=  Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes. The Bully Kutta goes by several names depending on the region. However, they may be prone to arthritis, skin problems and blindness in later stages of their life. Videos. Contact. They can stand nearly 3 feet tall and weigh more than 12 stones, putting them firmly in the “large dog” category. Thousands of years of breeding have made them fighters. Separate varieties emerged from the Sindh district in Rajastan, in Bhawalpur, and in Kutch. They are tough, can take a lot of damage, and are utterly fearless when they draw blood. Log In. There have been many disputes regarding the country of origin of this breed. This breed of dogs is mostly available in Pakistan, however rare in India as in other parts of the world. Even emperors valued and admired them: the great Mughal emperor Akbar, the third of his line, had Bully Kuttas for hunting. “Bully” comes from the Punjabi word “bholi,” meaning, With loose skin, drooping flews (upper lips) and occasional dewlaps (excess skin), they have earned the ‘. Small dogs and animals look like crunchy treats to them, making them completely inappropriate for households with other pets. They will trash an apartment if they are left alone, so they need at least a medium sized yard to run around in. SheddingModerately Dog Trainer. With such remarkable attributes for such an untamed breed, this dog surely has the true charm and pride of a canine. Log In. Life Span/Life Expentancy8-10 Years 3,276 people follow this. Bullys are quite clean dogs. They exercise a lot and sleep a lot, so you need to keep them in good shape with their diet. As well as being hands down the largest super athletic Bully that anyone has ever seen. Most have thick curly tails but some have stubs. Their eyes are usually amber or golden and are set under heavy brows. Bully Kutta Quality Kennel. You can train them in many ways from their easy days like crate training, socialization, behavioral training, and obedience training. The Bully Kutta is a working dog that originated from the Indian subcontinent, also known as Indian Mastiff or Alangu Mastiff. They are known to be quite aggressive and somewhat difficult to handle but with good training from their infancy, they can be good guardians. High Energy, Noble, Intelligent, Alert and Responsive, Competitive Registration/Qualification Information. 2,122 people follow this . The owner should always be dominant and have full control over the Bully Kuttas. 5 out of 5 stars. Normally the muzzle is black with loose hanging skin in the neck and mouth. Puppies

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Read More. We Breed Top Quality Turkish Shepherd Dogs Imported Directly from Turkey, and also We are Breeding Top Quality Bully Kutta Dogs. Currently, it is found in most rural areas of Pakistan. Good with Other DogsNo Grooming: The Bully Kutta doesn’t really shed because of their short coat. We exist to attract and maintain customers. The kennel clubs of Pakistan and India have not classified the Bully Kutta as a distinct breed like the Tibetan Mastiff, for example. The Bully Kutta is an extremely aggressive mastiff dog breed that originates from erstwhile Punjab region, in India and Pakistan (Asian Countries). There is a kennel club, called the American Bully Kennel Club, that is dedicated to American Bullys. For such an enormous and fearsome dog, the name Bully Kutta makes a lot of sense to an English speaker. Their backs are quite flat and curve down for the pelvis. What’s bad about having a large energetic dog is that if you don’t give it physical activity, they can really do some damage around the house. They were originally bred by the nomadic Alani, who travelled in what is now Iran. Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM. Top Tips for a House Fit For a Mastiff Dog, Choosing the Right Dog Collar for a Large Breed, All i can suggest Toni is to do research in your own area, word of mouth and reviews of trainers…, i RECENTLY TOOK OVER MY COUSINS OLD ENGLISH BULL DOG WHO IS 14 MONTHS OLD AND HAS VERY BAD HABITS…, Simple Obedience Dog Training for Mastiffs. Different types are known, such as the pure Bully Kutta, Mastiff-type sometimes referred to as Indian or Sindh Mastiff and the Nagi Bully Kutta (developed by crosses with the Tazi Hound). The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a powerful mastiff, strongly-boned and muscular. Its back is also much longer. It has a strong jaw and bones and it has equally strong muscles which makes it a powerful dog. Create New Account. The owner needs a lot of physical strength to train them effectively and to keep them from doing harm to other animals. Even then, it is a big chance to take. These guard dogs later bred with regional Indian breeds of Mastiffs giving birth to this new Bully Kuttas Breed. Walks in the park with a Bully Kutta will result in you being dragged behind the massive animal as it lunges at all the other dogs, barking loudly and drooling everywhere. Information on each of these varieties is difficult to find in English (your correspondent does not speak Punjabi). The Bully Kutta is a working dog that originated from the Indian subcontinent, also known as Indian Mastiff or Alangu Mastiff. Feed pups six months to one-year-old 2 bowls of food per day. Forgot account? These dogs accompanied the tribe as they travelled around Persia and beyond. Their coats are usually white with occasional markings, but some examples are black, grown, brindle, piebald, or fawn. They walk like a tiger, which is quite disconcerting. They will be gentle if they know you are in control. What to buy Bully Kutta, male and female from different breed and delivered to Ghana, West Africa. It has a long back with a fine tapering tail. The name of Bully Kutta is derived from the Sindhi and Urdu languages where it is known as a Bohli Kutta…. If you’re a novice owner, then this is not the breed for you. or. sgnr 335001 +91 95216 90001. The muzzle is black and the skin around the neck and mouth is loose. He is one of the most world-renowned studs in XL Bully history. Not Now. They will have them for dinner. People are hospitalized regularly from picking a fight, or being set upon, by a Bully Kutta. This breed has gained increasing attention and infamous reputation in most parts of the world for being blood hounds for dog fighting purposes. Bully Kutta breed may be anywhere between 30-35 inches tall but sometimes they can reach 40. Bully Kutta for sale in United States. The Bully Kutta Puppies are easy to train as they respond well and can be taught socialization from an early age. Their size and power can make this very difficult, so you might need a hand or a vet to do it. Health Problems: The average lifespan of a Bully Kutta is 8-12 years and are considered to be a healthy breed and are less susceptible to congenital health defects. CharacteristicsDetails Bathing is recommended when required. We want to breed with the aim of improving the breed in every aspect whether its working ability, temperament or conformation and for that purpose breeding foundation must be very strong if u really wants to improve the breed. A lot. Just make sure dogs are allowed to eat whatever you are giving them. Coats are short and do not shed. They have a broad genetic stock and a lot of people breeding them, so they should continue to survive for a long time. The police in Punjab are cracking down on dog fighting but it does not appear to have had much of an effect. Gull Terrier. Unfortunately, many Bully Kuttas are illegally raised solely for dogfight especially in Pakistan. This breed is quite agile despite its weight although much less than other Alsatian breeds. They also prefer the heat and don’t adapt well to cold temperatures. They were bred to hunt and fight alongside horses, as well as defend the campsites of their masters. Generally, it weighs 150-170lbs however some can weigh as much as 200 pounds. Country of OriginIndia/Pakistan Bully Kuttas will eat nearly anything but they need a well-balanced diet to maintain good health. About See All. 5. 5. Most dogs in this breed have been domesticated as pets or as security dogs. However fawn, black, harlequin, red and brindle markings are seen as well. Clipping of the hair is not recommended as it may affect the re-growth of new hair. A Bully Kutta almost always has a black nose, but sometimes they can be pink. Our puppies are hand delivered all over the Unites States and can be shipped worldwide. Bully Kuttas have very loud barks and will bark a lot at anything they consider a threat or an intruder. As mentioned before, the skin is wrinkled. However, due to his massive size height and structure. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. We hope you enjoy our videos and photos. All that being said, the Bully Kutta can make a good family pet. They will tear bloody chunks out of each other if given the chance. TheSmartCanine.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. To dog enthusiasts and some breeders, the Bully Kutta is a distinct breed of fighting dog. is a rare dog and very large-thick-boned with a muscular structure which makes him the 4 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World see the list Here..