Do dehumidifiers stop condensation on windows? remove the wires from the switch remove insulation about 1/2 inch on each wire twist them together, tape it up. Disabling the safety switch obviously removes this safety feature from the mower, so consider carefully before you proceed. Simply cutting the cable and then insulating the exposed ends will ensure that no circuits are ever closed and therefore that all of them remain open — thus mimicking the electrical behaviour of the connector being plugged into the switch … monitors the electric currents in various circuits. Secure and/or seal the loose end to eliminate this problem from developing down the road. how to bypass all safety switches on Lawn Mower. The location of part 262 on Figure 10 will show you where it is located if you look at the front of the connector. The D125 comes to an automatic halt if you take your foot off the pedal. Those that do a bit of research, however, find that in order to effectively bypass the switch, they need to actually damage the machine (i.e. I did this to mine and it works great. Strip 1 inch of insulation of of each wire. Closer examination of the switch with a magnifying glass revealed some imprinting:  63DH, DELTA SYSTEMS INC, STREETSBORO OHIO, US PAT NO 6,207,910. 7 Best Ways, Want To Know How To Mow Steep Ditches? Since the snow has finally melted and I've gotten a chance to use it, I've really enjoyed the mower so far and has made yard work a breeze, except for the inconveniences brought on by the safety switches. There is a Safety Switch that can be located under the seat. We’ll go through, how to bypass all Safety Switches on Lawn Mower. 12, when the connector housing 202 is engaged with the switch housing 112, the beveled edges of the triangular nubs 127 a, 127 b extending outwardly from the forward edge of the bottom cover 117 contact and deflect downwardly the arcuate portions 264 of the forwardly extending arms 262 thereby permitting electrically connection or nonconnection between the socket assemblies 210 b, 210 c to be determined by the position of the actuator 130. Take a look at the wire plug (the part that connects to the seat) and look for a 3-pin piece. I was simply trying to diagnose the problem so I could see if it indeed was the switch that was causing the issue. How do you think about the answers? Riding mowers and tractors have a safety mechanism that prevents the machine from starting when there’s no one sitting on it. I’ve never had one of the three-wire seat safety switches, or a Craftsman, so I can’t give you any advice from direct, personal experience. Use your brain. ‘Cut and short’ will not work on the newer safety switches. Do you know what a safety switch is, on a Lawn Mower? In case the mower doesn’t turn on, then you may want to check our guide on. wires which can be detected by a safety switch. The part protruding up from the clamp will be the loose end you just cut. Treillage Online is a website where you can find answers to all of your gardening questions. A serious quality of life improvement for older folk or those with back issues. can someone please help me? We’ll talk about this in the FAQ section. Unless there is any type of problem seen, a safety switch can last for a lifetime. The outer two wires (1 and 4) only sense the position of the pin. Serious error in Greenworks 20" Dual Bla... Bolens 760 riding mower - can't move tractor in Ne... Honda Commercial HRA216-SXA revival, lots of pics. The safety switch is made of the plastic harness.