Certainly get the information for your local requirements. What Are the Different State Requirements for Street Legal ATV Use. You also don't need turn signal because you can use your hand signals. Some of the rules for these off-highways vehicles include procuring an official title and registration for the vehicle. Be sure to review the local jurisdiction on street legal ATV use in Oklahoma as these vary widely throughout the state. However, the local jurisdiction is what generally guides where ATVs are street legal and where they are not. Virginia generally prohibits the street legal use of ATVs throughout the state, though some local jurisdictions overrule this. In other words, a steering column mounted turn signal switch is located in the same area as your automobile. Though, there are many exceptions to areas where ATVs are prohibited. In addition you can customize the UTV with Double or Triple lights, order from the drop down box Light Options:  Double Lights: 4 Amber & 4 Red lights  or  Triple Lights: 6 Amber & 6 Red lights. I am also told that the turn signal kit does NOT fit the Maverick as-is, although I believe there's conflicting opinion on this. Additionally, local jurisdiction in many areas in Michigan permit street legal use with a few conditional requirements, so be sure to check what is required in the local area. Additionally, to operate on a public street, a slew of safety features must be added to the vehicle in addition to following regulations on licensing, age, safety, and more. Can-Am Maverick Street Legal | D.O.T. Additionally, the state requires further safety and registration requirements for use on other public lands. Consistently increasing in popularity, ATV riding continues to grow as a thrilling activity that some even participate in as a sport. Enter email to get product updates and promotion details sent to your inbox. From rappelling to camping, from cabins to paramotor, we have the outdoors covered! Are ATVs street legal in every state? Often, these laws are put in place to maintain the safety of all drivers including those on ATVs and those on bypassing vehicles. Connecticut has strict ATV use regulations on public streets. We have developed DOT approved street legal kits that will help you make your UTV (side-by-side) or ATV (quad) street legal. Be sure to check for local regulations, but know that you can generally drive an ATV on a public street in the case of an emergency, for farming/work, hunting, official business, and if you experience certain physical disabilities limiting your mobility. This excludes the use of an ATV by an authorized official, law enforcement officer, rancher, farmer, and public utility worker (all who must follow safety guidelines and maintain appropriate safety features on their vehicles at all times). Subsequently, we build the Can-Am street legal kits and accessories you need. Hawaii has many exceptions to its otherwise strictly stated prohibition of ATV street legal use. Iowa has conditional street legal requirements for ATV use. If you have questions, review local jurisdiction to check if your ATV will be street legal. Then, register it for use on highways and other regulated areas. As a result, order from the drop down box Turn Signal Switch Mounting Hardware.