very helpful brilliantly knowledgeable happy to spend time giving you all the information you need. Take extremely good care of their animals. This is the place to go for reptiles and fish. Everything went along smoothly & I am extremely happy with my purchase. Since moving to blackpool two years ago this is the only establishment that i have gone to for my reptiles. Thank you so much xx. Some of the most popular species include the Common Boa, Brazilian rainbow boa, and Royal Python. We've been back since for further advice as our understanding on what we want and are doing has increased and they've not let us down. Many reptile and amphibians love utilizing the axils of these epiphytes to access clean, fresh water but to also put their bodies in them if they are able to fit to provide a sense of security. Definitely go and check out their shop! Guzmanias are easily scorched by hot lights so be sure to plant them in a fairly bright position, but out of direct light. I picked some out that I loved the look of and Dean explained how all the genetics worked and the possibilities of crossing the different combinations of snakes. Well done great team. I phoned shop for information about the snake I brought. Thank you for all your help so far. Wouldnt shop anyway else!! .....Thanks to all the staff......I highly recommend this company, popped to see Dean today after many many years away from the reptile community, Dean as ever was the perfect host and I came away happy with a Purple Passion Royal and setup, can't recommend Dean and his place enough. The shop is ever changing and they are putting a lot of hard work into the building itself. Remove Advertisements. If I could show you pictures I would. Yearling Guyana Redtail Boa … 5* just isn't enough and our son is absolutely over the moon with his new pet. Cookies disclaimer I agree Our site saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. Use this life-like foliage to enhance the decor of your terrarium or paludarium. The Giant gecko originates from the South Pacific island of New Caladonia and smaller surrounding is.. £495.00 Highly recommended this place and i normally don't get involved with reviews or praise but it's well earned in this instance. 6" Pot Bromeliad Neoregelia w/ 1-2 Offsets *The Dude's Choice* $18.95 $24.95. Scientific Name: Neoregel... A hand selected five pack of the Dude's best Bromelaid offsets. Very friendly knowledgable staff, very happy with service. nice to go somewhere and talk to people with actual experience. As the plant mature it will produce arching stolon's with a young plant at the end and they can form large attractive clumps over time. In particular, ‘new’ Dane really went out of his way to encourage the kids and really sparked their enthusiasm. Opportunistic feeders.. £70.00 There are succulents for arid environments, bromeliads, ground cover plants and epiphytes for jungle setups as well as aquatic plants and mosses. Because some boas do make good pets, while others have difficult requirements in captivity or should only be kept by people mature and experienced enough to handle them safely, I offer below a rough guide to boas that are seen for sale in the West. They can be grown attached to rocks or branches, or in a well drained soil. Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics The UK's most trusted supplier of Live Animals, Live Insects, Frozen, Prepared Foods Equipment - CALL 01253 863 700. There may be 1 duplicate depending on the Dude's availability. Neoregelias are epiphytic bromeliads suited to use in forest set ups.