Louisvilleky.gov. Viral images of Exxon gas station signs were shared in October 2020, ahead of Election Day. The lawsuit filed by Taylor’s mother also said “Breonna and Kenneth were awakened by the [officers’] unannounced entry into their home […] They believed that their home had been broken into by criminals.”. Readers beware. An attorney for Jaynes has also admitted that information in the search warrant affidavit appeared to be “inaccurate.” The attorney added, in hindsight, Jaynes could have taken the line about suspected packages out of the affidavit or changed the wording. “Breonna Taylor: Police Files Raise New Questions, Renew Outrage.” In 2016, she was interrogated alongside him by police officers after she rented a car, lent it to Mr. Glover and he in turn handed the keys to another suspected drug dealer, who was found dead in the car hours later. Cops were looking for suspect Jamarcus Glover, who allegedly dated Taylor two years ago. “Q&A: What Were the Results of Breonna Taylor Investigation?” To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said she was shot six times, but only one of the shots was fatal. He emphasized that he heard them shout “Police!” only once. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. “No-Knock Warrant.” Glover was arrested in another raid the night of Taylor’s death at a different address on Elliott Avenue. Taylor’s birth date, social security number, and apartment address were also listed. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron also shared that Ms Taylor, who was thought to have died in her bed after the theory was widely shared on social media, was killed standing next to her boyfriend - who fired the first shots, Cameron said.    CNN. Behind him Cosgrove also returned fire into the apartment hallway. This aspect of the claim is therefore partly true and partly undetermined. Commonwealth of Kentucky. The meme has also been shared by her husband Brandon Tatum, a former police officer, and self-described “Black conservative” who runs his own media company.    WDRB.com. According to the revealed internal documents, Louisville police do not have a working relationship with the postal inspector’s office “due to previous incidents.”. The board did not, however, have any record of disciplinary action or suspension of her license by KBEMS prior to its expiration. "They only had information conveyed to them in their prior briefing. Trendception: A master class in the use of spurious data to make bogus and self-referential political talking points unsupported by empirical evidence. The New York Times. One person, a truck driver returning from his shift, said he heard officers shouting and at least three loud bangs as they knocked on Taylor’s door. "Sergeant Mattingly and detectives Cosgrove and Hankison had no known involvement in the proceeding investigation or obtainment of the search warrant.    13 March 2020.